Imaginary Cat – Episode 5 Review

Adorable and always making us smile. 😀 Now, we are almost one step closer towards the mystery we have been wondering.

IMC Ep5-3
Chapter 9: “The Meaning of You”: Jong-hyun’s hand is finally healed and, aw, he plays with Bok-gil like she is a turret, shooting imaginary enemies. xD He get back to work on his drawings and is able to submit them to Dokko-soon who likes them.
IMC Ep5-5 IMC Ep5-6
It isn’t surprising that Hae-gong and Dokko-soon are dating since she speaks fondly of him, heh. I love Jong-hyun’s expression as if it’s awkward and is like, “Oh! Okay.” LOL. Which means he already knew.
IMC Ep5-7 IMC Ep5-8
Dokko-soon comments how Jong-hyun’s work is very different – as if there’s some kind of darkness underneath. Must be about his first love? Despite long time, Soo-in still appears as an imagination in Jong-hyun’s mind as he thinks how much he doesn’t know about her when she knows everything about him.
IMC Ep5-10 IMC Ep5-9
Bok-gil is no different from any other mothers as she tells her human to get out a bit and clean up too. But, too bad Jong-hyun isn’t able to hear her and is just lazing around in his bed, heh. Can I…? Okay, not.
IMC Ep5-11
Hae-gong is doing his best friend’s favour as he forces him to get out of his house to go cycling with him. But, that’s his tactic to make him go out with Na-woo who doesn’t know how to cycle and fails to learn when Jong-hyun tries to teach her.
IMC Ep5-12 IMC Ep5-13
On the way home, wanting to exhibit photos of abandoned animals and donate the proceeds to the animal shelter, Na-woo asks Jong-hyun if he could let her take photos of Bok-gil, as well as getting her younger pictures. Oooh, this gotta mean something.
IMC Ep5-14
But somewhere, Jong-hyun hears a kitten’s cries. They find it and manage to hide it from the man who hates cats. Thankfully, Jong-hyun is able to think on feet and diverts the man’s attention from finding the cat whom Na-woo manages to get away with.
IMC Ep5-15 IMC Ep5-16
The kitten is brought to the vet where they decided to wait for its mother to return or find an owner for it. Poor Wan, though. He keeps trying to get Na-woo’s attention but Na-woo only looks at Jong-hyun.
IMC Ep5-17
Chapter 10: “Him, Her, and the Cat”: The kitten’s mother didn’t turn up, sadly. Jong-hyun heads home and Bok-gil acts like a mother, asking why he has been coming home so late lately. He wonders how she end up alone and we flashback to the days Bok-gil was still small. Aw, so cuteeee.
IMC Ep5-19 IMC Ep5-20
Hah, the boss of the book store “threatens” to deduct the time he was absent from his pay if he doesn’t give him Na-woo’s cousin’s number. Luckily, she is there at the store. LOL, why didn’t you see her earlier?
IMC Ep5-21
Na-woo waits at the café for Jong-hyun to pass by for his approval of getting Bok-gil pictured. Why Bok-gil? She wants to pick cats that became happy after meeting a new person. She passes him the chicken soup she made for the little kitten, for Bok-gil to have some as well.
IMC Ep5-22 IMC Ep5-23
At home, Jong-hyun senses that Bok-gil is not eating well and she says in her mind that she has no appetite. He lets her try the chicken soup Na-woo made and, to his surprise, Bok-gil is enjoying it a lot as she exclaims how delicious it is and wants one more bowl.
IMC Ep5-28 IMC Ep5-29
Which Jong-hyun lets Na-woo know about it the next day, who says that Haru also liked that, and shyly asks her how she make it. Heh. She lets herself teach him and says to go grocery shopping together since it’s a secret recipe.
IMC Ep5-30
However, they didn’t get a chance to go together as Wan comes looking for Na-woo, saying that the adopted cat she wanted to see one last time came to the hospital.
IMC Ep5-31 IMC Ep5-32
So, Jong-hyun tries to make it on his own from the recipe Na-woo sent. However, the taste doesn’t seem right as he tastes it, that something might be missing. Bok-gil is watching and wonders, “Human, can I trust you on this? It makes me feel uneasy though…”
IMC Ep5-33 IMC Ep5-34
Lucky for Bok-gil, Na-woo arrives. But, her face doesn’t look good. She says, “My cat… return her back to me.” Oh, has she finally seen the photos of younger Bok-gil Jong-hyun passed to her earlier?

But, it feels wrong for her to demand like that right away. She should have sat down with Jong-hyun to tell him about what she discovered. Y’know, almost some cats look alike, so how would Na-woo know Bok-gil is her Haru? The preview for next episode doesn’t seem good as it seems more intensive between Jong-hyun and Na-woo over Bok-gil who is possibly Haru. This is going to hurt Jong-hyun all over again, though, with the possibility of Bok-gil being taken away by Na-woo. No, don’t let that happen!
IMC Ep5-24


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