Moorim School – Episode 2 Review

This episode is like a foundation where we are getting to know more about the school and the characters. It’s only giving us surprises, keeping us on the edge and making us curious.

MS Ep2-11
I was wondering where Soon-duk has gone to but she is there at the entrance as well. She also notices that the seal has come undone which make the principal/head/dean of Moorim School (Let’s call him Dean Hwang) eye the boys suspiciously.
MS Ep2-18 MS Ep2-17
Moorim School has numerous records of being best for years, but is not listed in any public records which makes Chi-ang thinks the school is weird. Also, in this school, everyone is expected to do everything including laundry and cooking on their own.
MS Ep2-13 MS Ep2-12
At first, Shi-woo doesn’t seem want to stay on as he only came to school because of Sun-ah’s words, to see Dean Hwang about his hearing which Dean Hwang explains the problem is inside him. Shi-woo also finds it ridiculous to study martial arts in this school.
MS Ep2-14 MS Ep2-15
He continues to bug Soon-duk to follow him to Seoul to correct her false statement that he didn’t run away the other night. He is still under impression that she is working for CEO Choi when she says she other works to do and doesn’t listen to her priories, only thinking about himself.
MS Ep2-23 MS Ep2-16
Later that night, Shi-woo thinks back to how CEO Choi treated him like a son, but realises that he was only after money. He feels betrayed and suddenly get ringing sounds in his ear. Out of nowhere, a pair of hands massage his head, rawr. It’s Dean Hwang and he asks if his heart is telling him to stay, telling him that everything is up to him.
MS Ep2-59 MS Ep2-60
Hah, apparently, two teachers, Teacher Kim Dae-ho (played by Jung Hee Tae) and Teacher Yoo-di (played by Kan Mi-youn), broke up even though they got back together not too long ago. Meanwhile, Teacher Bubgong (played by Jang Gwang) asks what Dean Hwang is planning to do with another child since only Chi-ang was expected to come. He tells him, “This place might have called that child here”.
MS Ep2-24 MS Ep2-25
Well, Shi-woo decides to stay, having been accepted as a student. He is roommate with Chi-ang and they are surprised at their fate yet again half-naked. Heuheu. They are still at each other’s throats but have to compile to sharing a same room.
MS Ep2-26 MS Ep2-27
It’s cute how Sun-ah can’t look straight in Shi-woo’s eyes because she is totally a fan of him. She babbles on why she told him to come to Moorim School. I guess she was either rash or just wanted his idol to attend same school as her.
MS Ep2-8
Chi-ang’s father looks more suspicious as if he has something up his sleeves. He returns to China and his secretary reports “the condition of the man at the hospital is the same”. Hmm, I bet he has something to do with Moorim School and everything.
MS Ep2-28 MS Ep2-29
As always, Chi-ang keeps following Soon-duk around, calling her “Ariel”, and even tells her that he will ask his father to provide cooks and everything at school. He is so totally a Korean version of Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter movie, the one who keeps saying “My father will hear about this”. Hah. Love how Soon-duk tells him to go away using the knife, hehe.
MS Ep2-31 MS Ep2-30
It’s cooking class and I am amazed how well and fast the students can cut perfectly. Except for Chi-ang, lmao. There is this guy, Yub Jung (played by Alexander Lee) who keep speaking English, who wants to find what the guys are about, go up to Chi-ang with batter with ices.
MS Ep2-33
Chi-ang carelessly pours everything and fire explodes which causes Shi-woo’s (probably dark) childhood memory to trigger and falls back, sound ringing in his ears.
MS Ep2-34 MS Ep2-35
I totally love this intense fighting-with-flying-food scene where the students kick around to pass the fried food around. Not only that, most of them are quick on their feet, especially Sun-ah who quickly cover Shi-woo from cooking oil and Teacher Kim kicks a cylinder pail to cover clueless Chi-ang’s head. Haha.
MS Ep2-36 MS Ep2-37
It turns out that Sun-ah was the little girl from the opening, the daughter of Dean Hwang. Actually, I already knew about it from reading the plot. xD It’s news to Dean Hwang when Sun-ah mentions how Shi-woo stopped the falling lighting equipment. Dean Hwang looks like he tends to keep both boys to find out who unlocked the seal since he wasn’t the one who did it.
MS Ep2-41 MS Ep2-40
It’s mediation class and Shi-woo begins to look more into his memory from earlier. It’s flashback of probably his younger self crying in a fire place with probably his mother lying dead on his ground. Aw, poor baby. T_T He opens his eyes in flash and gasps, but lies to Teacher Bubgong that he saw nothing.
MS Ep2-42 MS Ep2-43
Hah, I love how, even though he is blind, Soon-duk’s father stops (I think it’s her aunt) Aunt Ko Bang-duk from taking Chi-ang’s mother’s money who is here to thank them for saving his son. Aunt Ko seems to recognise her from somewhere, but she denies it.
MS Ep2-44
Again, Chi-ang provokes Shi-woo about the thugs from the other night which makes him pissed off. He almost wanted to leave but Dean Hwang’s words come to his mind, “But if you train yourself, you could get better. Everything is up to you.” He thinks better of it and stays.
MS Ep2-46 MS Ep2-45
Chi-ang is still annoyed that Shi-woo is deciding to stay and they both watch the girls spar with wooden sticks with awe, especially Chi-ang who only has eyes for his “Ariel”.
MS Ep2-47 MS Ep2-49
Speaking in English, Yub Jung tells both of the guys to go different class since they are disturbing them. Sun-ah also says the same since they are not skilled enough.
MS Ep2-58 MS Ep2-57
Yub Jung then suggests a competition between Shi-woo and Chi-ang, provoking them, despite the girls’ words about the possibility of getting expelled. The guys decide to go at each other to decide who will leave and who will stay.
MS Ep2-54
MS Ep2-9 MS Ep2-55
Really, I thought they were going to fight anyhow. But, to their surprise (and mine), they fight so skilfully!  And I love Yub Jung’s amazed reaction, haha. It’s as if their skills to fight are a jackpot. Anyway, so, the guys can do martial arts! Well, almost.

I am really surprised by this show. The battle with the flying food in the kitchen (it’s da best kitchen scene xD) and the guys having martial arts skills. I had expected them to be clueless when it comes to having skills to fight and train to learn martial arts while at school. I do hope for more surprises like these in future episodes!
MS Ep2-56


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