Remember–Son’s War – Episode 9 Review

So much emotions for and from this ahjussi as we finally sees what he wants and is thinking after all what he have done under the pressure of Gyu-man. Fate is harsh for him and Jin-woo.

RMBSW Ep9-13
Thank goodness ahjussi, I mean Dong-ho, arrives on time to save In-ah before the murderer strangles her to death! Jin-woo also arrives, having found out the exact location thanks to his superb memory. I wonder why he didn’t think of those earlier.
RMBSW Ep9-2 RMBSW Ep9-15
Gladly, Jin-woo’s name is cleared. However, someone else is definitely not pleased as Gyu-man hears the news from Secretary Ahn. He even goes berserk and vents his anger on a stranger by hitting her car’s front window. What’s even worse is that he calls Dong-ho to come and clear the mess up for him, not regretting what he have done.
RMBSW Ep9-16 RMBSW Ep9-17
The dead witness’ daughter has come forward with the critical piece of evidence – video recording of her false confession before she was murdered. With that video, the judge Suk-gyu approves of the retrial. Finally!
RMBSW Ep9-19 RMBSW Ep9-18
Retrial’s approval news travel quickly, and Gyu-man watches the new along with Chairman Nam. Immediately, he gets down on his knee to give him a chance – he will win the retrial. Looks like it’s back to four years ago.
RMBSW Ep9-54 RMBSW Ep9-20
This doctor from prison is so corrupted that he released the other ill-faked rich person but doesn’t even treat Dad’s Alzheimer’s disease, saying that he doesn’t make such decisions. I can feel your frustration, Jin-woo.
RMBSW Ep9-22
Now, we are seeing how the doctor has been treating Dad when he has stomach pain. He simply gives him painkiller and tells the guards to take him away. Later when alone, he calls Secretary Ahn who informs Gyu-man that he is not giving Dad the medicine that will slow down the Alzheimer’s progress. Ugh.
RMBSW Ep9-24 RMBSW Ep9-23
Because of the approval of retrial, things are busy at Ilho Group and the prosecutor’s office where Prosecutor Chae Jin-kyung is appointed for the retrial. Of course, she is working with Moo-suk who assigns In-ah as well. Oh no, this is his way of making her give up on work. In-ah has to work up against Jin-woo. D:
RMBSW Ep9-25 RMBSW Ep9-26
Remember the witness who called Jin-woo about having seen Dad in the forest? He is now bribed by Secretary Ahn to go somewhere. No worries, Jin-woo knows another witness who gave false testimony. It’s the doctor who diagnosed Dad and he is now a deputy director of IIho Medical Centre. He has been doing dirty works such as giving wrong diagnosis to patients and sending them to mental hospital.
RMBSW Ep9-28
I knew the day to find out that Dong-ho’s father was the one who killed Jin-woo’s family would come, but I was afraid of it. Hearing from the detective friend of Prosecutor Tak, he was demoted because of the traffic accident. Turns out that it was Dong-ho’s father’s and he looks further into it, finding out the relation.
RMBSW Ep9-29 RMBSW Ep9-30
Oh cries, Dong-ho must be hurting from the guilt. He visits Dad whom he explains that he was the one who defended him in courtroom four years ago. Dad, despite not remembering, still thank him. T_T
RMBSW Ep9-31 RMBSW Ep9-35
I love how Dong-ho grabs the corrupted doctor by his collar, telling him not to ever refer to a man as a number again, even though they are both working under same man. And, oh! Dong-ho still has the evidence of Gyu-man’s admission from four years ago! Looks like he is going to do something.
RMBSW Ep9-33 RMBSW Ep9-34
Jin-woo finds out that In-ah has become the prosecutor for the retrial. She admits to him that, for the first time, she regrets being prosecutor. Jin-woo tells her that he knew that it wouldn’t be an easy battle. Tears forming in her eyes, In-ahasks how she can do that knowing that Dad is innocent. Jin-woo tell her not to apologise, saying “I will win this trial”.
RMBSW Ep9-36
Gyu-man notices how Dong-ho, who is still affect by Dad’s words of thanks, have been these days and makes him come to meet Jin-woo at his law firm to see how he act in front of him. Dong-ho still insists to Jin-woo that the trial was impossible to win from the start. Gyu-man just wants the kid to give up.
RMBSW Ep9-38 RMBSW Ep9-37
But, when alone without Gyu-man, Dong-he seems to soften. He tells Jin-woo, “I couldn’t finish it back then, but I hope you do. I mean it, Jin-woo.”
RMBSW Ep9-40 RMBSW Ep9-39
It’s day of retrial and In-ah has hard time deciding whether to go up against Jin-woo. At the last minute, she sits among the audience in her prosecutor uniform, to Jin-woo’s delight. Aw, yeah. Of course, she couldn’t.
RMBSW Ep9-41 RMBSW Ep9-42
Another prosecutor replaces her beside Prosecutor Chae. The yet another evil prosecutor claims that the video of deceased can’t be admitted as evidence, saying that the witness recorded it under duress after being threatened. To make it worse, a new witness also says that he saw the deceased being threatened by Jin-woo.
RMBSW Ep9-44 RMBSW Ep9-45
To prove the prosecutor wrong, Jin-woo also brings in his witness who is the daughter of the deceased, proving that her mother lied four years ago and that she was the one who recorded the video without Jin-woo’s knowledge. Dong-ho watches silently as well.
RMBSW Ep9-47
It looks like it’s going well for Jin-woo and it’s time for recess. In-ah chuckles at herself for probably being the first prosecutor to sit among the audience. Jin-woo asks why, but she says she will tell him later. I wonder what.
RMBSW Ep9-46 RMBSW Ep9-48
Retrial continues and Jin-woo brings the doctor from four years ago to bear witness. He is about to introduce him, however, he stops midway. He can’t seem to remember his name and tries to look into his memory, however, the doctor’s name is blurred. Oh, no! No!
RMBSW Ep9-49
Suddenly, memories from four years ago flash before him. Oh, no. Does it mean he is going to forget them all? He tries to come to his sense, but slowly collapses, to everyone’s astonishment.
RMBSW Ep9-52 RMBSW Ep9-50
Dong-ho calls out Jin-woo’s name and In-ah rushes forward to Jin-woo’s side, calling his name with panic. Oh no, you can’t do this to him! My precious!

I was wondering when and how are they going to make Jin-woo lose his memory just as I almost forgot about the male lead’s memory loss plot. But why?! Why make him lose his memory when he has hyperthymesia? I guess it’s like a “consequence” of having such superb memory and that it’s too much for Jin-woo to handle. It’s also highly possible it’s because of the genes from his father who is currently having Alzheimer’s disease. I am not sure I am going to handle Jin-woo’s memory loss. T_T

Dong-ho is practically a spotlight of this episode as he finds out about his ill-fated with Jin-woo and his family. Now, he is going to feel the guilt for the rest of his life towards Jin-woo. Not only that his father was involved in Jin-woo’s family’s death, he had also changed suddenly during Dad’s trial four years ago, losing Jin-woo’s trust in him. It looks like Jin-woo is going to hate Dong-ho more than ever if he ever find out about the accident. However, I do hope that Jin-woo would understand why he changed four years ago, from wanting to prove Dad’s innocence to losing trial on purpose despite having the strong evidence.
RMBSW Ep9-32


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