Moorim School – Episode 1 Review

Moorim School is not your typical high school drama. Instead, it’s an action-packed with a hint of science-fiction element. It is what making this show cool, interesting and, most importantly, intriguing. At least for now.

MS Ep1-2
The pilot is already capturing my attention with its dark and magical vibes where a man uses a spell to cloak himself and his daughter from his enemies who are after him. Harry Potter, anyone? This is 18 years before.
MS Ep1-6 MS Ep1-7
18 years later, we have a top hallyu star Yoon Shi-woo (played by Lee Hyun Woo) who seems to have a hearing problem. Probably related to supernatural stuff? He gets entangled in fate with Wang Chi-ang (played by VIXX’s Lee Hong Bin) in a hotel room almost naked, hehe.
MS Ep1-4 MS Ep1-8
Wang Chi-ang is a chaebol and probably rebellious son who has been kicked out more than 20 times. There is his father, Wang Hao (cameo by Lee Beom Soo) who wants to send him to Moorim School. Hm, why?
MS Ep1-12
This girl is quite cutie! She is Shim Soon-duk (played by Seo Ye Ji) and goes to Moorim School, but without her father, Shim Bong-san (played by Lee Moon Sik), knowing. From the way how she gets people to buy her food, she definitely knows business.
MS Ep1-9 MS Ep1-13
During the concert, the light is about to fall and a girl among the fans, Hwang Sun-ah (played by Jung Yoo Jin, aka Eugene) rushes forward, taking down a guard (woah), and stops in her track. Because, all of sudden when Shi-woo raises his hand to cover his face, an unknown mystical force stops the light from falling.
MS Ep1-11 MS Ep1-10
Sun-ah seems to know about Shi-woo’s hearing problem and quickly tells him to come to Moorim School to get a help. He ponders about it later, and even finds himself ridiculous for searching it up because there is no search results for “Moorim School”. Well, of course. It’s supposed to be a mysterious school.
MS Ep1-15 MS Ep1-16
Adults are always involved in a high school drama. Chi-ang’s father seems to have an ulterior motive in sending his son to that “strange” school as called by Chi-ang’s mother. Meanwhile, the CEO of Shi-woo’s agency, CEO Choi, hears about his hearing problem and comes up with a plan to kick him out of the agency which he gets Da-rim, a rookie idol, to either get involved or bring him down.
MS Ep1-17
Since Shi-woo has been asking Da-rim to get off him, Da-rim wants to bring him down and probably the one who brought the thugs alone. It is going CEO Choi’s way as they are being photographed. However, Soon-duk passes by from delivering chicken and gets involved by fighting the thugs off. Woah, I like how the girls can fight in this show, instead of the guys.
MS Ep1-18 MS Ep1-19
Chi-ang doesn’t get to see the messages his mother send to go to Moorim School and gets kidnapped by his father’s men. That’s because his phone is still with Shi-woo who looks through the messages consisting of a map to the school which didn’t show up on search results. He decides to go look for it since he is now hated by his fans after seeing the news of him making getaway last night.
MS Ep1-23
Not wanting to go to school, Chi-ang threatens to jump into the sea, saying he can’t swim. But, he falls in, anyway. He thought he is dying for real, but someone jumps in to save him. Subconsciously, Chi-ang sees her and thinks, “She’s pretty”. It’s Soon-duk!
MS Ep1-24 MS Ep1-25
Later, Chi-ang wakes up in Soon-duk’s home, being massaged by her blind father. Heh. Why does it feel like he wants to feel his abs? 😛 He looks for Soon-duk and again is entranced by her beauty.
MS Ep1-26 MS Ep1-27
He must really have fallen in like with her because, all of sudden, he tells his father (who came to Soon-duk’s house with his mother) that he will go to school after finding out that Soon-duk goes to that school too.
MS Ep1-29 MS Ep1-30
Shi-woo searches around in the forest for the school and coincidentally meets Soon-duk who is looking for Chi-ang and going with him to school. Shi-woo still mistakes her working for CEO Choi. Poor innocent Soon-duk. He grabs her and Chi-ang suddenly jumps at him, sending themselves tumble down the slope.
MS Ep1-31 MS Ep1-34
They come to stop at the ground and, magically, the leaves fly around them and the plants are growing. Elsewhere in Moorim School, the ground is shaking which means that the seal is unlocked as said by someone, probably a teacher.
MS Ep1-33
Behind the boys, a path is opened and Moorim School which they have been looking for, is right in front of them.
MS Ep1-35 MS Ep1-36
Everyone at school gather at the gate where both Shi-woo and Chi-ang enter. (Where is Soon-duk, though?) A man, I mean the principal Hwang Moo-song (played by Shin Hyun Joon) from the first scene, looks at them and thinks, “The seal has been unlocked.”

The seal from 18 years before? Moorim School totally feels like Korean version of Hogwarts from Harry Potter movies. This school drama is very different from others. In a good way. The sci-fi elements and martial arts are incorporated into this show which are what make it intriguing. I am afraid that it might not be popular in Korea and even with the international K-drama fans too because of its sci-fi elements. I really do hope we will get to see more of those magical powers and actions. Besides those, I would love more fun and cute elements too!
MS Ep1-38

I already have few questions for the first episode and I hope they will give answers over 20-episdes. How did Moorim School come about? Why was the principal chased in the beginning and seemingly wanting to protect his daughter very badly? Actually I don’t get the plot yet, but it seems that the plot will revolve mostly around the guys, Shi-woo and Chi-ang. I like how they make Shi-woo end up going to school using Chi-ang’s phone and Chi-ang using Soon-duk who goes there. Eventually, the premiere shows how the guys are brought into a mystical world which not many people know about.
MS Ep1-39


3 thoughts on “Moorim School – Episode 1 Review

  1. i really want to know how all of a sudden Soon Deuk knew that Chi- Ang was drowning. Like why all of a sudden, in the middle of nowehere, she’s there to rescue him?? That’s what really confused me. And the beginning when the principal was running, I think we’ll find out later


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