Three Day Quotes Challenge – Day Three

This is the third and last quote post! This time round, it’s a quote from a Korean drama. Again, this is also first came to my mind because of the realisation after re-reading the quote.

“Don’t compete with your past but rather expect great things from your future and love your present self.”

– Kang Woo, Master’s Sun

Yes, Seo In Guk! Darn, loved his action skills in Master’s Sun. I like how that quote made realise not to keep comparing your current self with your past self. In present, it’s a great chance for us to “change” for ourselves by loving ourselves and for future so that we can expect great things ahead of us.

Looks like it’s very short post as I have nothing more to write. xD Just know that past is past and that you can change future by doing something great in present, and also, love yourself! 😀

Once again, I thank Kwon for nominating me for this challenge! Merry Christmas, you awesome peeps! ^^


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