Imaginary Cat – Episode 7 Review

As always, Jong-hyun and Bok-gil remain to have strong bond. Just when things are going good, there is another worrisome arise. As if life is trying to test Jong-hyun and that it has to be balanced in life, be it good or bad.

IMC Ep7-2
Chapter 13: “The One in My Heart is You”: Aw, yes. Now that Bok-gil has been scientifically proven to be Haru, which Jong-hyun is amazed by, Na-woo has been coming over to Jong-hyun’s house to take care and play with Bok-gil.
IMC Ep7-4 IMC Ep7-3
Only that Na-woo is not supposed to touch his desk whenever he is working since he is pretty sensitive about his desk work. I could tell that this is not going to happen no matter what.
IMC Ep7-5 IMC Ep7-6
The day for the results is arriving soon and Jong-hyun has been waiting for a call whole day, till his boss decides to confiscate his phone, only want to try unlocking his phone for his Na-woo’s cousin’s number, but fails. Hah.
IMC Ep7-7 IMC Ep7-8
I knew that Na-woo is going to peek at Jong-hyun’s work when Bok-gil jumps onto the desk. Even though Na-woo tells Bok-gil that she can’t be there and brings her down, she still looks at the work interestingly when Jong-hyun leaves for a moment. Feeling offended when Na-woo says she will bring Bok-gil to the cafe, Jong-hyun tells her to never come back again.
IMC Ep7-9
Na-woo leaves, saying he is mean. Later, good news arrive for Jong-hyun – he is going to debut! Hae-gong celebrates the joyous occasion, feeling proud of his friend. He tells him that he plans to work for his father’s business, instead of drawing.
IMC Ep7-10 IMC Ep7-11
He reminisces about how he, Jong-hyun and Soo-in used to hang out in high school. “But now, one of us is no longer in this world, the other has given up. Now there’s just you left.” He tells Jong-hyun to succeed enough for him and Soo-in.
IMC Ep7-12
Despite the joyous occasion, Jong-hyun comes home looking teary, not being able to hear Bok-gil think when her leg hurts. Instead, he tells her that he is making debut. However, he sobs and hugs Bok-gil to sleep.
IMC Ep7-13 IMC Ep7-14
The next morning, Bok-gil notices how feverish her human is and hoarse his voice is, and that he is sick. Thankfully, Na-woo arrives, wanting to apologise, and Jong-hyun collapses on top of her. Bok-gil is relieved that someone is here.
IMC Ep7-16 IMC Ep7-15
Na-woo takes care of Jong-hyun the whole night, but when she turns to leave to get some water, Jong-hyun takes her hand. In his not well state, he calls out to her, “Soo-in”. He must be really missing Soo-in a lot and that he wanted for her to see him as webtoon writer today.
IMC Ep7-17
Next chapter, “Goodbye, and Hi”, probably suggests Jong-hyun finally being able to say goodbye to his first love and welcome new girl, Na-woo, in his life. Speaking of Na-woo, thanks to her, Jong-hyun has gotten better.
IMC Ep7-18 IMC Ep7-19
Na-woo returns to the café where Wan drops by to find her and asks where she is coming from. He guesses Bok-gil and that guy and gets worked up at how she has been taking care of Jong-hyun, and insists to bring her to hospital as she starts to cough. Wan probably dislikes how close his crush is to Jong-hyun.
IMC Ep7-22 IMC Ep7-20
Jong-hyun finally signs a contract at the agency and Jin-sung comes in fuming about how he lost to an amateur. Clearly, he is not happy with the results of Jong-hyun being the front runner. Woohoo~ Jin-sung swears that Dokko-soon and Jong-hyun will regret this.
IMC Ep7-23
Hah, as expected, Jong-hyun’s boss now tries to suck up to him and treats him better, now that he might become well-known webtoon writer. Jong-hyun grabs at the chance of taking few days off, heh.
IMC Ep7-24 IMC Ep7-25
It’s only finally when Jong-hyun and Hae-gong arrive at Na-woo’s café to celebrate, Jong-hyun hears from her cousin that Na-woo has been sent to ER after taking care of him all night. Na-woo has been discharged though, but her cousin doesn’t let him see her.
IMC Ep7-26
Wandering around and sitting on the swing, Jong-hyun thinks of how he has been treating Na-woo and stares at her number on his phone. Imaginary Soo-in appears, asking who he is thinking of, and admits that she feels jealous. I like how his Imaginary Soo-in knows that he worries and misses Na-woo, as if he needed a reassurance from her whether he can like other girl. Soo-in encourages him to call Na-woo, reassuring him, and he presses to call and Soo-in disappears.
IMC Ep7-28 IMC Ep7-27
Na-woo picks up the call, but Jong-hyun doesn’t speak, staring the empty swing seat. Na-woo rushes over, worried, and tells him that she is all better now. Realising how much Na-woo has been caring for him, he takes off his jacket for Na-woo to wear. He now even offers to go for a bike ride when she is all better. Aw yeah.
IMC Ep7-30 IMC Ep7-29
I hate that when Jong-hyun finally smiles because of his debut and Na-woo, another conflict arises – coming home to find Bok-gil lying on the bathroom floor. Shocked, he quickly picks her up and cradles her in his arm. “Bok-gil! What’s wrong with you?” he panics. Bok-gil: “Human… what’s wrong with me?”

I knew that they are going to make Bok-gil that way and make Jong-hyun crumble all over again, when Bok-gil seems to have hurt her leg when she jumps off the desk. They are going to make him cry. I can’t even. It is going to be heart-breaking to see Jong-hyun cry for his pet cat. Bok-gil is too precious. Every cat is. She better get well! Because we all know how strong the bond is between Jong-hyun and Bok-gil, and that they have a lot of affection for each other.
IMC Ep7-31

Imaginary Soo-in is what Jong-hyun’s subconscious mind of what Soo-in would tell him. At least, his mind is telling him to be okay with letting Soo-in go and care about another girl. He still misses her, but there is Na-woo whom he comes to realise that a girl has been caring for him other than Soo-in. He has not been opening up his heart to any other girl since Soo-in’s death as he still has Soo-in in his heart. Still, he has to let go of someone who is no longer in the world and move on. Na-woo is probably someone whom Soo-in sent to find Jong-hyun and her Haru which is his Bok-gil, when she left the world, so that Jong-hyun wouldn’t be left alone.
IMC Ep7-32


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