Cheese in the Trap – Episode 1 Review

Been looking forward to this show since I have been reading (but not even halfway through yet) its webtoon. I am satisfied with the premiere of Cheese in the Trap, especially with its plot, being similar to the webtoon. Well, of course, it’s the adaption of the webtoon. I can say I like it.

(For Cheese in the Trap reviews, I will be writing differently and shortly.)

CITT Ep1-4
The first episode of this show is really similar to the first few chapters of the webtoon version. From Hong Seol (played by Kim Go Eun) getting drunk, saying she wants to drop out of school, to (one year ago) always been overly suspecting of Yoo Jung (played by Park Hae Jin).
CITT Ep1-6 CITT Ep1-5
Because I am not even halfway through reading webtoon, I keep wondering what’s up with Jung. He even steps over the papers Seol drops. He is definitely a mystery guy.
CITT Ep1-8 CITT Ep1-7
However, his attitude changes afterwards, to the extent of asking Seol to eat lunch with him which, of course, she rejects without hesitant. From the way he changes suddenly, it’s a no wonder why Seol keeps getting suspicious of him and finds him creepy.
CITT Ep1-12
Jung is often seen hanging out with the girl, Nam Joo-yeon (played by Cha Joo Young), who despises Seol. Similar to the webtoon, she lies to Seol about the class’ timing which makes her late for pop quiz.
CITT Ep1-13
Speaking of Seol’s lateness, I love the cute pairing between these two, Kwon Eun-taek (played by Nam Joo Hyuk) and Jang Bo-ra (played by Park Min Ji). I actually liked the cuteness of Eun-taek (and I never thought I’d look at Joo Hyuk that way) who would do anything for Bo-ra and her friend, such that he distracts relief teacher to get Seol to the class before him.
CITT Ep1-10 CITT Ep1-9
I don’t really get the idea of the plot of Cheese in the Trap, though its title sounds like it suggests Seol being “trapped” by Jung who sets the trap. There are really conflicting thoughts about him. He even confronts the culprit who dropped Seol’s class out of desperation and he is Kim Sang-chul (played by Moon Ji Yoon), but doesn’t tell Seol about the real culprit.
CITT Ep1-15 CITT Ep1-14
Never forget these two siblings! They are Baek In-ho (played by Seo Kang Joon) and Baek In-ha (played by Lee Sung Kyung). They totally have the same bad temper and the way they talk to each other entertains me. Exactly how siblings (though not most) talk to one another. xD They seem to have a close relationship with Jung, but there is also something else, which I don’t know yet. Yet, because I am so going to quickly continue reading the webtoon (because I have been putting it on hold) while watching it. 😛

The casts are amazing, as always. I believe that they will make Cheese more enjoyable than I am enjoying it now. I love how they let us listen to Hong Seol’s inner thoughts, especially about Jung, his changes in attitude and creepiness. Because that’s what it is supposed to be. I heard that it’s Kim Go Eun’s first television show and I really do hope for Cheese to be a success, especially as her first TV show.
CITT Ep1-16

Yoo Jung is far creepier than the one in webtoon. Maybe it’s because it’s Park Hae Jin who portrays him as a sweet one, but creepy one the next that gives you a chill down your spine. We can’t even tell if he is sincere or not. Which is his true self? He can’t simply like Seol that he is now “following” her around and even changes class to share same class with Seol. It’s because it’d be a typical plot, with the guy liking the girl and yet treating her differently. He has got to have an ulterior motive. Definitely.
CITT Ep1-17


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