High School King of Savvy – Overall Review

Year: 2014
Korean Channel: tvN
Episodes: 17

Lee Min-suk leads double life thanks to his older brother who looks like despite their nine-year age gap. He has to pretend to be his brother as a director at a workplace. Through “working”, Min-suk learns how to navigate his way in the world of adults with the help of Jung Soo-young whom he eventually falls in love with.

Seo In Guk played dual roles and, darn was he so amazing at it! His younger role, Lee Min-suk, is such an adorable 18-years-old high schooler (and an ice hockey player) who pretends to be his older brother at a workplace. I love how Min-suk learnt a lot through “working” as director, even exceling better than his two dork friends. Well, of course. xD
Lee Hyung-suk is Min-suk’s older brother and it turns out that he wanted to take revenge for their late father. Totally rude and yet smart. He is played by same actor Seo In Guk, but Hyung-suk is totally different from Min-suk! It’s as if they were played by two different actors. But, no, that wasn’t it. Gosh, this shows how In Guk is amazingly superb as an actor! Hyung-suk’s character even gives chill down the spine while Min-suk gives us cutesy feeling. And, I love that In Guk looks way better-looking with specs and hairstyle on. When can I see him this way again?!
Ep15-3 Ep17-5
Though Jung Soo-young (played by Lee Ha Na) is older (even in real life), she is so cute with Min-suk as a couple, hehe. Though they don’t have that much of chemistry, at least they have cute chemistry.
Jung Soo-young often made me curled up inside because of her embarrassment moments. There’re too many to name! She often makes a fool out of herself and it made me embarrassed for her. I would have died of it tons of times. It’s cute, though. It’s even cuter that Min-suk is still attracted to her because of her different personality, despite ten-year age gap.
Oh, this guy. I thought he was evil. But, nah. He just wants his father’s attention and for his family to be happy again. He is Yoo Jin-woo (played by Lee Soo Hyuk). Sad how it’s too late for him to get Soo-young while she liked him and that he only starts to like her after Min-suk got her.
I love how these two guys start to become friends though still in love-hate relationship, after Min-suk was found out to be a high-schooler who is way younger than Jin-woo. They still remain to bicker as they always did, like kids. Hehe.
It’s kinda twisted that Soo-young’s younger sister, Jung Yoo-ah (played by Lee Yeol Eum), is the one who has been chasing after Min-suk, calling him “Hubby Lee”. I am glad that Yoo-ah wants him to be happy even though he didn’t fall for her but her older sister instead, letting them be together. It’s funny how her crush is becoming her brother-in-law.
But, hey, at least, there are two of Min-suk’s best friends, Jo Duk-hwan (played by Kang Ki Young) and Oh Tae-suk (played by Lee Tae Hwan). Glad that they put one of them having little romance with Yoo-ah and it’s Tae-hwan. They are actually cute together, heh.

Overall Thoughts
I am still so in love with Seo In Guk and his impressive ability to act. I wished I recognised him earlier, but it’s okay. This show isn’t only about “number doesn’t matter” and “love overcomes anything”, but it’s mostly about loyalty. Look at how Soo-young’s mother has finally come to accept a high schooler as her son-in-law because of his friends who had come to her to beg her. Min-suk has such great and loyal friends around him, even his hyung commented about it, “You have weird people around you”. This shows how close Min-suk is with his buddies Duk-hwan and Tae-suk and they always stick through everything together, be it telling one another about a girl, coming up with excuses for Min-suk when he goes to work, or going through physical training of hell. Even Soo-young becomes friends with more high-schoolers, thanks to her sister and younger boyfriend!
Ep16-4 Ep15-4

At workplace, though not a real director, Min-suk has gained trustworthy adult friends. Mostly, one of them is none other than Kim Chang-soo (played by Jo Han Chul) who has grown overly attached to Min-suk though the kid is always causing him troubles.

I loved Min-suk for his personality, loyalty and loving towards older woman. I would totally want his school life, having great friends cursing at each other and yet still my buddies. Loving someone despite age gap or being the girl older than the guy, it’s doesn’t matter as long as long you want to see through and overcome everything together to the end.

It has been a significantly great show, with the cutesy, crazy and fun-hatred elements. Each of the characters and their relationships remain the same till the end, like how Min-suk and Jin-woo are friends and yet still bicker at each other. Hyung-suk remains cold and rude, even when he left for Germany. The main couple, Min-suk and Soo-young, still remain clumsy and rushing, even during their wedding and three years later. Min-suk and his buddies still remain dorky around one another, hitting one another and joking around. This reminds us why we started the show. Well, I am not sure how to end this post, but yah, goodbye to this fun-loving show. 😀


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