Cheese in the Trap – Episode 6 Review

Sweet and cute. Our main couple is growing out of awkwardness, learning more about each other and going through obstacles.

CITT Ep6-5
Seol and Jung are not on good terms since the argument from the night before. Meanwhile, In-ho is constantly pestered by his sister for money. When will In-ha ever learn? In-ho, as always, demands a meal from Seol which she obliges.
CITT Ep6-9 CITT Ep6-7
While waiting for Seol, In-ho watches the news about a talented pianist whom the piano teacher talks about proudly. This gets In-ho teary as he reminisces how that teacher used to favour him too before the incident.
CITT Ep6-10 CITT Ep6-11
Seol arrives late and In-ho demands to buy him drinks instead of dinner. Meanwhile, Jung waits in front of Seol’s home but Seol still doesn’t return even though she texted him earlier that she wants to talk. He heads to the bar to try his luck and she is really there with In-ho. Oh no, Seol’s mind is in a mess again.
CITT Ep6-12
It’s moments before Seol gets drunk quickly and she hits the boys’ head (hah), calling them elementary kids for always arguing every time they meet. I know, right?! Seol also defends her hair which In-ho keep calling her “Dog Fur” and she says they are natural curls.
CITT Ep6-14 CITT Ep6-13
But, hey, they at least say the same thing for the first time, heh. They bark no when Seol asks if Jung dated In-ho’s sister, In-ha. Twice.
CITT Ep6-15 CITT Ep6-16
The guys are still barking at each other when In-ho follows Jung who is piggybacking Seol, saying that he doesn’t know what Jung will do to a drunk girl. Heh, he is acting like a brother. That’s till Seol’s real brother, Hong Joon (played by Kim Hee Chan, oh, the guy from Twenty Again!) throws a bottle at them and demands to put his noona down.
CITT Ep6-17
Little brother will always be a brother. He lies to his sister about her vomiting on Jung’s head. She gets horrified for real and then realises it’s a joke. HAHA. And I like how he describes In-ho as the thug and Jung as the model student.
CITT Ep6-18 CITT Ep6-19
Having no choice, Joo-yong has to move out. Looks like he is really afraid of Jung tattling on him to his parents. Seol promises not to tell anyone about him and TA Heo.
CITT Ep6-20 CITT Ep6-21
The argument is resolved between Jung and Seol, and they continue to go on their date. From the last time Jung had mentioned liking watches, Seol bought him one. But, his expression doesn’t seem good (maybe that’s what I think). To her surprise, he hugs her without any words, smiling.
CITT Ep6-22
He likes it! He immediately changes to the watch Seol gave to him when he gets home, smiling like an idiot. Heh.
CITT Ep6-24 CITT Ep6-23
I was wondering if the drama would include the stalker from the webtoon and he finally appears. He is such an aggressive person and Seol is afraid of him. He is Oh Young-gon (played by Ji Yoon Ho) and used to stalk her, saying that she liked him, having heard from Yoo Jung. It wasn’t true.
CITT Ep6-27 CITT Ep6-26
Looks like Seol’s life is going to be noisy as Young-gon reappears. Ugh, he wrist-grabs her forcefully, wanting to talk to her and having heard that she and Jung are dating. Thankfully, In-ho appears and kicks him. Young-gon tells her that Jung will wrong her soon. Seems like it’s going to get into her head.
CITT Ep6-31 CITT Ep6-30
Since the pervert is still lurking out in the neighbourhood, Jung decides to stay in Seol’s home since Joon is out. They are awkward in small house, totally highlighting the real-life relationship clinches (well, I guess how it is like in real life, haha) with Seol still in disbelief that Jung is sitting there. Seol says to sleep, but it’s still awkward.
CITT Ep6-35
Besides that, it’s still early. So, they decide to look through Seol’s childhood photos, talking about her brother and how she worked hard, and they get to the topic of when Jung started liking Seol.
CITT Ep6-37
We flashback to when Seol had to put posters for an event and everyone avoided the duties. Jung was there as well, telling her he would do it, but she insisted to do it.
CITT Ep6-34 CITT Ep6-33
She did under the rain and when returned to see Jung in cold sweat, she tended to him. He woke up to see her sleeping and she reached out to hold his finger when he puts cover over her. I guess that was when he felt something for the first time and how he started to like her genuinely.
CITT Ep6-38
Aw, In-ho has to quit for real. Besides being found out where he has been working by his friend and former boss from his previous job, the stalker Young-gon has posted about him beating up a student in front of the academy which goes viral and could do damage to the academy’s image. The kids don’t want him to go as well!
CITT Ep6-40 CITT Ep6-39
Seol hears about it and tells him that she will try speaking to the director. She looks upset about him leaving and he teases her about crying. She holds back the tears, lying that she is not sad. In-ho tells her to be well before leaving with a wave without turning back.
CITT Ep6-41

Aw man, is he really leaving? I like how, as we get to know In-ho more, he is becoming more matured and better than last time since he met Seol. Though he is still not on a good terms with Jung, their relationship seems to be less bitter, though. All thanks to Seol who has done nothing wrong and yet they still argued to her not to meet another. I am thinking that Seol’s presence might have a chance at rekindling the friendship between the guys.

Jung is becoming less creepy and strange, as he gets closer to Seol. Both of them might feel something special for the first time even though, like what In-ho said, Jung had dated few girls. Seol’s personality might have been what attracted Jung and that they are similar in few ways. They are still awkward, but they have grown to like each other more as time goes by and through difficult times when they have few arguments.
CITT Ep6-42


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