Imaginary Cat – Episode 4 Review

No matter what, these two adorbs can never be separated. Even though Jong-hyun can’t hear what Bok-gil is saying, he knows her well. Without Bok-gil, I don’t think Jong-hyun would be able to do anything.

IMC Ep4-3
Chapter 7: “Even if life fools you”: Bok-gil is missing and Jong-hyun panics, going all over the place to look for her. It’s like his world will crash if he doesn’t find her, showing how much Bok-gil mean to him.
IMC Ep4-7 IMC Ep4-8
While searching for her, he even injured his hand. Oh no. He doesn’t even care about going to work as the boss calls him to tell him that he will be fired. But, Jong-hyun is bent on looking for Bok-gil before the night falls. He can’t bear to go home, saying “If I don’t see Bok-gil when I go in, then Bok-gil running away becomes reality.” Oh, cries.
IMC Ep4-4
Na-woo helps to search for her as well. She tells frantic Jong-hyun that she believes they can find Bok-gil as long as they keep trying and not giving up, being optimistic.
IMC Ep4-6 IMC Ep4-5
Thanks to the bell Na-woo put on Bok-gil, Jong-hyun hears it and finds it on the roof, curled up in a box. Aw, Bok-gil is relieved to see her human. “Human, I thought I’d never see you again.”
IMC Ep4-9 IMC Ep4-10
Relief washes over Na-woo as she breaks into sobs and it seems that her losing Haru affected her a lot as she thought she would have to go through it again from almost losing Bok-gil, though she isn’t her owner. “I thought we really lost her!” Jong-hyun tries to stop her sobbing by saying that they should feed Bok-gil, must be feeling embarrassed. xD
IMC Ep4-11 IMC Ep4-12
Back home, Jong-hyun snuggles with Bok-gil, tired for the day. Bok-gil: “As expected, home is the best.” So, don’t you run away and make your human upset again, understand?
IMC Ep4-13
Though Bok-gil is back home safe and sound, there is another problem – Jong-hyun’s right hand is injured and a hand matters the most to a webtoon writer.
IMC Ep4-14 IMC Ep4-17
Hah, I love Jong-hyun’s expression when his boss suddenly swoons over Na-woo’s cousin, having known and admired her for a long time. Na-woo also drops by to ask about Bok-gil’s well-being and apologises for paying the bill without his consent.
IMC Ep4-19 IMC Ep4-20
The boss must be so into Na-woo’s cousin that when she said how precious a webtoon writer’s hand is, he calls Jong-hyun “precious part-timer” to go to hospital. xD
IMC Ep4-23 IMC Ep4-22
He has his hand bandaged now, however, he struggles within himself as he is unable to draw well or even open a can for Bok-gil. Bok-gil sounds concerned about her human, aw.
IMC Ep4-24
Deadline is nearing but Jong-hyun can’t seem to take part due to his injury and the deadline can’t be moved up since he is up against Jin-sung who picks at him. Jong-hyun is not taking that and is more confident that he will crush Jin-sung one day.
IMC Ep4-25
Back at home after meeting Hae-gong who suggests getting an assistant, he asks Bok-gil if he can do well. Bok-gil replies in her mind, “Hey, of course.” Heh, so cute. He thinks and tells Bok-gil, “Bok-gil, I don’t want to give up. I really want to do well. You’re going to root for me, right?” He gets energized next and calls up someone.
IMC Ep4-26 IMC Ep4-27
The next thing we see that Hae-gong is helping Jong-hyun out in inking his drawings and Hae-gong feels glad and proud of his friend. They are working in Na-woo’s café and Na-woo gives a bowl of bone marrow soup which she actually took from her cousin, hah. She gives a cute cup of espresso to Hae-gong who spills back into the cup because of bitterness, LOL.
IMC Ep4-31
Meanwhile, Bok-gil waits up for her human to come home as it’s late. Too cute, please.
IMC Ep4-29 IMC Ep4-28
Na-woo seems to care more about Jong-hyun’s injured hand more than himself as she puts hot pack, having searched up online, and takes such great of him. Girl must be already falling in love with him because of Bok-gil.
IMC Ep4-30
She even fixes the scarf around Jong-hyun’s neck so that he won’t get cold and sick, when he leaves the café.
IMC Ep4-32
Jong-hyun finally returns home and Bok-gil asks in her mind for him to play with her. However, it’s not like he can hear her thoughts what she wants when he asks what she wants. Aw, man.
IMC Ep4-33 IMC Ep4-34
They look at each other, as if exchanging thoughts, and Jong-hyun smiles wider (his eye smile!) and narrates, “We can’t do anything, but to talk with our emotions.” Bok-gil: “We look at each other’s eyes carefully and read each other’s minds.” Jong-hyun: “We might not match, but…” Bok-gil completes his sentence, “…it’s okay if were a little different.” Jong-hyun finishes with “Because it’s like that with humans too.” And that’s end of Chapter 8 “The Reason Why Winter Is Warm”.

That’s how pets are with human in real life too! People gotta understand that, especially those who don’t understand of keeping a pet. Finding comfort in each other when it feels like the world is turning away from you and/or crushing on you, that’d be a nice remedy. Even though humans can’t read what pets, be it cats or dogs, want, they can understand through body language and that’s what the show is showing. Just loving this show and the warm relationship between Jong-hyun and Bok-gil.

Jong-hyun can’t seem to live without Bok-gil when she went missing. He needs her as an anchor when it comes to being inspired and drawing. Like how Bok-gil is like his first love who used to be one getting him to draw whenever he felt like. Na-woo seems to be getting Jong-hyun’s attention as she is probably the first girl who cares that way for him for the first time in a long time. Besides that, she loves cats as well as Bok-gil, like Jong-hyun. Hopefully, Jong-hyun won’t find her too annoying for caring for him and Bok-gil, more than himself.
IMC Ep4-35


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