Remember–Son’s War – Episode 6 Review

Because it’s Christmas week and the background lights are so beautiful I couldn’t but to put that picture. 😛 It’s another round of finding concrete evidence and battling against each other to prove one’s innocence. It’s also kinda time for catch-up session.

Jin-woo manages to turn the tables around but it turns out that Jin-woo has made a deal, or more like a threat, with the professor as Jin-woo has information about him engaging in illegal activity. Thanks to his super memory which he remembers seeing him from four years ago. Kim Han-na’s claims about not having settlement seems to be true.
Dong-ho clearly knows that Jin-woo became a lawyer because of his father and that he is bent on getting to Gyu-man through the current trial he is taking on.
RMBSW Ep6-9 RMBSW Ep6-10
Seo Jin-woo is now different from the Jin-woo In-ah used to know as she meets with him to inform him about their new chief prosecutor, Moo-suk, who took on Dad’s case. Even his mindset changed, “I will always stand on the winning side of the truth”. What she wanted to tell him is that she never forgot about his father’s trial four years ago.
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Not only Jin-woo has changed, Chairman Nam seems to be changed as well as he seems to be more concerned about his son, not allowing any harm come to him like how Joo-il doesn’t want Dong-ho to be hurt whenever. It looks like the old man has plan to make vice-president lose.
RMBSW Ep6-14 RMBSW Ep6-13
Later that night, In-ah calls Jin-woo to come over in her drunk state where she becomes honest, hah. So cute, though. She rants to him how hard it was for her to become a prosecutor and that it was easy for him. She goes on, telling him that she became prosecutor because she wanted to fight for his father. Why they should fight against each other? Jin-woo’s eyes are as if he is stirred by In-ah’s truthful heart.
RMBSW Ep6-15
Jin-woo piggybacks the drunk girl home and I love how she softly says, “Thank you for coming back, Jin-woo.” A very simple sentence expresses her sincere glad.
RMBSW Ep6-16 RMBSW Ep6-17
I thought Jin-woo is not going to cry again in this episode, but as his father doesn’t recognise his mother’s ring nor remember having a son, he breaks down, calling him to look at him, his son. T_T
RMBSW Ep6-19 RMBSW Ep6-18
Jin-woo has a way of getting closer to Gyu-man – getting to his sister Yeo-kyung first. I am not sure if she is dumb or not, because I am sure she has seen him before four years old, lol. Dong-ho knows about it and tries to tell Jin-woo to lose the trial. But, Jin-woo is determined, “After Gyu-man, you’re next” and that the contract is over. “I regret like crazy that I ever trusted you.”
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Gyu-man uses his power to make vice-president an offender by requesting to change the prosecutor and tries but failed to convince the judge Suk-gyu. Well, of course, it’s all judge’s decision. Must be a great pressure as to judging and deciding whether the person is guilty or not.
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He tells In-ah about his mistake few years ago and that he doesn’t want to repeat it again – he wants to prevent any wrongful punishment because of his judgement. And, Suk-gyu seems to be interested in In-ah. Poor Yeo-kyung.
RMBSW Ep6-25 RMBSW Ep6-24
Third round of trial, In-ah manages to still take on the case as she found the blackbox, the most important evidence, and presents it in the court. However, it seems strange though. Jin-woo still believes in his client. Well, me too.
RMBSW Ep6-26
Jin-woo replays the video at night to look for any clue and, damn, he is spot on! He sees that the man in the video doesn’t wear a ring, but vice-president wore it. He goes to track down the informant and recognises him as one of Dong-ho’s men from four years ago. Now, that’s advantage of having super memory!
RMBSW Ep6-27
He trails the man to where he is going to flee along with another man who was actually in the video. Joo-il is there as well, to send them off. Ah, this was the perfect plan planned by the evil guys. However, Dong-ho knows that Jin-woo is finding out the truth and stops him from interfering. He get beaten up in the process. Noooo, don’t you dare to hit such a handsome face!
RMBSW Ep6-31 RMBSW Ep6-32
Injured, Jin-woo goes to the hospital to talk to Han-na whose mother has surgery, relaying the message from her father whom he met with earlier. And this seems to be the only way to defend the vice-president – changing her mind if stopping the Nam is impossible. He tells her that she should know the pain of not having a father by her side. She is taking someone else’s father right now.
RMBSW Ep6-33
The next day at the last session of trial, Jin-woo presents that the man in the video is not the vice-president and gets bit aggressive in questioning Han-na. She was the victim of theft as her money was stolen. But, how did she get the money for her mother’s surgery the day before? Wow, smart. I couldn’t have thought of that.
RMBSW Ep6-34 RMBSW Ep6-35
Finally after hesitating – seeing the family and her father there as well, she admits that the vice-president didn’t do anything wrong, much to his family’s relief. Jin-woo proved his client’s innocence and won.
RMBSW Ep6-39
In-ah comes running to Jin-woo to say that Han-na couldn’t have done it alone, but he tells her that it’s her job to find out who’s behind this before walking off. Yeo-kyung catches up to him to thank him (she is actually innocent :O) and wants to buy a drink. He agrees.
RMBSW Ep6-40 RMBSW Ep6-41
Chairman Nam hears of the result but doesn’t flare up at Joo-il. Instead, he asks to make sure that his son’s clothes don’t get stained. On the other hand, Gyu-man flares up since he has been looking for new vice-president to follow him like a dog. He demands for Dong-ho to bring the attorney in front of him.
RMBSW Ep6-43 RMBSW Ep6-42
Coincidence or not, speaking of the devil, Jin-woo walks into the same bar with Yeo-kyung. With a smug look on his face, Jin-woo introduces himself to his father’s murderer. The latter changes his tune and compliments him for saving his company’s image.
RMBSW Ep6-45
Dong-ho says to leave as Gyu-man has enough to drink. Jin-woo says it’s been four years and that he is disappointed that he is leaving already, returning his phone. Gyu-man tells him to come see him any time in his office. However, Jin-woo tells him, “Next time we’ll see each other in court. Because, I’ll bring you to trial.” It’s on. The war.

