Remember–Son’s War – Episode 3 Review

So so much tension, but there is more to come. Jin-woo’s super memory skill is finally put to use as Dong-ho uses it along with his lawyer skill in court. It’s not going to be easy to catch the stinkiest and villainous man as he has power and money. Well, no one said it’s going to be easy.

We get to hear why Dong-ho decided to defend Jin-woo’s father – his sidekick told him about someone seeing Jung-ah at Gyu-man’s villa. “A dude who is too powerful to handle is related to this trial”, he tells Jin-woo as he arrives at courtroom, declaring himself as new defender. Woohoo~
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On the contrary to the fact that Jin-woo is delighted about it, there are people – Gyu-man and Moo-suk – who aren’t pleased with Dong-ho taking on the case and asking for a continuance trial.
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It turns out that Dad was threatened by the detective who arrested him. He was forced to write to “admit” that he killed Oh Jung-ah in order not to let his son be touched. Glad that Dad remembers this, which he tells Dong-ho.
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Surprisingly, Dong-ho tells Jin-woo to return the money. Instead, he takes a 50,000 won note to sign a contract with him and says that Jin-woo has to use his super memory ability only for him. Sounds like a great deal, if Dong-ho doesn’t have ulterior motive.
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Looks like In-ah isn’t trusting Dong-ho as lawyer as she tells him not to take the money as if she is afraid that Jin-woo might be taken advantage of. I am afraid of that too, girl.
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In the next round of trial, Prosecutor Moo-suk brings in a witness – that detective – who lies about everything such that he is saying that Dad was drunk. Lawyer Dong-ho defends and is asked to bring in his witness whom he says he is already here. The detective. Smart move.
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Thanks to Jin-woo’s intelligence memory, Dong-ho is able to describe the pistol, which the detective used to put to Dad’s temple while threatening him, perfectly even down to the critical point – the initials on it, which stands for his name, Gwak Han-soo – and exposes the detective’s threat. Except that Dong-ho twisted bit of the fact that Dad was the one who remembered it, which Dong-ho assures Jin-woo that lying about it is nothing compared to those who made up the truth against Dad.
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It didn’t occur to me that Gyu-man and Yeo-kyung are siblings even after seeing that they have same surname. No wonder Yeo-kyung looks kind of “evil” like her brother. What’s even worse that their father (played by Han Jin Hee) seems to be scarier than Gyu-man who is more terrified by his own father than the court as he doesn’t want his father to know that he is related to the case showing on the news where Dong-ho tells to the camera to the culprit to turn himself in.
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Jin-woo learns from the doctor that his father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and visits him. While Jin-woo talks, Dad all of sudden looks somewhere with blank eyes which is weirding me out. What could it mean? His memory altering? Or remembering, which is nah as Dad says he will buy him a smartphone once he gets out.
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Jin-woo lets Dong-ho know of Dad’s Alzheimer’s to which Dong-ho says it won’t be easy. At least, he is being honest and assures the kid that this will help with the case, telling him not to worry too much. Dong-ho brings him out to eat so that he can look healthy to Dad, aw. He comments how he envies Jin-woo for wanting to protect his father who is in this world.
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In-ah is still feeling uneasy as she tells Jin-woo not to trust that lawyer too much and accuses his father of pretending not to remember to which Jin-woo barely says about Dad’s disease. Later, he understands that In-ah thought that way as it would look like that to him as well if Dad wasn’t his father.
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To get evidence, Dong-ho plants a spy bug to listen into Gyu-man’s conversation with his buddy about his involvement with the victim, Jung-ah. He actually indirectly admitted that he killed her! However, Gyu-man’s buddy finds the bug but, surprisingly (to me), Dong-ho is calm about that.
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That’s because he expects Gyu-man to find him which happens the following day as Gyu-man struts into his office. Dong-ho shows him the recorded video of his conversation which Gyu-man throws the laptop. (Omg??? You mad, bro??) But, of course, Dong-ho has another copy and Gyu-man offers to give more money than pay.
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Instead, Dong-ho asks to bet, telling him, “A court case is almost like gambling with a person’s life. They can either rot forever in jail or they can lose the money they saved a lifetime.” He continues to say that he plans to stand on the winning side. This only infuriates Gyu-man further as he vents on how he can’t even kill him later in his car. Feeling sorry for his secretary, though.
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Woah, Jin-woo and In-a manage to sneak into Gyu-man’s villa without being noticed even when Gyu-man and his men are close by. Inside the make-up room where Jung-ah was last seen at, Jin-woo spots a familiar rack of dresses which he remembers (perfectly in detail) seeing in video call with his father and that a dress is missing which was worn by Jung-ah. So, it confirms that Jung-ah was there before.
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Outside, Gyu-man and Secretary Ahn hear noises from the room where Jin-woo and In-ah quickly hide and manage to escape through the secret back door into the kitchen before being discovered. Whew, my shoulders literally tensed up watching this scene. Later, Secretary Ahn secretly takes out a bloodied weapon. Oh, he didn’t get rid of it?
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Jin-woo makes it back Dong-ho’s office with In-ah to look for the lawyer but he is not in. While waiting, In-ah peeks around and discovers the CD. Oh no. She plays it and Jin-woo rushes to her side to watch it and gets seemingly infuriated from hearing how Gyu-man say it’s Dad’s sin for not having money and that Gyu-man got away.
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Jin-woo calls Dong-ho to ask if Gyu-man was the one who killed Jung-ah, but he hangs up on him and switches his phone off, having to meet someone. It’s Gyu-man’s father, Mr Nam, who tells Dong-ho that they can help each other. Whattttt?!?!? Is Gyu-man’s father trying to bribe him?

Seeing how Gyu-man’s father is being scary, I now understand why Gyu-man is being this way. He can’t even vent his anger on his family where he was most likely brought up strictly so he vents elsewhere. He has no power in the household and he craves for power thus overpowering people outside his family by scaring them like how his own father scares him.

I can see how Remember is all about fathers and sons. Beside Gyu-man and his father, there are Jin-woo struggling to prove his father’s innocence and Dong-ho wanting to seek justice for his father who is no longer in this world. Jin-woo’s and Dong-ho’s are so similar that Dong-hoo sees himself in Jin-woo. I guess this is one of the reason why he decided to help Jin-woo, not without using his great ability to remember perfectly. I am not even sure what Dong-ho is thinking, like how In-ah is unsure about him – whether to trust him or not. As himself said, Dong-ho stands on winning side so it’s possible he would switch over to fall for a bribe. However, I don’t think he is all about money as he had told Jin-woo how much he wants to help prove his father’s innocence.
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2 thoughts on “Remember–Son’s War – Episode 3 Review

  1. IH:”there definitely has to be more truth out there. I really want to believe what I saw this time. The Real truth, I want to know.”
    that is IH. The heroine that should be, while some thinks she is all courage but still sidelines, cannot carry on her own. Beg to differ. When she said, the real truth that she wants to know. Its really means, she as sincereity as a personal interest, and a personal needs or burden, that she wanted to know, not as someone busybody, but someone who cares. That’s why JW smile in appreciation. Hope PMY can grow even more indepth from CityHunter, to Healer, and this Remember.

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