Remember–Son’s War – Episode 7 Review

I have no idea what to put as feature picture so I thought might as well put a Jin-woo’s handsome face and pretty eyes. 😛 Finally, Remember is back after a week hiatus! With enemies known around Jin-woo, he wants to reopen his father’s case which, of course, they wouldn’t want it to happen. Jin-woo and Gyu-man are racing against each other. However, things go awry as Gyu-man is one-step ahead.

Gyu-man finally meets Jin-woo and of course, he is not pleased with what he have done to save vice-president in the last trial. Dong-ho barely stops him from wanting to kill him. Gosh, Gyu-man never change, of course.
Even though Jin-woo has defeated Ilho and feels confident in catching Gyu-man, he breaks down in his office in front of his manager because his own father can’t even remember him. Cries. His manager comforts him, “Basically, this thing called memory is supposed to remain in your heart, not head.”
Thanks to Dong-ho, Gyu-man now realises how much his father has been aiding him, even in framing vice-president from the beginning. Looks like he is seeing Chairman Nam in different light.
Jin-woo is bent on reopening his father’s case to prove his innocence as he has been seeking a witness over the years when he finally gets a call from a man who saw his father looking little bit out of his mind, which could prove his father’s alibi.
He also seems to remember something else when he tells In-ah about his plan to prove his father’s innocence when she drops by to congratulate him. And it’s the woman who accused Dad falsely.
RMBSW Ep7-10 RMBSW Ep7-11
On the way out from requesting a retrial, Jin-woo meets Moo-suk who kind of sarcastically says that Dad probably bragged about his son. Get lost. Jin-woo tells him the same thing Dong-ho used to say to him four years ago, “We should catch the true criminal.”
RMBSW Ep7-13 RMBSW Ep7-12
Gyu-man and Dong-ho hears about the request for a retrial from Suk-gyu which the rest get uncomfortable. This is funny, because the judge is sitting with the real murderer, hah. Gyu-man isn’t liking the sound of retrial.
RMBSW Ep7-14 RMBSW Ep7-15
In-ah visits Dad for the first time and discovers that Dad’s memory is getting worse, even to the extent of not remembering his own son. In-ah confronts the doctor about not treating Dad properly and the doctor definitely looks evil. He must be working with Ilho as well and was ordered not to give Dad proper treatment in order to deteriorate his memory.
RMBSW Ep7-16 RMBSW Ep7-17
Jin-woo found out about the woman’s whereabouts and tries to convince her, as well as her daughter to convince her mother, to stand as the witness again since she testify falsely. However, all these is seen by Gyu-man’s man, Secretary Ahn.
RMBSW Ep7-18
The first thing Gyu-man says when Secretary Ahn reports to him? To kill the woman. However, Secretary Ahn says that he can’t kill nor hire someone to kill her, which gets him a beating from Gyu-man. Ugh.
RMBSW Ep7-20 RMBSW Ep7-21
Moo-suk hears about the commotion made by In-ah at the prison and reprimands her for it, making her drop the current case and assigning other cases to her.
RMBSW Ep7-23 RMBSW Ep7-24
Because Secretary Ahn isn’t going to do Gyu-man’s bidding, Gyu-man calls Joo-il instead. To which he rejects flatly, however, backs down when Gyu-man suggests calling Dong-ho over but he knows that he is like a son to Joo-il. So, Joo-il is forced to do what Gyu-man wants.
RMBSW Ep7-19
Aw, I love how Secretary Ahn confides in Sang-ho about being beaten by bamboo stick by Gyu-man and says in anger that he has anger management disorder. Let’s hope no one hears him except Sang-ho.
RMBSW Ep7-28
Despite earlier rant, Secretary still does something – to make the woman shut her mouth by threatening her. Okay, at least, he didn’t think to kill her to earn Gyu-man’s favour.
RMBSW Ep7-25 RMBSW Ep7-26
Jin-woo visits his father with homemade food which he stuffs his mouth deliciously with, saying that they suit his appetite which makes his son contented. When asked how he was like, Jin-woo tells him that he was the best father in the world to which Dad asks if he has a son. He tells Jin-woo to convey his message that he misses him, which makes Jin-woo spills his tears more.
RMBSW Ep7-29
Having heard about In-ah making commotion about Dad at prison, Jin-woo goes to see In-ah where he see her and Dong-ho in a hallway. He smiles at how In-ah firmly wanting to prove Dad’s innocence and is on the same side as him.
RMBSW Ep7-33 RMBSW Ep7-32
They two sit down for a coffee where Jin-woo tells her about wanting to open a retrial which In-ah approves. He still thanks her for visiting his father. He then gets a text from the woman. Oh no.
RMBSW Ep7-34
Why “oh no”? That’s because, earlier, a man hired by Joo-il used a string to strangle the woman and is probably dead.
RMBSW Ep7-36 RMBSW Ep7-37
And, yes, I knew it! It’s a trap as when Jin-woo arrives at the scene, the detectives arrive later and their leader is none other than Detective Gwak who arrested Dad and is also involved with the Evil Council of Ilho.
RMBSW Ep7-39 RMBSW Ep7-38
It’s a way planned by Gyu-man to frame Jin-woo like how Dad was framed for a murder. Both Dong-ho and In-ah are shocked by the news and Jin-woo is on the run, which makes him more suspicious.
RMBSW Ep7-40
Thanks to Jin-woo’s manager who manages to steer the detective from the secret room behind the book shelves, Jin-woo sneaks into his office where he packs his things, including the book where he hid the thumbdrive of Ilho Group’s slash fund which vice-president gave him.
RMBSW Ep7-41 RMBSW Ep7-42
Worried about Jin-woo, In-ah goes to his office to look for him and finds in the secret room where she gets surprised at large Nam family tree on the wall, realising that he has been planning to take revenge. Asking what the news was about, Jin-woo answers, “I think I have fallen into the trap. The trap that Nam Gyu-man created.”
RMBSW Ep7-45 RMBSW Ep7-43
They hear someone’s footsteps from outside and In-ah quickly leaves and closes the door of secret room and pretends to look around when Dong-ho enters. Dong-ho asks, “Where is Jin-woo?” So what if you find him?
RMBSW Ep7-46

