Three Day Quotes Challenge – Day Two

Here I am again with another quote post! I shall use this chance to show my love for American TV shows. Yup, I don’t only watch Korean dramas. I do watch other Asian dramas, especially from my country, Taiwan and Hong Kong, though I rarely watch them nowadays. Just often seeing them on television.

Because I love reading storybooks, I stumbled upon The Vampire Dairies and I was so glad that it was the year they decided to make it into TV series. Since then, I have been catching up on TVD and following The Originals. I want to watch others as well (Arrow, The Flash and Supernatural), however, there are too many seasons! Hopefully, I will catch up real soon. xD

Now, what is the quote for day two? This quote is going to be different, though.

“If you’re going to be bad, be bad with a purpose or else you’re not worth forgiving.”

– Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries (Season 4)

I know it’s not an inspiring nor wise quote, but this is the first thing that came to my mind as one of the quotes I liked when it comes to searching for quotes from TVD. I just wanted to share this quote. It’s very true, in fact. I remember that time what I was thinking when I first heard it while watching and it caught my attention. I was thinking that it’s very true. If a person becomes evil for no reason at all or just for fun, it’s wrong. And that person is not worth forgiving at all. However, I bet that those who became “bad” have their reasons, though we can’t still forgive them for what they have done.

I am currently watching Remember, a legal thriller show, and I suddenly thought of this – that quote can be related to that show. If that kind of person were to be defended in a courtroom, he shouldn’t be defended in the first place since he only became “bad” without a purpose. He should pay for his crime and doesn’t deserve forgiving.

However, if he has a reason for being that way, it doesn’t mean that the person isn’t worth forgiving at all too. He still has to pay for his crime, but sometimes, he has to be understood for why he committed a crime. Actually, “crime” sounds like a quite strong word as I also mean any other “evil/bad” small deed. So, let’s call it a wrongdoing.

I think I have talked too much about that one quote. xD I actually wrote longer than this, but I decided to delete some sentences as I want to make this quote-challenge post a light one, not a debate or whatsoever. 😛 I just wanted to share that quote with everyone. Everyone has some good in them.


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