Imaginary Cat – Episode 8 (Final) Review

Prepare your heart if you have weakness for animals and Yoo Seung Ho. Imaginary Cat, till the end, has been giving us emotions but still warm our hearts.

IMC Ep8-3
Oh cries, as stated by Wan, Bok-gil has about one or two days so Jong-hyun has to prepare himself. He doesn’t want that and begs him to do the surgery as long as she can be alive. He is not prepared to let her go.
IMC Ep8-5 IMC Ep8-6
Chapter 15: “Final Goodbye” suggests the real thing. T_T Because, as Wan is about to start the surgery, Jong-hyun decides to take Bok-gil home, now in his right mind. He decides to spend more time with her before she leaves. Na-woo comes running in and realises Jong-hyun’s decision, begging him to let Bok-gil take surgery.
IMC Ep8-7
Jong-hyun doesn’t hear her and leaves. On the way home, he tells Bok-gil he will do everything and massage her when they get home. Cries.
IMC Ep8-10
Na-woo, now in her right mind, comes to Jong-hyun’s house to say her last words to Bok-gil who is already asleep. She comforts him when he blames himself not knowing about Bok-gil’s condition earlier.
IMC Ep8-9 IMC Ep8-8
She also tells him that she doesn’t want to take away even a second of the time Jong-hyun and Bok-gil have. “I learned something when I was very sick as child. That each day is very precious.”
IMC Ep8-11 IMC Ep8-12
The next morning, bearing Na-woo’s words “Just keep smiling and stay by her side”, he spends more time with Bok-gil and even made her the chicken soup she likes. He wishes he knew her taste sooner, though.
IMC Ep8-13 IMC Ep8-14
Thanks to Hae-gong, Jong-hyun is able to set up a tent in his home so that Bok-giil won’t get bored. Though Bok-gil is feeling weak. D: Inside the tent, Jong-hyun lights up the stars which amaze Bok-gil. He suggests wishing upon that cat star to which Bok-gil wishes for her human not to be lonely without her. Awww. D:
IMC Ep8-15
Both drift off to sleep in the tent, with tears in Jong-hyun eyes…
IMC Ep8-19 IMC Ep8-16
Jong-hyun wakes up next morning to find Bok-gil gone. Oh, no no. He frantically searches for her, calling out her name. He sees his closet and voiceover comes on, “When a cat is ready to die, they go to a secret hiding place and die alone, I have heard.” He opens it and sees something that form tears in his eyes. Jong-hyun says in voiceover, “That morning, in the deepest part of my closet, I found Bok-gil.” Bok-gil is gone. T_T
IMC Ep8-17 IMC Ep8-18
Final chapter 16: “Stay by My Side”: Three days later, Jong-hyun returns to work to turn in his resignation. Love how he actually “ship” his boss with Na-woo’s cousin, hehe.
IMC Ep8-20 IMC Ep8-21
Na-woo’s exhibition is going well and Jong-hyun lets Na-woo use Bok-gil’s photo for the poster. Na-woo wonders if Jong-hyun is really alright. Don’t think so for his inside.
IMC Ep8-22 IMC Ep8-23
Definitely still not alright as he gets home where he found Bok-gil’s collar bell. He envisions Bok-gil there on his bed, but realises that she is no longer around. He breaks down, thinking back to the times he spent with Bok-gil.
IMC Ep8-24
Still, Jong-hyun is now successful as webtoon writer and thanks to that, Dokko-soon is becoming a team leader. She calls Hae-gong so affectionately on the phone that it must be awkward for Jong-hyun, hah.
IMC Ep8-26 IMC Ep8-25
Because of the last results, Jin-sung must have been driven to create his own work and Jong-hyun must have no longer grudge against him now. He even smiles at him and says that it was fun after seeing his work. Jin-sung is puzzled whether his frenemy is messing with him or making him feel touched, heh.
IMC Ep8-27 IMC Ep8-28
As usual, Jong-hyun meets with Hae-gong who is now working at his father’s gas station. Jong-hyun wonders how he come to date Dokko-soon. Finally, you are asking! Hae-gong: “It’s all because of you,” to his surprise. But changes, “Or, is it all because of Bok-gil?” Hah, I bet it’s because of Jong-hyun. Hah, Hae-gong tells him that he can’t come to play with him because he has to work to which Jong-hyun says he has “something” that’ll hang with him too. Ooohh.
IMC Ep8-32 IMC Ep8-31
Jong-hyun sits somewhere else and thinks to himself,

“If you have to say goodbye to someone. Which means you loved that someone, I think. When I was full of hurt and pain, one day, she showed up. That moment when Bok-gil needed someone the most, I was happy that I was able to find her. But, now that I think about it, I wasn’t the one who found Bok-gil. Bok-gil was the one who called out to me. She licked my wounds. She soothed my heart. A kid that helped me to awaken my dreams.”

IMC Ep8-40 IMC Ep8-33
Just then, Na-woo arrives to meet Jong-hyun. It’s time for lesson! As usual, Na-woo is not able to balance on bicycle well yet.
IMC Ep8-34
Na-woo decides to take a break and thinks why she can’t ride the bike. She passes her camera to Jong-hyun and says that she think she will be successful this time, having gotten the “feeling”.
IMC Ep8-36 IMC Ep8-37
She tries again and she is successful this time. All of sudden, she confesses to Jong-hyun, “Oh Na Woo likes Hyun Jong-hyun!” To that, Jong-hyun smiles and thinks, “I no longer have to be afraid of farewells so I promised myself, Bok-gil, do I look okay?”
IMC Ep8-38
Back home, he finishes up his webtoon with “The End”. The literal end of this show. It has been really a nice and warm journey.

Even though the ending is dull, I still love it. Even though it has to let Bok-gil go, I still love Imaginary Cat. It shows that people and animals would have to leave the world someday. It may be difficult but there will always be someone out there for you. Like Jong-hyun who lost his first love, Bok-gil entered his life. They both needed each other, for Bok-gil was abandoned and lost and Jong-hyun was hurt and in pain. Now that Bok-gil/Haru is gone, Jong-hyun and Na-woo have each other. I feel that Bok-gil is the one who brought them together. She has wished that her human won’t be lonely without her and her wish comes true now that Na-woo is in Jong-hyun’s life. Three of them have healed one another in different ways.
IMC Ep8-41

Imaginary Cat may lack romance, but it doesn’t matter. That wasn’t what I was looking for when I started this show. In fact, I’d be disappointed if they decided to incorporate romance in it. Instead, they make Jong-hyun and Na-woo become friends first through Bok-gil/Haru. They have become closer throughout the course and they decide to leave the romance up to our imagination after the show ends. Imaginary Cat is more like a healing show through animals, giving us a source of happiness and warmness from the special bond between the human and his pet cat. I am so glad that Yoo Seung Ho decided to take on this project because he gives out so much emotions as a lover of cat. He makes us feel how it’s like to lose someone and now a cat whom you have lived with for so long. But through the show, we have to realise that no one lives forever (unless you are a supernatural creature) on earth. That it’s not too late to spend more time with your loved ones.
IMC Ep8-4

The show has come to an end after 8 weeks and I love how short it is. Though I would love for Bok-gil to stay alive and live happily with Jong-hyun ever after, I am still alright with how the ending turned out. It has been giving me such warmness and happiness for past 8 weeks just watching it. And Yoo Seung Ho who is my bias. 😛 Though it means no more seeing him with a cute cat, we can still see him on elsewhere and you know which! Goodbye with love, Imaginary Cat.
IMC Ep8-29


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