Moorim School – Episode 3 Review

The two boys can never get along and are always getting in trouble even during first few days at Moorim School. Each of them have their own problems and mysteries revolving around them, keeping us intrigued.

MS Ep3-2
Just as we were so impressed by the boys’ fighting skills, we were actually fooled! It was their imagination and it turns out that they can’t fight at all. LOL. I have never felt so cheated by a drama. They fight by biting and scratching each other like how an inexperienced does.
MS Ep3-3 MS Ep3-4
As emphasized by Dean Hwang, Moorim School does not only teach martial arts but experience as well. Shi-woo and Chi-ang are now at lowest rank in the school and Teacher Sam (forgot to introduce him previously, he is played by Sam Okyere) tells them to clean the bathrooms as their punishments/tasks.
MS Ep3-5 MS Ep3-6
Shi-woo’s hearing seems to be getting worse as he hears nothing when Chi-ang speaks to him for a while. Uh-oh. Annoyed, he leaves the cleaning to Chi-ang and bumps into Soon-duk who decides to do press conference in Seoul to help clear his name.
MS Ep3-7 MS Ep3-8
However, Soon-duk doesn’t get to Seoul as she is called to police station where her blind father is found after being lost and ignored by Bang-duk who is childishly angry at Dad for not getting her cosmetic stuffs. Instead, he got them for his daughter which are now damaged and gone. Soon-duk tears up, lying that the cosmetics are pretty when asked.
MS Ep3-10
She just can’t bear to upset his father and lies that she is not crying, that she is happy, hugging Dad. Aww.
MS Ep3-9
Soon-duk manages to convince Bang-suk to return, but I notice how Soon-duk is not angry at her for leaving her blind father alone. She also seems acceptable of Bang-duk being together with Dad as she only has her to take care of him when she is not around.
MS Ep3-13 MS Ep3-14
Also, she is really dead tired when she runs back to school to meet Shi-woo after realising that she is late. Wow, how tiring must that be, going up and down the woods? She falls asleep when Shi-woo returns with a bottle water, and even works in her dreams when Shi-woo tries to wake her up.
MS Ep3-15 MS Ep3-16
After taking Soon-duk to her room, Shi-woo returns to his room to find Chi-ang lying out on his bed, having thought he has gone to Seoul. Chi-ang keeps provoking him about his inability to hear and call hims a runaway idol to which Shi-woo tells him he heard that he was born out of wedlock. There, it hits Chi-ang’s nerve which he punches Shi-woo.
MS Ep3-17 MS Ep3-18
Woah, their fist fight gets whole school to come down to their room and the students are not doing anything to stop them. Later, teachers arrive and Teacher Kim yells at them to stop.
MS Ep3-19 MS Ep3-20
Because of the fight, Dean Hwang decides to expel both guys to which Chi-ang says he can’t leave school. Shi-woo says nothing, but it can be seen that he doesn’t want this too, which he later voices out.
MS Ep3-23 MS Ep3-22
Wanting to stay on, Dean Hwang gives both of them a chance but they have to climb to the peak of Moorim Peak to get the marking, to whole school’s disbelief. However, there is only one marking so only one of them can stay on with Dean Hwang’s permission. They are also forced to leave right away without preparations.
MS Ep3-26
Once they leave, they realise that they can’t return back (as Chi-ang wants to change his shoes) as the path to the school is closed. Magic! I love how one of the students, Nadet, send his drone flying to follow them.
MS Ep3-24 MS Ep3-25
Meanwhile, Sun-ah confronts Jung about the kitchen incident that day and Jung doesn’t care about what happen to whoever gets in the way of his studies, calling the friends “losers” which the rest overhear, hurt.
MS Ep3-27 MS Ep3-28
Teacher Bubgong asks Dean Hwang about the kids and it turns out that he doesn’t have any intention of getting the kids expelled. “No matter how long they have been in this school, they’re Moorim students,” says Dean Hwang. He also says that “some people don’t know that”. “That”? So, he’s not doing this to find out who unlocked the seal, but there is another intention.
MS Ep3-30 MS Ep3-29
Throughout the night, everyone thinks about what Jung said and worries about the guys who are now at dead end with no path in the middle in the morning. Shi-woo says to turn back, but Chi-ang isn’t letting that happen. He says he makes path when there isn’t one. He jumps over which is successful for a moment before he slips.
MS Ep3-33 MS Ep3-32
Shi-woo panics and jumps over successfully to save Chi-ang. At first, he isn’t strong enough to pull him up with his belt. However, at last moment, he uses both of hands to pull him up with great strength. Woah. But it triggers the pain in his ears and Chi-ang asks if he is okay.
MS Ep3-34 MS Ep3-35
I like how they keep asking each other if they are okay even though they are arch enemies. But, Shi-woo still doesn’t lend his shoes and Chi-ang comes up with an idea – making a shoe with his leather wallet and tie. Smart.
MS Ep3-36 MS Ep3-37
Meanwhile, Soon-duk’s father is having good times with Bang-duk and the couple teachers spar with each other, still in pull-and-push relationship. Heh. The students manage to find them with the drone and are watching them. So cool.
MS Ep3-39 MS Ep3-38
Elsewhere lies the unconscious man in the hospital, we get flashback of him who was trying to hide with a woman and two kids. The man seems to have similar power as Dean Hwang which he used to “place the seal around the house, so it will be safe”. Hmm…
MS Ep3-45 MS Ep3-46
Dean Hwang seems to be related to the unconscious man as he thinks of the same woman unconscious and bleeding in flashback.
MS Ep3-44
The guys get separated, running away from the snake, and now, each of them wander on their own. Shi-woo encounters a wolf which bites down the drone that gets the students worrying even more. Sun-ah can’t stay still and decides to go to them.
MS Ep3-42 MS Ep3-41
Shi-woo manages to veer from the wolf and when it nears him, his significant pendant starts to shine. I bet this pendant really has something to do with everything relating to unsolved mysteries. Even maybe “unlocked seal”.

I get that there are viewers who drop this show after first or second episode. There are many flaws which are visible – bad camera angles and few awkward acting. However, for me, I don’t think I am going to drop it. Its mystery and sci-fi elements are too cool for me to drop. I am definitely staying on for Soon-duk’s cuteness and comedies, and the mysteries revolving around Moorim School and everyone, especially the four kids, Dean Hwang and the unconscious man. I need the answers. Beside those, why did Dean Hwang send the guys to Moorim Peak? I was thinking of, maybe he wants to “activate” their survival instincts and bond them together.
MS Ep3-47


3 thoughts on “Moorim School – Episode 3 Review

  1. Nor do I plan on dropping it, I like it because of those flaws as there is a story worth telling. I also look on it as a form of training experience for the newbie actors, so I do not have any high expectations on that part, I like the story. In its own way, its light which is just what I need for now, plus the foreign actors here are a huge improvement to the other k-dramas wish they use them more in other shows.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This may not be perfect but its light and watchable. I like the characters and the premise is interesting so not dropping it. I hope the ratings improve though.

      Liked by 1 person

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