Remember–Son’s War – Episode 4 Review

Gyu-man has to be the hottest (in term of temper) and craziest psycho, more like sociopath actually. In this episode, we get more of backstory of how Dad is landed in current state he is in, why Jin-woo became lawyer and the (not surprising) connection between the flashy suited lawyer and the always crying boy.

As expected, Chairman Nam wants to convince Dong-ho into not releasing the video of his son’s confession for which he already knew about it from Secretary Ahn (who gets an earful from Gyu-man).
I am glad that Dong-ho is bent on releasing the video no matter what outcome would be, rejecting Chairman Nam’s money, and wants his son to turn himself in. Back at office, Dong-ho reassures Jin-woo that he is going to play the video at the trial as well as bringing in the doctor.
It’s interesting how Chairman Nam doesn’t hit his son directly but the fencer mask which Gyu-man puts on. Forced, Gyu-man confessed about the night with Jung-ah when he sexually assaulted her and killed her in the woods out of anger and probably confusion due to dizziness.
RMBSW Ep4-10 RMBSW Ep4-9
Secretary Ahn was called the next morning to clean up the mess Gyu-man made but it was too much for him to handle so that was why he reported to Chairman Nam without Gyu-man knowing. Back in present, Secretary digs around for Dong-ho’s weakness as per Chairman’s request. Oh no.
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Well, things aren’t going to be good as Joo-il approaches Dong-ho before the trial and convinces him to lose the trial. It’s upsetting because Dong-ho, Jin-woo and Dad were all smiles. Dong-ho says he will pretend he never hears this.
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Things aren’t going Dong-ho’s ways at the trial as the doctor lies about not finding signs of Alzheimer’s disease in Dad and the son asking him to say Dad had it. Oh gawd, it must be Chairman Nam’s doing. Seriously?
RMBSW Ep4-19
During recess break, after the talk with Joo-il, Dong-ho is pretty much conflicted as he doesn’t want to let his boss down or let the case affect him and his business as Chairman Nam offers to give construction rights to Joo-il. Gosh, damn sly old man.
RMBSW Ep4-23
In next round, Jin-woo is called in as witness and tells the truth but the prosecutor isn’t believing it as both doctor and Jin-woo said the different thing. Desperate Jin-woo exclaims that someone else killed Jung-ah and say out Gyu-man’s name, saying that there is a video of his admission.
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However, to Jin-woo’s and In-ah’s disbelief-horror-surprise, Dong-ho lies that the video doesn’t exist, in order not to bring Joo-il into all these messed up bribes and threats.
RMBSW Ep4-28 RMBSW Ep4-29
Feeling defeated, Dong-ho can’t bring himself to face Jin-woo who trusted him, getting dragged out, and the trial ends for today. In-ah, feeling angry unjustly for Jin-woo, confronts Yeo-kyung to tell her brother to turn himself in as she saw the video. Oh, she knows about them.
RMBSW Ep4-30
Meanwhile, Jung-ah’s father still grieves over the death of his daughter and finds something among Jung-ah’s belongings – name card from Ilho. He calls the prosecutor, Moo-suk, about it and it seems like Jung-ha’s father is believing that Jin-woo’s father is not the real murderer.
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However, Moo-suk doesn’t seem like he is going to investigate Ilho Group as Jung-ah’s father begs him to, as he simply replies “I understand” before hanging up. It turns out that he is meeting Chairman Nam and they both smile at each other, seemingly on the same page.
RMBSW Ep4-32
The next day, Jung-ah’s father is reported to have committed suicide and the weapon is found, and I don’t think it’s that way. It has got to be one of Chairman Nam’s evil and inhumane doings. At the trial, a new witness is brought in whom Jin-woo recognises from the video call with Dad that day. Her words are against Dad, as expected.
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Eventually, due to such “evidence”, the judge sentences Dad to death. Noooo! Jin-woo cries out for his father, trying to hold his hand, as he gets dragged out of the courtroom again. Oh, cries. He cried a lot for past episodes. D: In-ah watches with angry tears and confronts Dong-ho whether he is really a lawyer, but Dong-ho doesn’t say anything.
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Outside, Moo-suk takes Dong-ho’s hand to shake his hand, offering to get together. However, this sight of handshake is misinterpreted by Jin-woo. Looks like the kid is going hate ahjussi a lot.
RMBSW Ep4-37
It’s revealed that Chairman Nam convinced, threatened and used Joo-il to convince Dong-ho not to release the video as the threat was to strip Dong-ho of his lawyer license once he played the video. Which is what Joo-il didn’t want to happen. Nice sly move, old man.
RMBSW Ep4-39 RMBSW Ep4-40
Later that night, Gyu-man struts into Dong-ho’s office, clearly having won, to collect the copy of video. Looks like Dong-ho will be forced to work with Ilho otherwise Joo-il will have to pay the price. Oh gawd.
RMBSW Ep4-42 RMBSW Ep4-43
On the way to the office, Jin-woo sees Gyu-man, the real murderer, leave and tries to run after him. He then sees Dong-ho and runs towards him to punch him across his face. You can see how he boiling with anger and sadness. Dong-ho tells him that the trial is not over until his father is dead and that the on who will save his father is still an attorney. But, Jin-woo is no longer trusting any lawyers. “I will finish what you started! I will! I’m going to save my father,” Jin-woo declares.
RMBSW Ep4-44 RMBSW Ep4-45
Jin-woo visits his father and he tries every way not to break down as Dad makes sure his son knows how to cook and him promise to put his shoes and leave them by the door. As Dad gets dragged out, Jin-woo calls out to him to never give up as he is going to save him.
RMBSW Ep4-46
At home, he does what he promised Dad and leaves home with a packed luggage. Despite knowing that he is unwelcomed to Jung-ah’s father’s funeral, Jin-woo still goes and pays respect, apologising repeatedly to him with tears.
RMBSW Ep4-50
In-ah tries to stop Jin-woo from leaving but Jin-woo bursts out that there is no such lawyer when In-ah offers to find the best lawyer and how he is a murderer’s son when he is just his father’s son.
RMBSW Ep4-52
Meanwhile, Dong-ho still sticks to his contract (yay, I thought he has given up for real) as he tells his father he cannot give up on his client.
RMBSW Ep4-53 RMBSW Ep4-54
Four years later: In-ah is now a prosecutor. Wait, I thought she was going to become a lawyer?? And there is a new face as the judge at the courtroom where they are waiting for defendant.
RMBSW Ep4-55
Woah, look at how the defendant who is none other than Jin-woo, opens the door like how Dong-ho did. Dayum, look at how handsome he has gotten! I mean, yeah, I know we have seen that hairstyle in first episode, but still! In-ah looks surprised to see him and I bet that this is their first meeting in four years.

