Cheese in the Trap – Episode 4 Review

Maybe it’s just me but I keep cringing at how Jung and Seol “date”. The more Jung do something, the more suspicious they are. The development has kick-started and Seol is still conflicted inside as ever.

CITT Ep4-6
Even though Jung has asked to date Seol, the next day at school, Jung simply says hi and goes off with his friends when Seol calls out to him. Seol is puzzled if he is really the person who asked to date her. I know right.
CITT Ep4-7 CITT Ep4-8
Back at her family’s home, besides tuition fees, Seol’s family seems to struggle financially too as her father failed in business again. Her mother suggests moving back home even though the travel time is longer, in order to get the deposit.
CITT Ep4-9 CITT Ep4-1
Aw, yeah, Seol and Bo-ra made up, saying that they will be honest with each other! Thanks to Eun-taek who treats them expensive food. Eun-taek mentions Jung’s name to which Seol acts differently which make Bo-ra and Eun-taek eye her suspiciously, waiting for her to spill everything honestly. There, she spills everything about Jung and blah.
CITT Ep4-12 CITT Ep4-2
Taking Bo-ra’s advice, Seol contemplates before sending Jung a message about her new job at school’s department office and asking what he will be doing over the break. Jung simply replies, “Oh yeah? That worked out well. Have a nice break,” before throwing his phone and returning to his game. Is he nervous or not caring about it?
CITT Ep4-13 CITT Ep4-5
Not sure if Jung is being weird or not, because, one day, all of sudden, he drops by at the office where Seol is working (more like being ordered around by teaching assistant Heo), to her surprise. When asked if they are dating, Jung says yes. Oh, what. And TA Heo doesn’t seem to like Jung.
CITT Ep4-14 CITT Ep4-15
Jung suggests going out for a date and Seol takes the advice to dress brightly. Hah, I love how Seol and In-ho nitpick at each other’s outfits – Seol telling In-ho to wear proper clothes like blouse, pants and covered shoes so that he can secure a job. It’s In-ho’s turn and he laughs at how her top makes her look like a grandma. Exactly what I am thinking too. xD Seol runs back home to change, hehe.
CITT Ep4-17 CITT Ep4-18
Oh hey, at least that top is better than before. While on date, Seol realises how they are not on same wavelength and have different tastes in movie. Even when it comes to dining, Seol can only afford soup and she guesses that Jung must have come to such fancy restaurant often. What an awkward date.
CITT Ep4-21
Jung’s tactics must have worked because he manages to convince his father, Chairman Yoo, to freeze all In-ha’s cards because she actually took refund of the class she was supposed to take. Chairman Yoo tells her to take license class, instead of giving in.
CITT Ep4-19 CITT Ep4-20
In-ha can’t reach Jung who has been ignoring her calls and calls her brother who finally gets a job, thanks to Seol’s advice. He now has money which In-ha demands and takes. Spoilt brat.
CITT Ep4-24
As she didn’t eat much earlier, Seol rushes to convenience store to eat ramen where she eats beside In-ho and discovers that he can uses both right and left hands. In regards to that, Seol learns in shock that Jung was the one who “did that to his left hand”. In-ho warns her to be careful of Jung.
CITT Ep4-25 CITT Ep4-26
At English academy, Seol gets to take class for free and it turns out that Jung has requested a favour from the academy owner, admitting that she is his girlfriend. He definitely knows that Seol is having finance problem. Maybe he really does like her? He looks at brochure and recognises In-ho.
CITT Ep4-27 CITT Ep4-28
Yup, In-ho works at the academy and is glad to see that Seol will be there studying so that they can eat together. However, it doesn’t seem so for Seol.
CITT Ep4-31
When meeting with Jung, Seol thinks too much of Jung’s question “Is there nothing interesting (at academy)?” to which she answers that there is nothing much, disregarding In-ho’s job at academy. It only makes Jung become suspicious of her words.
CITT Ep4-34 CITT Ep4-33
Joo-yeon drops by the office, hears about Seol dating Jung and asks to talk to her. She admits that she sent the homeless man to her because she doesn’t like her. She also explains how she went to Jung for help but he left without saying anything. Seol tells her not to show herself in front of her again before walking off. Joo-yeon: “You two are both really harsh.”
CITT Ep4-36 CITT Ep4-35
It turns out that Joo-yeon was lying to Seol as Jung did come to save her by sending security guards. He had also told her not to show herself in front of him. Serves her right.
CITT Ep4-38 CITT Ep4-37
After hearing from Joo-yeon and In-ho about Jung, Seol is now more conflicted than ever and spaces out during English class. In-ho notices and brings her to make paper planes. Aw, he just wants her to smile as she finally smiles, teasing him.
CITT Ep4-39
Gah, In-ho is only stealing out hearts! It’s raining outside and In-ho makes Seol race to the store through the rain, laughing together. They walk home together and In-ho knows there is something’s wrong. She asks about Jung’s doing to his hand and if it’s true. So much conflicts, Seol.
CITT Ep4-42 CITT Ep4-43
They reach Seol’s house where Jung has been waiting outside. He tells her that he checked her windows and doors to which In-ho scoffs that the great Yoo Jung worries about others. Jung replies, “Because she is my girlfriend.” Oh, okay, I get it.

I feel like that Jung is using her to get to In-ho since there is feud between the guys. Maybe Jung doesn’t want Seol to find out his true self, thus taking her away from In-ho. Speaking of In-ho, it looks like we are going to have Second Lead Syndrome because all In-ho does is getting Seol to cheer up whenever she is down. Even when he still has wounds and still hurt by Jung. I really do like how Seo Kang Joon portray Baek In-ho bit differently. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t gone far in the webtoon yet.
CITT Ep4-45

You know, now it seems that Jung might be genuinely liking Seol as he does almost everything for her, even to the extent of getting academy owner to give her free class. However, Jung still remains cold towards Baek siblings and got In-ha’s cards frozen. This shows that one shouldn’t mess with Jung as he has power to do whatever he wants. Scary and yet why he has to be cute too?
CITT Ep4-46


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