Remember–Son’s War – Episode 10 Review

Tears are everywhere in this episode. Brace yourselves, readers. There is so much thing going on right now for Jin-woo as he tries to win the retrial for his father. As well as Dong-ho and In-ah.

RMBSW Ep10-7
Despite fainting earlier at the courtroom, Jin-woo immediately returns to the court after he woke up. Because, this trial is more important than anything to him. On the way back, Dong-ho firmly tells Jin-woo that he wants Dad to be proven innocence as well.
RMBSW Ep10-8 RMBSW Ep10-9
The doctor from four years ago finally tells the truth, having decided to take back his false testimony. However, he still doesn’t tell who is behind it all. He is really afraid of the malicious evil guy, Gyu-man who comes to find him later in his office.
RMBSW Ep10-12 RMBSW Ep10-13
The retrial doesn’t seem to be good for now. And there is something about here. Manager Yoon asks if he is not getting any worse and “what if…” Jin-woo cuts her off by saying, “Not yet. No one should know just yet.” So, does he know he is going to have Alzheimer’s disease? Or maybe I am just over-speculating.
RMBSW Ep10-17 RMBSW Ep10-16
Aw, Dad is now remembering his own son, to Jin-woo’s surprise, and even happy memories with him. It’s really nice to see Jin-woo laugh again.
RMBSW Ep10-15 RMBSW Ep10-14
Seems like Detective Gwak is now police traffic as Jin-woo approaches him to be his witness because Gyu-man would do anything to get rid of the people who are involved.
RMBSW Ep10-18 RMBSW Ep10-19
Due to corrupted law society, In-ah decides to quit as prosecutor which angers her mother. She just doesn’t understand the corrupted part and tells her daughter to leave the house. She meets with Jin-woo who apologises but In-ah tells him not to worry, saying she can start all over.
RMBSW Ep10-20
RMBSW Ep10-22 RMBSW Ep10-21
Having nowhere to go, In-ah crashes at Jin-woo’s law firm place, drinking. Jin-woo asks if she is going to be like last time to which In-ah quickly cover his mouth with her hand. And I thought I saw something sparked between these two. 😛
RMBSW Ep10-25 RMBSW Ep10-23
I love Lawyer Song’s reaction the next morning when he sees In-ah in her bed hair and Jin-woo on couch. Hehe, what is he thinking?
RMBSW Ep10-26
As jobless In-ah can’t stay still when Jin-woo and the rest investigate for the retrial, she says she wants to be a part of this trial, not as prosecutor but an attorney. Now, she is a lawyer along with Jin-woo! For that, Lawyer Song suggests taking a commemorative photo. Aw, like a happy family.
RMBSW Ep10-29 RMBSW Ep10-30
Oh no, bad news for Jin-woo – Dad, having been neglected, is admitted at the hospital. Later, Dong-ho visits Dad and begs the doctor to save his life, though the doctor seems untrustworthy.
RMBSW Ep10-31
Jin-woo and Dong-ho meet in the hallway at the hospital to Jin-woo’s displeasure. Dong-ho tells him that he know he is not to be here or sad, but he wants to let him know that he will pay for his misdeeds against Dad next day in court.
RMBSW Ep10-28 RMBSW Ep10-27
Having gotten information of Detective Gwak’s whereabouts where he is about to be killed off, Jin-woo manages to rush over to save him. He looks so cool here! Detective Gwak: “You were right. Nam Gyu-man, that jerk tried to…”
RMBSW Ep10-33 RMBSW Ep10-32
The retrial starts again the next day, however, the judge Suk-gyu has been replaced by someone else. Prosecutor Chae smirks, showing that it’s clearly done by Chairman Nam. Ugh. The new judge even declined the video of deceased as the evidence.
RMBSW Ep10-34 RMBSW Ep10-35
What’s even worse is that Dong-ho is about to go to courtroom with the video copy of Gyu-man’s admission, however, Joo-il’s men arrive to stop him by beating him up. Joo-il (who wants to protect Dong-ho from Gyu-man) has taken away the disc. All thanks to Dong-ho’s secretary. Damnnn.
RMBSW Ep10-37 RMBSW Ep10-36
To make matters worse in the courtroom, Detective Gwak admits few things but lies that neither unlawful imprisonment nor coercion did happened, to the lawyers’ shock.
RMBSW Ep10-38
It turns out it has been Gyu-man’s plan all along – to make Detective Gwak a bait for Jin-woo in order to get Dad convicted again. Ugh, you evil and yet smart bastard.
RMBSW Ep10-39 RMBSW Ep10-40
Retrial fails as Prosecutor Chae asks the judge to punish the accused severely due to lack of credible evidence. It’s Jin-woo’s turn to speak up. Just then, he gets a call from Manager Yoon who calls to deliver the news – Dad just… passed away… NO.
RMBSW Ep10-41
Struggling to hold back his tears but to no avail, he still deliver his speech of his father passing away. “People with power set themselves free. People without power can’t even get treatment or support when they’re ill. Such reality drove the accused to his death. Even if he is proven innocent, he can never come back. Only the truth, the truth will appease the death.” Oh criessss.
RMBSW Ep10-42 RMBSW Ep10-43
Jin-woo rushes to the hospital after the final verdict (ugh) and is in unbelievable shock state, calling out to his father. He breaks down more with In-ah, Manager Yoon and Lawyer Song standing by. I can’t… T_T
RMBSW Ep10-44 RMBSW Ep10-45
However, evilly, It’s a joyous occasion for Gyu-man (poor Secretary Ahn) and also for him to be pronounced as the president of Ilho Group by his father. Joo-il tries to call Dong-ho who is nowhere to be found at the event.
RMBSW Ep10-46 RMBSW Ep10-47
That’s because he is at Jin-woo’s father’s funeral where Jin-woo gets worked up at the sight of him, blaming him for his father’s death. Dong-ho sincerely apologises which makes him break down even more, telling him, “It wouldn’t have come to this if you hadn’t betrayed me.”
RMBSW Ep10-49
He firmly tells Dong-ho to wait and see what he will do to him, angry with tears. So. Much. Tears. In. This. Episode.
RMBSW Ep10-50
The council of evil is celebrating the wrapped up of the case, ugh.
RMBSW Ep10-52 RMBSW Ep10-51
Jin-wooo returns to his home for the first time in four years. Sitting in the dark, he looks through Dad’s belonging where he sees a letter. It’s from Dad who wrote it while he was alive in prison. It says,

