Remember–Son’s War – Episode 8 Review

What if you get framed for a murder? Would you keep running away or keep finding evidences through trusted people? Or both? It’s not going to be easy, of course. Jin-woo finds a way to get himself out of Gyu-man’s trap, however, like I said, it’s going to be difficult but Jin-woo has nothing to lose.

Dong-ho finds out that Gyu-man is the one who planned this trap for Jin-woo and eventually hears that Joo-il is involved as well. They have no choice but to follow Gyu-man along, though it can be seen that Dong-ho wants to protect Jin-woo, even to the extent of submitting to Gyu-man.
Jin-woo, in his cap, walks stealthily and passes by a shoes shop where he is reminded of his father. That way, he is determined to clear his name of false murder in order to get a retrial for Dad.
RMBSW Ep8-6 RMBSW Ep8-10
He manages to get away from the cops and checks in a room where he used to live and study during four years. The room with no windows. This place also holds another significant memory as we learn more about the relationship between Jin-woo and his manager.
RMBSW Ep8-12 RMBSW Ep8-13
His manager, whose last name is Yeon, knows where to find him and it turns out that she has worked at there before and Jin-woo had saved her from her husband’s abuse. That’s a nice relationship.
RMBSW Ep8-14 RMBSW Ep8-15
Gyu-man’s plan is going well as Suk-gyu rejects the retrial. In-ah hears about it too and tells him that Jin-woo’s case and Dad’s case are two different separate issues. However, Suk-gyu explains that it’s difficult to allow retrial if the defendant is a murder suspect. He also learns that In-ah became prosecutor because of Jin-woo’s father and that she believed Dad to be innocent.
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Ugh, Gyu-man is so happy about the rejection of retrial and goes to see Dad to deliver the news, but Dad doesn’t believe that his attorney is such a person (he still doesn’t remember that Jin-woo is his son). Gyu-man must have visited often because the doctor bows in respect to him.
RMBSW Ep8-18 RMBSW Ep8-19
Aw, I love In-ah’s father as he doesn’t tell her to stay away from Jin-woo like how her mother tells her to not get close with Jin-woo which pisses her off. Her father tells her, “Listen to your heart and act before you listen to the world.” Me likely.
RMBSW Ep8-22 RMBSW Ep8-23
After meeting with Jin-woo secretly and hears about what happened, In-ah is more determined to help Jin-woo find the real murderer. She stands up to the corrupted detective who has been following her and tells him that she will bring everyone who framed Jin-woo to justice, including him. I like how her investigators are not corrupted and assist her.
RMBSW Ep8-25
Aw, Lawyer Song tears up at how much burden Jin-woo has been carrying for years after Manager Yeon told him everything about Ilho Group. Now, the trio is back together!
RMBSW Ep8-27 RMBSW Ep8-28
With the help from Lawyer Song, Jin-woo calls up Gyu-man and tells him to get the real murderer to turn himself the next day before he releases the slush fund of Ilho Group, not knowing that Jin-woo is the same place as him. Chairman Nam hears about it from the news but seems to be calm as he trusts his son to take care of it well.
RMBSW Ep8-31 RMBSW Ep8-32
Thanks to Moo-suk’s cunning scheme, corrupted detective arrives at the recording place, however, it’s not where Jin-woo is. He is at another motel where Dong-ho manages to track down through the call record from Gyu-man’s phone. Just before releasing the secret slush fund, Dong-ho’s men stop him. Ugh.
RMBSW Ep8-34
I want to hate Dong-ho for doing so, but I can’t because I know he did that to protect Jin-woo. He “kidnaps” the kid and plans to bring him somewhere quiet for him to hide. However, Gyu-man calls him to bring Jin-woo to him, so Dong-ho tells Jin-woo to submit himself to the evil guy.
RMBSW Ep8-36 RMBSW Ep8-35
Jin-woo is brought to a remote place where there is a fire place (as always needed in dramaland, lol) and Gyu-man arrives. He burns both thumbdrive and thick stack of papers of slush fund in the fire. It looks like a mouse being cornered and the cat is finally happy to have caught it. Gyu-man hits Jin-woo (No! How dare you!) and he passes out.
RMBSW Ep8-37
Meanwhile, in the prison, it seems that Dad is remembering his son and how he was separated from him on the day of verdict. He struggles to write the letter to his son, “I did not kill her.” For this, I have a feeling that this has got to do with both Jin-woo’s and Dad’s memories. Such that, Jin-woo might going to lose his memory while Dad regains. Well, that’s just my thought, because I have read the plot that Jin-woo might get Alzheimer’s. I hope it doesn’t happen, though. D:
RMBSW Ep8-38
Later, back in the remote place, Gyu-man hits Jin-woo’s face to wake him. It turns out that this was the place where Dad was threatened and forced to write false confession. Gyu-man informs Jin-woo that he has gone to see Dad, which Jin-wo gets hysterically flared up and tries to yell something at him behind the mouth tape.
RMBSW Ep8-41 RMBSW Ep8-39
I knew that Dong-ho would stick to his true words as he prevents the corrupted detective from shooting Jin-woo when he is being released as it was an order from Gyu-man to kill him. Dong-ho yells at Jin-woo to run away and reminds the detective, “Although you get your allowance from Nam Gyu-man, don’t ever forget the fact that you’re a detective.” Right there! This better get to your head, corrupted detective!
RMBSW Ep8-45 RMBSW Ep8-42
Later that night, In-ah finds Jin-woo outside her family’s pizza shop. Aw, he has gone to her with nothing on him. Inside, they get on the case and Jin-woo uses his super memory to search for the murderer who has the scorpion tattoo on his right wrist. I almost forgot he could do that and I am so glad about it because he finds that three profiles are all same person and is the real murderer. They have a crucial hint as well – a common address.
RMBSW Ep8-46 RMBSW Ep8-48
The next day, Jin-woo is nowhere to be found and has taken In-ah’s phone because he is already out looking for the murderer and In-ah gets on it with the investigators as well. Meanwhile, Dong-ho plans to stop Jin-woo before he starts something big.
RMBSW Ep8-47
While asking around, In-ah finally finds the tattooed person and gets cautious, following him out. Oh no, that’s making it more obvious.
RMBSW Ep8-49 RMBSW Ep8-50
She calls Jin-woo to tell him the address but she stops in her track as the murderer is nowhere to be found as they turn around the corner. Ack, the man is behind her and strikes her head with a brick. At least Jin-woo hears what happened and calls out to her. Quick, go save her!
RMBSW Ep8-51 RMBSW Ep8-52
Or Dong-ho to save her!

