Cheese in the Trap – Episode 2 Review

It’s heading in the direction the way I wanted to see in a drama adapted from a webtoon (unlike *coughs* Orange Marmalade *coughs*). It gives me more, uhm, I don’t know how to say. Something like creativeness from the show, such that both drama and webtoon go in different directions and yet have same destination. It’s great!

CITT Ep2-1
As always, Seol tries to avoid Jung whenever and wherever, and even rejects his request to eat a meal together. Well, of course, that’s expected, because you have been following her around, dude.
CITT Ep2-2 CITT Ep2-3
After constant hum and haw, she finally decides to talk and eat with him, but at a convenience store. Aw, man. Will we get to see them having a proper meal together?
CITT Ep2-24
In early morning, In-ho sees Seol and calls her over, but she thinks he is a homeless man and tries to break away from him, but causes her laptop to break.
CITT Ep2-5 CITT Ep2-4
That’s where a chance comes in! She feels helpless in the class which Jung notices and lends her his notebook, and even distracts teacher from Seol to let her to work on her report and submit it on time.
CITT Ep2-6 CITT Ep2-7
Ohmygosh, this girl, Joo-yeon, is such a hateful girl. And she is in the webtoon as well. She dares to take Seol’s report from submitting to the professor, though her conscience is nagging at her for doing so.
CITT Ep2-8
Thank goodness, Jung overhears it and tells Joo-yeon off. He helps to convince the professor to let Seol submit her report despite the deadline being over. Is he really interested in her, hm?
CITT Ep2-14 CITT Ep2-15
One thing I know for sure is that Seol had misunderstood Jung in regards to the incident a year ago. That he wasn’t the one who outed Sang-chul as the thief, but his classmate. She offers to buy him a meal which surprises him, saying that she is sorry. He agrees with her personality to misunderstand people, and takes a selfie with her.
CITT Ep2-17 CITT Ep2-16
It turns out that Jung had actually passed the receipt (perhaps on purpose) to his classmate, Ha Jae-woo (played by Oh Hee Joon), who reported Sang-chul secret slash funds online. He was looking “evil”, as if wanting to bring people he dislikes down. Maybe he becomes nice to Seol because she is different from others?
CITT Ep2-18 CITT Ep2-19
The plot is going the same way as webtoon (but from different direction), such that Eun-taek and Bo-ra force Seol to go on blind date which she eventually does. Seol also tries to set her close friend, Kang Ah-young (played by Yoon Ye Joo) with Jung whom they met together the other day.
CITT Ep2-21 CITT Ep2-20
However, Jung’s expression changes when Seol leaves them together and hears that she is going on a blind date. He looks unhappy as if he feels betrayed.
CITT Ep2-22 CITT Ep2-23
In-ho and Seol meet again when In-ho tries to apply for a job which he gets rejected at the restaurant where Seol is having dinner with a guy whom Bo-ra set up with. He steps in when he couldn’t take it the way the guy talk. When the men almost punch each other, Seol jumps in to what she has been wanting to say, not being to take it as well. Yup, that’s the way!
CITT Ep2-25 CITT Ep2-26
On the way home, Seol sees Jung waiting for her and he seems scarily evil again, with that expression. He tells her, “Lately, I thought we had gotten pretty close. But you had your own reasons for approaching me. You’re just like everyone else. It’s so hard just to eat a meal with you.” Before Seol could say anything, he walks off. Uhm, wait. I think Jung got it wrong here – he was actually the one who approached her first.
CITT Ep2-31 CITT Ep2-30
In-ho finds out that Seol is related to Jung through her lost phone in his hand, and calls Jung over. They don’t seem to have a good relationship as In-ho wonders if the girl know Jung’s true self. True-self? Hmm…
CITT Ep2-34
CITT Ep2-33 CITT Ep2-32
Flashbacks show us that the three of them used to be happily close with one another, however, Jung turned his back on In-ho when he was beaten up. Oh, so, Jung has the tendency to ignore people and/or not trust people?
CITT Ep2-35
In present, In-ho seems to miss the times together with Jung and his sister as his eyes become shiny. “What were you expecting?” he sighs to himself.

This is showing more of Jung’s true self and I am beginning to get the idea of the plot and Jung’s personality. His true personality. What I like about this episode is that Baek In-ho in drama version is becoming more like Baek In-ho of webtoon version where he is a troublemaker, since I didn’t get a feel from him in the previous episode.
CITT Ep2-40

Yoo Jung seems to have trust issue or something like that, as he cut In-ho off from his life in the past, and now wants to shut Hong Seol off when she tries to set him up with Ah-young and that she goes on a blind date. He probably wanted a girl to open up to, therefore he wanted to be close with Seol since, I bet, he feels that she is different from others, unlike Joo-yeon who keeps clinging onto him and doing evil things. But, I think there is something more than that. Now that Jung is probably upset with Seol, it’s back to Seol’s confusing inner thoughts and how she is going to make up with him. Especially he helped her a lot, but now he is back to being cold-hearted. This is what I like about the show – having two totally different sides and more mixed elements.
CITT Ep2-41


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