RMBSW Ep4-20 RMBSW Ep4-18
Oh yes, I knew that Dong-ho’s father was somehow involved in Jin-woo’s family’s car accident! It turns out the driver of the truck that hit Dad Jae-hyuk’s car was Dong-ho’s father who tried to escape police. It was definitely a dreadful day for both child and teen guys. Connection is a must in drama universe, huh?

That’s a great backstory as it shows the journey of how and why Dad is still in jail! It’s all because of the power and money only rich people have. Mostly, it also gives insights of how In-ah is involved and why she became a prosecutor. She feels the injustice through Dad’s case even though Dad nor Jin-woo are related to her. She believes in Jin-woo and that the truth will come to light eventually. What motivates her more is how Dong-ho has become defeated due to the power holding over him and his figure father, Joo-il. Oh, by the way, I thought the plot said that In-ah is a lawyer? It’s still great though. That way, she can now help Jin-woo who is a lawyer as she couldn’t four years ago. (But, what if they have to go up against each other?)
RMBSW Ep4-47

Jin-woo has the hardest time of all (and cries the most, his acting ability though), having to go through betrayals and injustices. Even I can feel his emotions mixed of anger and misery. Thanks to Dong-ho, he no longer trust lawyers and decides to use his super memory ability to become a lawyer himself. I wonder how he is going to prove his father’s innocence as it has been four years. Will there still be evidence? And Gyu-man? What Jin-woo is going to do to bring Gyu-man down and make him face the punishment which Dad has been taking in his place for four years?
RMBSW Ep4-41


2 thoughts on “Remember–Son’s War – Episode 4 Review

  1. “Because of one trial that you think of as a game, someone’s entire life came crashing down, and it’s even his son’s life as well.”: IA said.
    Just like us who enjoyed watching courtroom dramas, anyway it’s really about other people’s life right? High emotion, or big dramas, or entertaining debates, suspense, what is there not to like in Court hearings?
    But we forget that it’s not really drama or game of winning or losing in real life. While it is just “dramas” for us, it’s life and death for someone at the stand. And boy was she right to say that not only the Accused’s life went crushing down, he may even lost his life. But that his own family members’ lives has forever ruined. She witnessed herself, step by step, JW’s world shattered.
    InAh knew this even before she officially become an prosecutor. it’s not just a game that, even if she lost this single one,

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