Remember–Son’s War – Episode 5 Review

We’re now in present time where everyone has become (somehow) different from four years back. The changes. Not only that, the leads are going to have go up against one another.

Remember the useless public defender, Song Jae-ik (played by Kim Hyung Beom)? Well, even four years later, he still stutters in courtroom. But, this time round, Jin-woo arrives to save the day. It’s nice to see them on friendly term now. Yay.
RMBSW Ep5-11 RMBSW Ep5-10
The new judge is Kang Suk-gyu (played by Kim Jin-woo). As expected, the new lawyer Jin-woo manages to win the case, having found every piece of evidence.
RMBSW Ep5-12
In-ah, now a prosecutor, seems to be more strict and aggressive, reprimanding detective for not writing report properly. However, she is soft inside as she promises the victim to catch the thief.
RMBSW Ep5-17 RMBSW Ep5-15
Dong-ho has successfully won one of his clients’ cases, who is related to Ilho, and is now known as an ace of Ilho Law Firm and one of the most expensive lawyers. Looks like he really has been working under Gyu-man since losing Dad’s case forcefully.
RMBSW Ep5-19 RMBSW Ep5-18
Aw, loving this team now – once useless lawyer with helpless teen, now both lawyers, though the old one is still kinda not as good as new one. xD And there is their manager, but I am not sure about her name, but loving her bickering with Lawyer Song. Jin-woo has found themselves an office, which is nearby IIho Group building as we all know he seems wanting to have a revenge in his mind.
RMBSW Ep5-20 RMBSW Ep5-21
On the way home, In-ah lingers around Jin-woo’s old home which its doorstep is filled with envelopes. Meanwhile, at new secret hideout, Jin-woo has this one big wall of “Nam Il-ho Family Tree”. I should do like that one day. xD
RMBSW Ep5-22 RMBSW Ep5-23
Dad’s memory is deteriorating as he almost couldn’t recognise his own son before Jin-woo hands him the necklace with a ring. It seems that Jin-woo doesn’t want to let him know that they have done this before when Dad rejoices for him getting lawyer license. But Dad somehow remembers and feels bad for not remembering right, tears rolling down both of their cheeks.
RMBSW Ep5-24
Jin-woo and Dong-ho meets again at their respective family’s memorial. Jin-woo still holds grudge against him even after four years. Don’t forget he has super memory, which makes it worse that he remembers everything Dong-ho has done.
RMBSW Ep5-25 RMBSW Ep5-26
Yeo-kyung also became a prosecutor and is still In-ah’s rival. Looks like they are gonna be rival in love as she gets kinda jealous when the judge Suk-gyu (either they are a couple or Yeo-kyung must like him) talks to In-ah.
RMBSW Ep5-27
Ah, In-ah is way more persistent than I thought. She is even going out to field to investigate which is supposed to be done by detective and she is only a prosecutor. She gets reprimanded by her senior, Prosecutor Tak, for it, but he still looks favourably upon her as she can’t be stopped.
RMBSW Ep5-28 RMBSW Ep5-30
She proves her strong will and loyalty as when a new case arises as the girl, intern Kim Han-na, (who is also a theft victim) reported to be sexually assaulted by Ilho Group’s vice-president Kang Man-suk, In-ah pressurizes Prosecutor Tak into letting her take on the case by barging into men’s toilet (LOL), because she promised to help the victim.
RMBSW Ep5-31
Hah, is this a new bromance we are going to see more of? I love how they eat together while their bosses meet, and Secretary Ahn rants all about Gyu-man to Dong-ho’s secretary, Pyun Sang-ho (played by Kim Ji Hoon, I think I didn’t introduce him) and Sang-ho has nothing to rant because Dong-ho is nice.
RMBSW Ep5-32 RMBSW Ep5-33
Dong-ho is the lawyer to defend Vice-President Kang while Jin-woo wants to take it on by finding out more about the case. They both are surprised to hear that the case’ prosecutor is someone whom they know.
RMBSW Ep5-38 RMBSW Ep5-39
As a lawyer, Dong-ho meets with the vice-president to ask questions and his words remind him of Dad’s words – both can’t remember but they are sure they didn’t do it.
RMBSW Ep5-36 RMBSW Ep5-37
While out investigating and interviewing people at Han-na’s company, In-ah encounters murderer Gyu-man in the lift as she remembers the recording of him confessing that he had murdered Oh Jung-ah. She panics at the spine-chilling closure with Jung-ah’s murderer. Hopefully, he doesn’t know her.
RMBSW Ep5-40
Jin-woo’s manager seems to know what he is thinking as she asks if he is starting now. To which he replies, “I started four years ago.” He must have been plotting revenge against the Nam family.
RMBSW Ep5-41 RMBSW Ep5-42
The trial starts the next day and In-ah manages to dish out everything in Han-na’s favour and seems to be on winning side. Though Dong-ho keeps objecting, he doesn’t seem to have the will to win. Jin-woo sneaks in quietly to watch the trial.
RMBSW Ep5-43 RMBSW Ep5-44
After the trial ends, In-ah tells Dong-ho that the trial of Jin-woo’s father is not over yet, that she will prove his innocence and make Gyu-man pay for his crime as well as Dong-ho. Dong-ho simply tells her that this world is not that simple.
RMBSW Ep5-46 RMBSW Ep5-47
Jin-woo meets with the vice-president to convince him to take him as his lawyer, since he is already abandoned by Gyu-man and that Dong-ho has no will to win at all. Besides that, he knows the judge, Suk-gyu, who doesn’t want to make same mistake again. He pulls out the list of vice-president nominess, proving that IIho doesn’t want the current one anymore.
RMBSW Ep5-48 RMBSW Ep5-49
As expected, Jin-woo is right about everything as in his lavish office, Dong-ho broods over Gyu-man’s words – to make the vice-president an offender and lose the case. He hears from his secretary that vice-president Kang has fired him.
RMBSW Ep5-51 RMBSW Ep5-50
Dong-ho reports it to Gyu-man and already knows that it’s Jin-woo who will be representing the vice-president. Gyu-man has to be reminded that the new lawyer is the son of someone in the prison instead of him.
RMBSW Ep5-52 RMBSW Ep5-53
Here in next round of trial, it picks up where the end of previous episode left off – Jin-woo enters as the new defense counsellor. Wow, Jin-woo turns the tables around as he brings in new witness who is a professor at Han-na’s school and also her ex-boyfriend. Turns out that she also filed a suit against him for same thing.
RMBSW Ep5-54 RMBSW Ep5-56
Now, this is in the defendant’s favour as In-ah becomes frustrated. Dong-ho, almost smirking, is there watching the trial as the professor explained that Han-na was the one who demanded money as settlement. Is this going to turn In-ah against Jin-woo? Is this going to turn all three against one another?

