Cheese in the Trap – Episode 3 Review

Seol will have to deal with everything on her own as school life is definitely not easy. Problems keep popping up around her. We also get to look more into Jung’s relationship with In-ho.

CITT Ep3-1
It’s back to square one as Jung ignores Seol and becomes cold like how he did the year before as she explains in her thoughts. Even when she tries to apologise to him, he just simply says okay as if nothing happened.
CITT Ep3-4 CITT Ep3-5
Aw, always loving how cute these three together are as Bo-ra keeps thinking that Seol might be ignoring her calls and texts because of the blind date. To her relief, it’s because Seol has lost her phone which she has to go meet someone to retrieve her phone.
CITT Ep3-7 CITT Ep3-8
It’s In-ho and Seol has to pay hundreds for his meal. As if not enough, he demands two more meals since he helped her find the phone. Poor Seol. In-ho warns her to be careful of Jung, though. Later, they both find out that they live in same neighbourhood and he has her phone number which makes her freak out.
CITT Ep3-48 CITT Ep3-10
As I knew from reading webtoon, Seol’s group project doesn’t seem to go well. What’s worse is that everyone depend on her on getting A plus or A for their project. There’s Sang-chul who keeps having hangover and Min-soo who keeps asking for a help and oh gawd, I have to say she sounds dumb.
CITT Ep3-13 CITT Ep3-14
Sang-chul even goes drinking again with his friends, not caring about the project work. Seol finds out about it on his social media (wrong idea to post it, haha) and goes looking for him to confront him. Over there, she gets pressured into drinking.
CITT Ep3-18
Even though Jung is back to being cold, it looks like he still cares for Seol as he takes drunk Seol away before his group leader Do-hyun could, having heard about his reputation of getting a girl drunk and taking her to a motel.
CITT Ep3-20 CITT Ep3-19
Jung is back being menacing as he threatens Do-hyun. It seems that he has such power to make sure Do-hyun could become an unemployed loser forever. Do-hyun senses it and gets the message.
CITT Ep3-22 CITT Ep3-21
It’s interesting how Jung’s father favours Baek siblings because Jung doesn’t treat them like that, when Jung’s father calls them to meet for a dinner. However, In-ha is oblivious to all these when she suggests a trip but I bet she misses old times too.
CITT Ep3-23 CITT Ep3-24
It turns out that In-ho was a pianist and probably couldn’t play again, thanks to Jung. Remember the flashback in previous episode when In-ho was beaten up and his hand was stepped on, and Jung looked away? Yeah, probably the conflict between these two guys.
CITT Ep3-25
Seol continues to struggle with her uncontactable groupmates. Ugh, freeloaders, especially Sang-chul. She has no choice but to stay up to finish their work because of her scholarship.
CITT Ep3-26 CITT Ep3-27
However, all her hard work is down the drain as Professor Kang catches that only one person did all the work and declares that everyone in her group will get a D as she already emphasised on the importance of teamwork and communication as part of their major. She actually has a point there but is quite strict. D:
CITT Ep3-29 CITT Ep3-28
Seol looks like she is on the verge of bursting out her anger and to make it worse, she sees that her groupmate did her individual work. She fumes silently, though it’s quite different from webtoon where Seol would yell at her groupmates.
CITT Ep3-31 CITT Ep3-32
Her anger is channelled elsewhere though, as Seol snaps at Bo-ra when she suggests a trip over the holidays as she might not get scholarship, thus not having enough money. Bo-ra is hurt, saying that she doesn’t say what she is thinking. The girls go off in opposite directions. Poor Eun-taek who is in the middle, but Seol tells him to go comfort Bo-ra.
CITT Ep3-33 CITT Ep3-34
Jung seems to be worried about Seol who doesn’t respond to him calling and follows her behind without her knowing. He doesn’t get to approach her because In-ho sees and joins her. Even though he doesn’t know what is going on, it’s sweet how he tries to cheer her up. Jung watches from the distance. Too bad, Jung.
CITT Ep3-35 CITT Ep3-49
In-ha is a really lazy girl, isn’t she? More like a spoiled girl, because she lives off other people’s money and doesn’t even want to take classes to work at IT department at the company which Jung offers.
CITT Ep3-37 CITT Ep3-38
Not knowing where she’s supposed to set things straight, she mulls over the problems and is awkward with Bo-ra now. But, when someone slots in a coin for her into the vending machine, she realises that there is one thing that needs to be done. She calls out to Jung.
CITT Ep3-39 CITT Ep3-40
And, so, they back to being friends again as Seol apologises again for setting him up with her friend Ah-young. Jung also apologises for acting childishly, saying he was embarrassed and a bit frustrated. Hm, why frustrated though? Seol wonders that, but asks him to a dinner tonight, telling to pick what he wants.
CITT Ep3-41 CITT Ep3-46
The dinner is… triangle kimbap. (I want one too.) Aw, Jung looks cute here, knowing how to open the package and is proud of himself. He admits that he practiced a lot. Hehe.
CITT Ep3-43
Jung walks her home and sees that the neighbourhood is dark, offering to walk her home every day. Seol asks him about In-ho but Jung warns her against talking to him, so she decides not to ask more.
CITT Ep3-44
Jung’s gaze seems to change when Seol says goodbye to him and almost goes in her home. Almost, because Jung grabs her hand, turning her around and asks, “Seol, do you want to date me?”

That escalated quickly. I still don’t believe that Jung is sincere in dating Seol. It’s definitely not easy being at school for Seol as she is a top student. I bet we all exactly know she feels when she has to work on her members’ individual works. It’s a terrible and tiring feeling. I would totally feel angered by the freeloaders. At least, she rekindled her friendship with Jung though I am still wondering what is Jung up to. The development is quite fast, but that’s the intention of the plot – making Jung and Seol a couple – though I bet there is something more to it.
CITT Ep3-45


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