“My beloved Jin-woo. Are you keeping your promise with me that you’ll eat well? Did you leave my shoes in front of the entrance? I have many questions I want to ask you. My lovely son, you’ve always shown only your smile to me. I want to leave these words to you. Jin-woo. Even if I lose my memory again, you will live in my heart forever. My son. Become someone who remembers more happy memories than sad memories.”

With that, Jin-woo breaks down even more in the dark home, clutching the letter with different look in his eyes now.
RMBSW Ep10-53

Besides Jin-woo, his father also breaks my heart. His memory loss and love for his son. He regains his memory only to be dying soon. Why?! I never really saw it coming. Jun Kwang Ryul has really done excellent job in capturing our hearts as a father who cares more about his son than himself. Even though his father is gone, Jin-woo is more determined than ever to bring Gyu-man down and to justice, as well as everyone else who are involved with Ilho Group. The battle is going to get a lot harder, especially he has to battle within himself too.
RMBSW Ep10-10 RMBSW Ep10-11

It’s also difficult for In-ah as she studied so hard to become a prosecutor to prove Dad’s innocence. She even remains on his side when she was assigned to go up against Jin-woo. She dreams of righteous prosecutors, but there are corrupted ones like Moo-suk and Chae Jin-kyung whom In-ah can’t go up against because she has no power to do so. She must be feeling devastated for not being able to do anything about them and being in this corrupted law society loses her belief in such righteous prosecutor. But it’s okay, there are always righteous lawyers. I love how she is becoming a lawyer now that she has quitted as a prosecutor. At least that’s what she can do to aid Jin-woo.
RMBSW Ep10-6


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