Three Day Quotes Challenge – Day One

So, I have been nominated by da fellow drama sheriff Kwon for the Three Day Quotes Challenge and I would like to thank him for nominating me and giving me a chance to share few inspiring/wise quotes I know of.

The rule is to quote any quotes once a day for three days and it doesn’t have to be only from Korean dramas. It can be from anywhere, be it other Asian dramas, American TV shows, song or book. It’s up to you whether you want to post all three quotes in one post or one for one post each day. Then, nominate three other bloggers. However, on this, I don’t think I will nominate anyone as usual. xP

Firstly, I will post a quote once a day for three days so that I can take time to think of a good one, hehe. When I decided to take this challenge on, two quotes immediately came to my mind and they are of similar meaning. Take these two as one for today, okay? Heuheu. 😛

Now, the quote is:

“Don’t be afraid of a shadow. It means that light is nearby.”

– Kim Young-joo, City Hunter (2011)

I get that it’s from somewhere else, but hearing it through watching City Hunter was my first time hearing of this quote. From the guy who had to be killed off. And it was Kim Young-joo, played by Lee Joon Hyuk. One of the fictional deaths I can never get over. I really like how this quote gives whole different perspective when being in darkness and that there is a shadow. Like how I didn’t think of that back then. How is shadow formed? Light! It means that there is light somewhere and it could also mean there is a hope.

This is also similar to another quote I heard from somewhere:

“Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places, if you look at it right.”

It may sound different, but I feel they are similar. In a strange place of darkness, there is a shadow but it means that there is a light in this strange place if you found your way right. Seeing light somewhere or at the end (of tunnel) often means hope and that one should not give up going towards it or looking for a hope. There is always hope if you don’t give or look at it right, no matter what.

That’s all for Day One of Three Day Quotes Challenge and I will be back with another tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Three Day Quotes Challenge – Day One

  1. Huhu, you joined the journey fast enough fellow sheriff! Rules exist to be broken and dramaland sheriffs can do that too! XD
    Haven’t watched City Hunter, but the first quote owned and it gives a sense of hope as you correctly said. Shadows appear in the presence of light, so even if you’re under a shadow the light won’t be that far away! *pew pew lasers shadows and thieves away* XD
    The second quote reminds me of something as well, i have definitely seen it somewhere, but i don’t recall where either! Even if you don’t expect it, light may appear out of nowhere. Hope may appear when you thought everything was lost and since not every light is the same, “if you look at it right” things may be different than they appear to be.
    Loved the first part of the 3-day challenge! 😀 Although i have an anti-quote about hope, i don’t recall where i had seen it though: “Hope is a serum that never heals” XD I put it here just for the history and for no reason since it skipped my mind xP Let’s hang onto hope! 😀

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    • Hehe, yeah. I was afraid I might forget or not have time to do it, so I decided to get on it quick! xD
      From your comment, it suddenly reminds me that we can only hang onto hope in our situation, y’know, for the thief to be down forever and away! I like how you put in words! 😀
      “Hope is a serum that never heals” – I actually agree with that, though it’s an anti-quote about hope. If I am correct about its meaning, it’s like sometimes hoping will end up in disappointment.


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