Oh My Venus – Overall Review

Year: 2015
Korean Channel: KBS
Episodes: 16

“Being healthy is the prettiest and sexiest.” – Kim Young-ho

Short Summary
A woman works on her physical transformation through a physical training from a man who is a world’s top trainer. Both of them heal each other’s emotional wounds and fall in love.

Overall Thoughts
OMV Ep15-1
It’s all about healing each other and being sexy and healthy. I like how they incorporate lust and sexiness in the main couple and it’s very refreshing. Especially they make the female lead Kang Joo-eun (played by Shin Min Ah) the one taking initiative towards the male lead Kim Young-ho (played by So Ji Sub). I can say that Joo-eun is quite different from typical girls and gives an example of “not only men should take initiative, but women as well”. Not only that,the couple didn’t do pull and push. Instead, they get together when they like each other.
OMV Ep15-2
There are definitely flaws and holes in the plot, and that there are few wrongs. Such that, even though Young-ho trains Joo-eun, it’s still wrong to say “Your body is mine”. Hello, approval?? But oh well, it’s a drama. And probably the one with most used word of “erotic” for a k-drama. xD
OMV Ep16-7 OMV Ep16-4
Oh My Venus has been sweet, cute and sexy show which other shows might have not been able to give off such. It has also been fun thanks to the supporting characters, Jang Joon-sung (played by Sung Hoon) and Kim Ji-woong (played by Super Junior M’s Henry Lau).
OMV Ep16-6 OMV Ep16-8
Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub make the show watchable, thanks to their sizzling chemistry. Their characters have healed each other’s wound. Similar to another pair of couple, Im Woo-shik (played by Jung Gyu Woon) and Oh Soo-jin (played by Yoo In Young) who went through hard times as well. Especially Soo-jin who has been stressing out a lot, however, Woo-shik is always there for her even when she pushed him away. In the end, all they need is each other’s support, especially Soo-jin needing Woo-shik’s. It’s love what can make a couple go through good and bad times.

Now, I am ready to let sweet Venus and hot Coach go. Actually, I don’t really have much thing to say about this show. I enjoyed it though. It really has its own uniqueness and its plot is the simplest in a good way. I am glad that its rating viewership every week wasn’t so bad. I will be watching the new show after this in the same timeslot, Moorim School!
OMV Ep16-5


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