With this case, there is similarity to Dad’s case – father wrongly accused of what he didn’t do. Jin-woo believes it – because Ilho always has a way of framing people – and does everything to prove vice-president’s innocence as his own father couldn’t be acquitted. In my opinion, Jin-woo is becoming more like Dong-ho as he uses every way to win the cases, even to the extent of having dirt on the witnesses and using them against them. Mostly because of his super memory which helps him greatly in dealing with the laws and people. I like how he became the youngest lawyer and that he has dedication and determination. However, he can only trust himself as he has suffered a big betrayal by Dong-ho, though he got wrong idea. I am sure that Jin-woo will trust In-ah though, as she became prosecutor to fight for his father..
RMBSW Ep6-36

I believe that Dong-ho is still the same as before. He doesn’t want Jin-woo to be hurt or get hurt by the Nam family. He doesn’t want him to get close with them. He joined Ilho to save the young man from the hurt that might have great impact on his future and emotional state. Their contract is not over yet, like Dong-ho said. He just couldn’t say to trust him and takes Jin-woo’s cruel words all in instead. He has no choice but to keep trying to stop Jin-woo from getting himself further in danger. Who knows, Dong-ho might be planning something in secret to help Jin-woo prove Dad’s innocence? Well, I hope so!
RMBSW Ep6-46


2 thoughts on “Remember–Son’s War – Episode 6 Review

  1. A very powerful heart shredding scene, even more angst than that one when after Verdict, dad told JW to put his shoe outside the door… If anyone still think Young YooSeungho cannot carry the weigh of this show, after witnessing this scene… I don’t know what will convince you? Like I say, at any given time, I like a weeping scene that isn’t loud, isn’t too “bucket-tears”, isn’t too much words…. I loved a scene like this, when SJW choked his words almost to a whisper, only allowed continuous chains of tears slide down his cheeks, very simple few lines given but allow the eyes to showforth excruciating pank of breaking down, swollen eyes thru real sobbing from NGs after NGs…. YSH is defining himself, and has raised his own bar by this performance, and this is just ep 6, I am looking forward to the other 18 more ep.


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