In Remember, there are only few people whom you can trust and that’s enough for Jin-woo as he has nothing else to lose. He has Manager Yeon, Lawyer Song and, most importantly, Prosecutor Lee In-ah. I like how Jin-woo doesn’t try to stay or hide away from her. Instead, he seeks her out while on the run because he knows that she can be trusted though it might put her in danger. He believes in her. In-ah’s determination to find the real murderer to clear Jin-woo’s name proves that. It’s so that the retrial would be allowed which both Jin-woo and In-ah want.
RMBSW Ep8-44 RMBSW Ep8-43

Now, I wonder how the plot is going as it is getting intense. I wonder how Jin-woo would clear his name and get himself out of Gyu-man’s trap. It’s amazing how smart Gyu-man is as he plans everything perfectly. What’s more amazing is that everything is going accordingly to what he wants. However, that’s until Dong-ho steps in to stop him from committing more evil acts. Now that I think about it, it feels like Dong-ho wants to save Gyu-man’s humanity and protect Jin-woo from him because he knows how Gyu-man and Chairman Nam are like.
RMBSW Ep8-53


3 thoughts on “Remember–Son’s War – Episode 8 Review

  1. Loved that he went straight and looked for Inah while on the run, after a brutal beating by NGM… Ultimately isn’t it just as what he said regarding her to ahjumah about why dont he let her know more about his plans and his burdens, he said all these while only she alone trusted him.
    Loved it that when he allowed himself to be found by IA at her own doorsteps, he slowly turned and looked into her face fully with hidding all his disappointment and wounds and helplessness, … She is afterall, his only refuge & trust, the still unfamiliar new feels of how a man loved a woman…. After she is the only person who stirred him that hard, not to give up like herself, using her disadvantage of landed up with cold-cases only, yet using that opportunities to dig thru old files for useful evidences to aid JW case.
    While she ratter on about the suspects in past cold cases… JW listened in amazement, that she instead of brooding over her mishaps, she single handedly dig out so much for a ‘murder suspect’ as himself. IA just has this power to molitvate and help those who she cared for, to refocus on crucial matters and finally fall asleep beside her…. His own comfort, refuge, encouragements, hope, finally the needs to treasure someone and protect her… found only in her. Like what you said, he sought her out, when he is most lost, now he will not care about how it may endangered her, knowing and trusting this girl abilities of protecting herself. I am doubtless that by this time, his relationship with this noona before him, is far beyond that of trusting colleague, and shut up to those who still think and insist that Jinwoo need not a woman to love him, or those antifans who said, Jinwoo just need a colleague to help him win the court case, because this is a thriller and thriller dont need romance. Crap! Thriller don’t need romance, but Jw right at this scene, already shown his heart need a woman, and not anyother, just this one.
    SORRY, to post so late, when the whole excited of this show is over since its like aired about 2 months ago… so, it fine if you are too late and jsut let me rant here, while i am taking my time to rewatch the whole show, unitl his next show surfaces. i am jsut not the kind of person that goes
    “whats show next?” and move on in life… so here i stay, with remember. my way of remembering jinwoo.
    thanks EvelynL.

    Liked by 1 person

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