Cheese in the Trap – Episode 5 Review

This is getting interesting. This isn’t about Seol, but Jung. Beside him, their relationship is something different which makes it a source of interest for this show.

CITT Ep5-2
Jung continues giving out cold vibes around In-ho and Seol doesn’t get why she has to listen to Jung’s telling her to stay away from In-ho. Finally she says it. But, Jung doesn’t say anything and put umbrella over her head instead.
CITT Ep5-3 CITT Ep5-4
Jung still cares for her, though. He even fetches her to hospital when Seol hears that Bo-ra’s father collapsed. He even immediately asks the nurse for a room so that Bo-ra can rest, showing his good side.
CITT Ep5-6 CITT Ep5-5
When Seol rests on the chairs, it seems unexpected of Jung to be reaching out for her hand to hold in his hand. Aw. It feels like this is very new to him and that he is trying.
CITT Ep5-7 CITT Ep5-39
Outside hospital after Bo-ra’s father’s surgery went well, Jung explains his situation with In-ho to Seol though I am not sure if he is lying about not being his fault that In-ho is like that. But he tells the truth of having called the security the other day for Seol. With that, Seol decides to forget everything and start anew, having promised to talk to Jung so that they don’t have misunderstandings.
CITT Ep5-10 CITT Ep5-11
Hah, In-ho is hilarious, being like a kid, as he keeps going on about how Jung would get mad if they are seen together, calling her his girlfriend. He tells her to pretend to be strangers to which, to his surprise, Seol agrees. Oh, kids.
CITT Ep5-40
Having read webtoon, it’s no surprise that TA Heo is the Seol’s neighbour’s boyfriend, Joo-yong, and there is something suspicious with the landlady’s grandson.
CITT Ep5-12 CITT Ep5-13
The dinner date becomes better and Seol talks about how she becomes friends with Bo-ra and that first impressions sometimes change. Jung asks how about his, and says that he likes that things are different now. She says she does too, but she shifts her eyes, not being able to meet his eyes.
CITT Ep5-17 CITT Ep5-18
Hah, it’s cute how Jung says the lion keychain looks like her and gets one for each of them. Jung is quite different as he simply get happy getting a message from Seol afterwards.
CITT Ep5-20 CITT Ep5-19
Seol and In-ha finally meet, seeing that In-ho has been hanging around her and not answering his sister’s calls. In-ha demands to know Seol’s relationship to her little brother and I love how In-ho runs over like a mad man to stop his sister and tells Seol to quickly photocopy the notes and return to the teacher (because it was his fault her notes become wet).
CITT Ep5-21 CITT Ep5-22
We look more into their childhood together as young In-ha had always get beaten by their aunt. When they both tried to run away, young In-ha got caught and young In-ho kept running away. That was when they met and begged Chairman Yoo to take them in.
CITT Ep5-23
I like how In-ha has always been the same since young – her younger counterpart was really loud and determined. Back in present, In-ha is cold, man. She smirks at how her brother is still wallowed in his guilt, having used his weakness to get the money.
CITT Ep5-29 CITT Ep5-28
Jung seems not to care about Joo-yong despite knowing him when Joo-yong is accused of being underwear thief, having heard from Seol. It’s definitely landlady’s grandson’s setup.
CITT Ep5-31 CITT Ep5-30
Seol later finds out that her TA is related to Joo-yong. Being grumpy as always he is, TA Heo spills the truth about Jung who has been threatening him – he had asked TA to throw his paper away so that Seol could get the scholarship, which is news to Seol.
CITT Ep5-32
In disbelief, Seol confronts Jung about it that he doesn’t even consider TA Heo’s feelings of being berated by the students for months. However, Jung doesn’t think that he is a victim, having wronged him before. Seol argues, “How is everything so clear and simple to you, Sunbae?”
CITT Ep5-35
The thing is Jung did that for her and has been honest about it. Seol still can’t accept it, saying out loud that she can’t thank him, and walks away. She realises how she is always receiving from him and it angers her that she is being shaken by his words that he did it for her.
CITT Ep5-34 CITT Ep5-36
Jung confronts both TA Heo, who got knocked out by thief earlier, and Joo-yong, being cold and vicious. Joo-yong notes how this is real Yoo Jung – the one who doesn’t understand people’s feelings and ignore them. This is probably the first time we see Jung erupt in anger, “Are you saying this is my fault?! This person ruined everything! You too!”
CITT Ep5-37
Jung tells Joo-yong to go back home otherwise he would tell everything to his parents. TA Heo asks if he is really going back home and Joo-yong comforts him by hugging him.
CITT Ep5-38
At home, Jung plays his game and we finally get to hear his thoughts! He wonders, “Am I weird? The way I do things and the way I think? Why? What about it? I’m not the one that’s strange. It’s all of you.” He thinks back to the people who got caught and pleaded with him, and then In-ho’s words about how he looks down on other people. He thinks about the first time he saw Seol, and thinks, “You were like that too. You found me out and laughed cynically. You made judgements about me on your own. And turned the other way. Seol-ah, I’m not strange.”

So, this is about how Jung perceives very differently from others and that he doesn’t care about other people’s affairs/issues like how people usually do. I love that we get to his thoughts, like finally. Jung knows how Seol judged him, and wants to get closer with her in order to change her impression of him. I guess this is why Jung is acting differently towards to her – being sweet and caring, but with others, he is being cold and vicious as if he has no feelings. He thinks he is always right and has power, thus making him almost inhumane. Being together with Seol makes him feel somehow, I guess.
CITT Ep5-27


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