Snow Lotus (Drama Special) – Overall Review

Year: 2015
Korean Channel: SBS
Episodes: 2
Also known as: Lucid Dream

Simple Summary
A fantasy story of two lovers who cross paths in traversing dreams, reality and time-space continuum.

The whole new interesting plot
I really do like this new concept of “time-travel” except that this doesn’t involve travelling back in time physically (which would be similar to Dr. Jin, but thankfully, they are different). Instead, the fated lovers learn about their past (Joseon era) through their dreams as if they were real. Or what they call it: lucid dream. Apparently, this whole lucid dream is also believable in real life – you could figure out your past life through your lucid dream which you could try to make it happen.

Da characters
Ep2-3 Ep2-4
In present, there is this fated couple who want to meet each other because of the “real” dream they have from their perspective. Lee Soo-hyun (played by Ji Jin Hee) is the CEO of a game company. His Joseon persona is a scholar Young San-baek whose identity turns out to be a commoner’s son.
Ep2-13 Ep1-1
Lee Ji Ah played woman-disguised-as-man in both eras, Han Yeon-hee (present) and Chook Young-dae (Joseon). In present era, she is a talented artist and got hired by Soo-hyun because of what she drew which is similar to what Soo-hyun dreamt. Her Joseon character is a skilled martial fighter who is supposed to get married to the guy she doesn’t even like.
Ep2-5 Ep2-6
Speaking of the guy, yes, he is an antagonist. He is Ma Moon-jae (played by Ahn Jae-hyun, who co-starred with Ji Jin Hee in Blood) but he was reborn as a woman in present. Now, that’s what I like about this show. He loved Young-dae (Yeon-hee’s past self) but, because she died by his hands, his reincarnation made him born as a woman, Choi Yoo-ri (played by Seo Ji Hye). She falls in love with Soo-hyun (San-baek’s current self), the man whom she/he despised a lot. Both of them, despite their gender differences (thanks to actor and actress), are really eerily evil, wanting one to be dead. Despite the time difference, she still has his habit of rubbing his lips intact in present.

Overall thoughts
I really thought that their present fate would end tragically like in Joseon era. However, they changed the fate as Soo-hyun jumps off the building to take the hit and save Yeon-hee who was pushed off by Yoo-ri who wants the man. Because of that, the fate in Joseon era changes as well in Soo-hyun’s dream, unconscious from the fall. Thank goodness.

I also thought that they would recognise each other instantly since they saw each other in their own respective dream, but it would be too easy. I guess they couldn’t see each other’s faces clearly in the dreams, since it’s a dream.

Ep2-9 Ep2-10
After watching, I now get the meaning of the title Snow Lotus as said by San-baek:

“Snow lotus blooms in the snow (hardships). The male and female flower are connected together by their roots so they’ll never be separated. Even if several hundreds, no, even if several thousands of seasons have passed, it’ll be deeply rooted in the earth.”

Snow lotus signifies their true love. Even though the Joseon era may be a lucid dream, if their past life is real, they still meet again even after thousand years no matter what hardships they have gone through.

I am glad that this drama special’s plot didn’t disappoint me. It’s a really nice and sweet story like star-crossed lovers’ story, except that the male lead managed to change it in the last minute, making the universe let them be together and live happily ever after.


2 thoughts on “Snow Lotus (Drama Special) – Overall Review

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