Moorim School – Episode 4 Review

It’s time to see little brightness. In this episode, we see through the guys’ struggling to get to the peak and how they bond together which is nice to see.

MS Ep4-3
In the woods, Chi-ang arrives to save Shi-woo from the wolf, oh yeah! They, for now, have managed to stay clear of the wolf, having climbed the tree. They continue to bond together through splashing water on each other playfully.
MS Ep4-4 MS Ep4-7
It’s cool to see how Shi-woo makes fire using his phone’s camera lens and light. Over the bonfire, both of them confide in each other, getting to know each other, especially why Shi-woo comes to Moorim School. Meanwhile, Sun-ah and Soon-duk search for them.
MS Ep4-8 MS Ep4-9
Back at the school, Shi-woo’s name is trending on internet and it turns out that Soon-duk has recorded a video of the truth and uploaded it, thus clearing Shi-woo’s name. The kids start to comment positively, supporting both Shi-woo and Soon-duk. Aw.
MS Ep4-10 MS Ep4-15
The next day as the guys continue to venture out and rest in a cave, they encounter a pack of wolves. Yes, not one wolf, but wolves! Thank goodness, the warrior girls arrive to attack and make the wolves go away.
MS Ep4-13 MS Ep4-12
There is still one more behind Chi-ang and Shi-woo screams, “No!” which releases the same force from before at the concert and stops the wolf’s jump mid-air, shocking Sun-ah, before Shi-woo shoves Chi-ang away. He gets attacked, and at home, Chi-ang’s mother’s flower pot drops, broken. Oh, the ominous.
MS Ep4-44
The group is now away from the wolves and replenished, with the guys suffering minor injuries which Soon-duk tend to. However, Chi-ang has the worst injury and the girls aren’t letting him continue to the top. He finally gives in and tells Shi-woo to go ahead with Soon-duk.
MS Ep4-21
Puahahah, Chi-ang keeps ranting about Dean Hwang on the way back down and that he will tell his father to fire him. But, what he doesn’t know that the girl who is helping him, is Dean Hwang’s daughter. xD Sun-ah finally has enough and tells the truth which gets him to shut up.
MS Ep4-20 MS Ep4-22
Shi-woo decides not to continue without Chi-ang and climbs back down, surprising Chi-ang and Sun-ah. He says he doesn’t want to go with Soon-duk, lol. Chi-ang asks if he is feeling sorry for him. Shi-woo: “I thought about it. You wouldn’t have gone without me, either.” Aw, their friendship bond definitely has gotten better.
MS Ep4-23 MS Ep4-24
This failed mission seems to satisfy Dean Hwang as he shows small smile, telling them to get to their classes starting the next day, and even says they stink and to wash up. They are staying on!
MS Ep4-35
Oh, poor Teacher Daniel who gets headache from hearing the argument between Teacher Kim and Teacher Yoo-di. Will they ever stop fighting? xD
MS Ep4-25 MS Ep4-26
Teacher Bubgong comments to Dean Hwang that it was a failure by both, not a success by one. Dean Hwang: “In life, people learn more from a failure than a success.” It’s what they are trying to promote at this school. Wise words. However, Teacher Bubgong is unsure but has a feeling that Shi-woo may leave.
MS Ep4-27
The unconscious man continues to have flashback in his head which the in-charge reports to Wang Hao (Chi-ang’s father)’s secretary. It seems that they want him to wake up soon.
MS Ep4-29 MS Ep4-28
Anyway, Teacher Bubgong’s instinct is right. Now that Shi-woo’s name has been cleared thanks to Soon-duk, he leaves the school in early morning to meet someone from an agency who scouts him. (LOL, he was from Oh My Venus previously.) The CEO (I think he is) suggests making a solo comeback and even knows about his hearing problem, having heard from betraying CEO Choi.
MS Ep4-30
This scene is something not to be missed! Love how Dean Hwang tells his daughter to clean up thoroughly when avoiding Sun-ah’s question about Shi-woo’s absence. He looks so different here, heh.
MS Ep4-32 MS Ep4-31
Shi-woo is very tempted by the new contract which he can take a year off to cure his hearing. However, there are his friends, Sun-ah and Chi-ang, who tried to call him.
MS Ep4-33 MS Ep4-34
Soon-duk is surprised to see Shi-woo while delivering and realises that he is going back to Seoul which makes her look upset and disappointed. For the first time and finally, Shi-woo thanks her for clearing his name.
MS Ep4-38 MS Ep4-39
In car, Shi-woo is still contemplating and thinks back to Dean Hwang’s words about how he wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for his friend, given how he was all about courage and stubbornness.
MS Ep4-37 MS Ep4-36
Shi-woo has now made great friends that his absence affects Sun-ah, Soon-duk and Chi-ang who doesn’t seem to be happy taking his bed. Aw, that’s what you get from Dean Hwang’s punishment of getting you two out in the woods by yourselves.
MS Ep4-47 MS Ep4-45
Soon-duk is about to leave when Shi-woo calls out to her. I knew that he would return! Because, initially, he went to Moorim School to cure his hearing problem. So, now, he is back, sticking to his initial purpose despite having gained back his fans. Soon-duk is delighted, saying that he needs rest, not popularity.
MS Ep4-41
While Chi-ang stays up to wait for Shi-woo at the entrance, Shi-woo is riding Soon-duk’s motorbike so that Soon-duk can sleep. Do I see the like like thing now? I knew to expect romance, but I expect more action and mystery vibes from this show.

I believe this is the beginning of where the plot is picking up. I believe that there are connections between the four kids. I wonder if Chi-ang’s mother’s ominousness is about Chi-ang or Shi-woo. Who were the two kids in the flashbacks? Maybe it’s two of the four kids in present. I bet the little boy is Shi-woo and the little girl is Sun-ah because she looks similar to the little girl in the opening in first episode where Dean Hwang ran away while protecting her. Well, that’s just my speculation. But, look at Shi-woo’s unknown mystic force! He has got to be.
MS Ep4-43


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