Splish Splash Love (Drama Special) – Overall Review

Year: 2015
Korean Channel: MBC
Episodes: 2
Could also be known as: Splash Splash Love

A high school senior, without knowing why, has a special ability to transport to Joseon on rainy days. In Joseon, she meets a young King who is in difficult situation.

Words play
I like how they play with words and name. Such that the lead girl’s name, Jung Da-bi (played by Kim Seul Gi), means “much-needed rain” in Korean, which in Joseon era, the people are praying for rain to come, therefore calling “Dan-bi” to come forth. Hah.
Ep1-4 Ep1-5
Even the King of Joseon, Lee Do (played by Yoon Doo Joon) misinterprets Dan-bi’s claiming to be “high school senior” which she says in short “go-sam” as “go-sam” means a castrated man, or another word – eunuch. I love how comedic Lee Do’s reactions are to the modern devices such as Dan-bi’s smart phone. Keke.

Adorable chemistry
Kim Seul Gi portraying Jang Dan-bi is almost as cute as Park Bo Young playing in Oh My Ghostess! I am so glad that I get to see this side of her in this short show as well as Yoon Doo Joon. I wanted to watch him in Let’s Eat, but I didn’t get to. I will watch it in future! 😛
Ep2-2 Ep2-3
Both have them have such a cute chemistry and remind me of Jo Soo Hyang and Lee Joon in another drama special What Is The Ghost Doing?. Hoping to see them in another drama like how I am still hoping for Jo Soo Hyang and Lee Joon to act together in a new drama!

Overall thoughts
It’s a plainly adorable fantasy show. 😀 I love this new travel-back-in-time thing through water portal. Jang Dan-bi didn’t change much of the history as she “became” Jang Young-sil, a trusted inventor in Joseon Dynasty (yup, real Korean history) whom the king chose based on merit instead of social class.
Through Dan-bi, Lee Do does the thing he had never done in such a long time due to his high status. But because of Dan-bi coming from the future which is very different from the Joseon in terms of almost everything, be it social classes and such, Lee Do gets to become comfortable after a long time. It’s no wonder why he falls in love with Dan-bi, even before knowing “he” is actually a girl.
Travelling back in time pushes Dan-bi’s beyond her ability to study harder in order to survive even though she is terrible at mathematics. But she still failed her exam. I was expecting her to pass, especially she taught a lot, a lot, of things to Joseon people.
Ep2-4 Ep2-7
Another what I like is how the person from both eras are still same in terms of personality and characteristic. So-heon (played by Jin Ki Joo, previously played in Twenty Again) loves drawing and draws well. Besides that, she loves to eat ramen. In both eras. Cute. I thought she would be hateful as the queen in Joseon. But it turns out that she is actually a nice person as she is lonely and glad for someone like Dan-bi to be friends with.
Even this guy Park Yeon (played by Ahn Hyo Sup) loves music in Joseon and is a musician in present. And there is Dan-bi’s teacher who always have leg cramp whenever there is rain. That way, Dan-bi saw the pattern and could predict when the rain is coming in Joseon because he is still the same in the past. In this show, they make it that no matter how many incarnations a person has gone through, the person is still always the same in different eras.

Of course, we are never forgetting Lee Do’s reincarnation in the present era where he meets Dan-bi with her umbrella and it turns out that they two have actually met on the bus before Dan-bi travelled back in time. And, gosh, he looks handsome here!
Ep2-11 Ep2-12

The scene where future-Lee-Do saves Dan-bi from being splashed on by the car passing by; it’s actually a metaphor of the title “Splish Splash Love” (or what most viewers call it “Splash Splash Love”). They (probably, since it’s the end) started love from there onwards in the present time. In Joseon, Dan-bi transported by jumping into water portal – Splash! So, from there onwards, they fall for each other.

I would love the show to be a 12 or 16 epsiodes drama, but I don’t think I can imagine how the plot is going to be dragged out over more episodes. Two episodes are enough – short and sweet. Thanks to great chemistry and comedic performances from both Kim Seul Gi and Yoon Doo Joon, I definitely enjoyed this two-hour drama. As always, shorter dramas never fail to disappoint me!


3 thoughts on “Splish Splash Love (Drama Special) – Overall Review

  1. Do you know where I can find the instrumental/score soundtrack. I am specifically looking for the piano song that is played when the King is thinking back on his time with Dan-Bi (he is trying to kick the soccer ball into the goal) and while she is trying to solve the mathematical problem. The song is played throughout the show but mostly during that scene. I would really appreciate anyone’s help, I have been looking for that song for a while! Thanks!


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