Jin-woo has grown up a lot and developed well throughout four years. I can even see the coldness in his eyes when the daughter of dead worker confronts him for making her father someone who stole money and he tells her to take it out on another lawyer or laws. Though this is just a beginning, he has become more determined and someone who can manipulate, using the evidence and good words. He manipulates evidence (well, sort of. He manages to find evidences for the trial to be in his favour) and wins like how Dong-ho did and still does. (The picture below, though, I love how they film Seung Ho’s eyes so beautifully!)
RMBSW Ep5-13

Speaking of Dong-ho, he seems like he is just following Gyu-man like a puppet because of the threats, like his father-figure Joo-il following Chairman Nam. He even tells In-ah indirectly not to try to take Gyu-man down as it’s not easy. Well, it could be that or he wants to protect Gyu-man which can’t be possible. It’s sad how Jin-woo doesn’t still know Dong-ho’s true intentions when he suddenly changed during Dad’s trial.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Jin-woo and In-ah are going to work together to prove Dad’s innocence. However, I don’t think we are going there anytime soon, as he is going to make In-ah lose the trial even though they already know each other. How is In-ah going to feel about Jin-woo making Han-na guilty?
RMBSW Ep5-55


2 thoughts on “Remember–Son’s War – Episode 5 Review

  1. The IA I suspected to love, is taking shape. I also do not want to blindly fangirling over IA, just because she is played by Park Minyoung who did ChaeYoungshin (the role that defined PMY).
    But am I glad that Week 3, IA not only matured and “grown”, but she is not “changed”. She is instead been given a chance to reveal herself by the Writer. Showing that she is not just a pretty compassionate thing that tailed JW, and once a while bark at baddies like a Pretty purebred Chihuahua, just to justify needs of fixing a pretty Lead somewhere herethere.


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