I really do like the relationship between Jin-woo and In-ah. Especially how Jin-woo doesn’t want her to be hurt because of him and his father. He knows that she is the first person who believes in Dad’s innocence. He appreciates it a lot, since no one else believe him. He appreciates how she stands very firmly on the same side as Jin-woo when it comes to Dad’s case and has the same dislike towards Dong-ho. They make a great pair as a lawyer and a prosecutor in a courtroom. I am hoping for no or little romance because I prefer and like seeing this type of relationship between them – In-ah supporting and believing in Jin-woo and Jin-woo has at least one person to trust, if not anyone else. Trust relationship.
RMBSW Ep7-31

Gyu-man is really evil, having planned out perfectly – setting trap for Jin-woo and to make him a “murderer” like his father by framing him. Totally “Like father, like son”. Relatable to both Gyu-man and Jin-woo. Gyu-man sure likes to do literally everything to be in his own father’s favour, to the extent of killing off the people who get in his way and making someone else scapegoat. He has blood on his hands, but his clothes are totally clean. Ugh. All I hope for Jin-woo to act smart to get out of Gyu-man’s trap.
RMBSW Ep7-44


2 thoughts on “Remember–Son’s War – Episode 7 Review

  1. “I really do like the relationship between Jin-woo and In-ah. Especially how Jin-woo doesn’t want her to be hurt because of him and his father. He knows that she is the first person who believes in Dad’s innocence. He appreciates it a lot, since no one else believe him. He appreciates how she stands very firmly on the same side as Jin-woo when it comes to Dad’s case and has the same dislike towards Dong-ho.” loved your comments. i loved i read this alittle too late, like 2 months late. but i am presently rewatching the whole thing and also anything Yoo, while i do NOT addict to any present drama, this will be how i past time till his next drama past by. so am i rereading all your comments….
    JW reacted to her asking about his brusied face: “you haven’t changed. You still stick your nose in….” Jinwoo smiled an amused smile, even while his comment is far from polite, yet InAh returned a wider smile, wasn’t annoyed but in appreciation of being remembered as what kind of person she used to be… Means Jinwoo after all knows her, remembers her, accepted her as a friend at least…
    JW later even leaked to Inah that he found a witness who can prove dad’s alibi…. his willingness to trust her and even confide in her his stages of progress is very much telling. Finally as what ahjumah shared, tis time he find someone to share his load because he needs someone who liked and loved him as a woman, ajummah can see that. While not any thriller need a female romance lead, but jinwoo needs one to cure his wounded heart. But that someone must craft out by being first the trusting relationship that began as a friend that can shared and trust each other, without barrier.
    who can romance can ruin things between good friend, no, for jinwoo, he needs a woman love beside a trustworthy colleague.

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