Imaginary Cat – Episode 6 Review

The answer to the mystery is finally unveiled and we see how Jong-hyun and Na-woo deal with the result.

(Author’s side note: Happy New Year! Due to the drama awards, Remember–Son’s War episodes 7 and 8 weren’t able to air. Instead, they will air next week, so I am only here with one review this week.)

IMC Ep6-1
Na-woo thinks Bok-gil is Haru because of the collar little Bok-gil was wearing in the old pictures. It’s one of a kind, she says. Of course, Jong-hyun isn’t believing that and tells her to continue dreaming that Bok-gil is Haru.
IMC Ep6-4 IMC Ep6-3
Chapter 11 “Secret I can’t tell” is Bok-gil’s story – she explains how her human doesn’t know her well. She claims that she knows how to read book, but she pretends not to. She knows how to look in a mirror and that she is beautiful. Awww, kitty. Hehe.
IMC Ep6-5 IMC Ep6-6
In order to find out if Bok-gil is Haru, Wan offers to give a DNA check which Na-woo immediately finds both of their furs. However, she is hesitant as she knows how much Jong-hyun treasure Bok-gil. Speaking of Jong-hyun, he definitely now knows to get out of having to work overtime, by pretending to have Na-woo’s cousin’s number. LOL.
IMC Ep6-7 IMC Ep6-8
We look more into Jong-hyun’s past with Jin-sung. As we may have known, Jin-sung had taken all credits for the project three of them were all working on together. More like Jong-hyun and Hae-gong worked their asses off, more than Jin-sung did. No wonder they are still furious with Jin-sung for stealing people’s work.
IMC Ep6-9 IMC Ep6-10
To not feel uneasy, Na-woo tries to ask Jong-hyun for permission to do the DNA testing, saying that she has no other intention. To which Jong-hyun doesn’t believe since she came the other day to demand the cat back.
IMC Ep6-11
However, back at home, Jong-hyun retrieves Bok-gil’s old collar and sees that it’s very similar to the one Na-woo gave to Bok-gil recently. He clutches them and think throughout the night – the possibility of Bok-gil being Haru.
IMC Ep6-13 IMC Ep6-12
The next day, Na-woo decides not to go ahead with the DNA testing. But it seems that Wan will do it. And, yeah, he did. But we didn’t get to hear the results.
IMC Ep6-15 IMC Ep6-14
Chapter 12: “The Day of Truth”: Jong-hyun returns from work and contemplates over the similar collars again and decides to go meet Na-woo who is already outside his home. He is about to say something, but Na-woo beats to him by telling him that it’s confirmed that Bok-gil is Haru and that it’s relief. But, why relief?
IMC Ep6-16
Jong-hyun couldn’t say anything and snuggles with Bok-gil, saying that he thinks he misunderstood and asks if she remembers her old owner. Bok-gil: “Yes! I remember sausages!” Not like Jong-hyun can hear her…
IMC Ep6-18
Hah, totally still loving Jong-hyun’s disgusted face whenever he sees his boss swooning over Na-woo’s cousin. (I love that we get to see this side of Yoo Seung Ho because it’s precious.)
IMC Ep6-19 IMC Ep6-20
Jong-hyun and Hae-gong hangs out by playing basketball. The best friend also hears about Na-woo claiming Bok-gil to be Haru and that it’s not. He also notices how Na-woo is no longer coming by to see Jong-hyun, as if he was being dump. Jong-hyun also thinks of that.
IMC Ep6-21 IMC Ep6-22
So, Jong-hyun decides to go look for Na-woo but, as he reaches her café, he overhears that Bok-gil is indeed Haru but doesn’t want to let him know because he will probably hate him. She is just glad that Haru has found a good owner. I knew it! Uh-oh. Angered being lied to, Jong-hyun goes to Wan for the results.
IMC Ep6-23 IMC Ep6-24
Na-woo looks over Bok-gil’s photos when Jong-hyun comes to meet her. Now, she knows that he knows that Bok-gil is Haru. Na-woo: “I’m just so happy that it’s you. It’s a huge relief, but…” Aw. With tears almost in their eyes, Jong-hyun asks if she want to go see Bok-gil right now. Double aw yeahhh.
IMC Ep6-26 IMC Ep6-25
Na-woo is let inside Jong-hyun’s home this time round and, even though she doesn’t like Na-woo, Bok-gil lets herself eat the sausage which is what she remembered as little kitten. Wishing them a happy family. Okay.
IMC Ep6-34 IMC Ep6-29
Jong-hyun smiles at the sight of Bok-gil being reunited with her former owner. Na-woo: “Haru. Thank you for growing up this well.” We hear in voice-over as they flashback to the days how Bok-gil found her former owner through new owner, as if fate,”It’ll be alright as long as we don’t give up. I haven’t given up either. I believe that we can find her as long as we don’t give up and keep trying.”
IMC Ep6-32
Jong-hyun lets Na-woo be together with Bok-gil alone and goes back to work on his drawings. In his voice-over, he says, “Whether Bok-gil was Haru or Haru was Bok-gil, it doesn’t matter to me. Just being together was enough. Back then I believed this moment would last forever without a shred of doubt.”

I am glad that this is turning out well as Na-woo realises how she wasn’t in her right mind after finding out that Bok-gil could be Haru. And that Jong-hyun even lets her get reunited with Bok-gil/Haru despite him known for not letting a girl into his home. Na-woo is one who doesn’t give up looking for Haru and believes that she is well grown-up. All of her wait is a worth and paid off and she gets “reward” for it – her Haru is now Jong-hyun’s pet, the guy whom she meets through similar interest and love for cats. I know it’s a drama, but their destinies are fated through Bok-gil/Haru. Bok-gil is a lucky cat, having two owners who love her.
IMC Ep6-35


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