Remember–Son’s War – Episode 11 Review

Things may be different now, but the goal will always be the same for Jin-woo as he continues to take on cases against Ilho Group and Gyu-man alongside In-ah.

RMBSW Ep11-6
It has been a month since the mourning of Jin-woo’s father. Jin-woo is now even colder than before. Using every power and evidence he has, he starts taking down the corrupted people related to Ilho Group one by one.
RMBSW Ep11-4 RMBSW Ep11-2
Instead of getting to Gyu-man directly, Jin-woo starts with the false-testimony-given doctor who is currently serving two years in prison for perjury. Well, Jin-woo says that he is going to rot in there for at least 30 years since his unlawful acts are now under investigation.
RMBSW Ep11-8 RMBSW Ep11-7
Thanks to Suk-gyu’s help, the prison doctor gets arrested as well. Jin-woo has been working on getting evidence of him getting bribes and all his hard work paid off.
RMBSW Ep11-9 RMBSW Ep11-10
Dong-ho starts working together with Moo-suk, and even pretends to go up against him in the court. However, outside court, they seem to be on friendly terms, with Dong-ho asking Moo-suk for help to get his winning numbers back up.
RMBSW Ep11-17 RMBSW Ep11-18
As related to his father’s case, Dong-ho finally hears something and that it’s related to Ilho. The detective tells him that his father had spoken to him about Chairman Nam and that Chairman Nam tried to cover up the case hurriedly.
RMBSW Ep11-11 RMBSW Ep11-12
In-ah continues to stay away from home and has been living in Jin-woo’s office. Her mother is still worrying about her as she secretly brings food for her through Jin-woo. However, In-ah knows to which Jin-woo asks her to return home. In-ah says she wants to return proudly as a lawyer.
RMBSW Ep11-14 RMBSW Ep11-13
I love this prosecutor. Ever since In-ah left, Prosecutor Tak has been looking into the cases Moo-suk took on, including the suspicious suicide case of Jung-ah’s father. He passes it to In-ah who is more than happy to reinvestigate.
RMBSW Ep11-46 RMBSW Ep11-15
Of course, we are not forgetting the corrupted detective who landed Dad in jail wrongly. Smart Jin-woo has secretly installed a hidden camera to record Detective Gwak’s words where he gets dirty money and the whole conference of high commission police watch it.
RMBSW Ep11-5
Oh, I love this satisfied look on Jin-woo. Because, finally, Detective Gwak has fallen. This should do well good for Dad, but that’s not all.
RMBSW Ep11-19
Gyu-man also watches the video in which Detective Gwak speaks ill of him about being loser with an anger management problem. It’s no use when he asks for a help now that Gyu-man has been messed with, making the detective knee low to the ground.
RMBSW Ep11-21 RMBSW Ep11-20
There is an issue/lawsuit going on between Ilho Group and an electrical bulb company which has to close down because of the evil people. From Dong-ho’s recommendation, the son of the company approaches Jin-woo who has no time and attention to spare for his case. But, the son (oh hey, it’s Shin Jae Ha from Sassy, Go Go and I Remember You!) begs him to save his father.
RMBSW Ep11-22
From the way how the son says that his father is innocent and begs the lawyer to help, Jin-woo is reminded of his younger self. The son, Min-soo, is so similar to how Jin-woo was who had kept asking Dong-ho for help to prove Dad’s innocence. With that, Jin-woo has decided to take on the case.
RMBSW Ep11-23 RMBSW Ep11-24
Oh no, looks like Jin-woo’s condition is starting to get worse (no, please) as he goes to the wrong direction to his office which In-ah points out. He claims that he must have been distracted lately.
RMBSW Ep11-25 RMBSW Ep11-27
Things are getting worse at the bulb company as their assets are being seized which sends Min-soo’s father into mini shock. As if that isn’t enough, Gyu-man tells Joo-il to send the men to scare them. The men line up in front of the company and the father breaks through only to get beaten up. Min-soo jumps in to protect his father.
RMBSW Ep11-29
This is too much for the father. He stands on the edge of the top building. Min-soo cries for his father and calls Jin-woo to come over. As Jin-woo has been in Min-soo’s shoes, he tells the father to spare a thought for his son – his son will be alone without any family – as he couldn’t protect his own father and lost him a month ago. He needs to live no matter what and prove his innocence – Jin-woo will prove it. This finally gets to the father’s head.
RMBSW Ep11-31 RMBSW Ep11-30
At the hospital, Min-soo suggest dropping the case but Jin-woo tells him to become tougher to protect his father as he lost his father because of the cruel law – it’s cruel to those without power.
RMBSW Ep11-34 RMBSW Ep11-33
It’s the day of trial and, of course, Dong-ho is the lawyer Jin-woo has to defend against. I love how In-ah simply smiles when Gyu-man asks why she seek a difficult life and tells him to live his own life right.
RMBSW Ep11-36 RMBSW Ep11-35
In the courtroom, Dong-ho doesn’t seem to have much to say other than the repairman’s report about faulty light bulbs. Having done research, In-ah manages to get the repairman to answer that it’s possible other factors could cause the explosion.
RMBSW Ep11-37
Most importantly, In-ah points out that the repairman is the subcontractor at Ilho Electronics which means it’s natural that he sides with Ilho, thus resulting in a dishonest investigation. In-ah concludes that his testimony is not credible to which the judge agrees.
RMBSW Ep11-39 RMBSW Ep11-38
Jin-woo takes over and concludes the rest. He specifically quotes Gyu-man’s words about how he considers subsidiaries as part of Ilho family. In-ah (and I) sneers at that quote. Jin-woo continue saying that, as the trial progress, they will soon find out who Ilho Group’s real family is – only the Nam family themselves. Woohoo! And, Dong-ho looks pleased with Jin-woo!
RMBSW Ep11-43 RMBSW Ep11-41
Once outside the courtroom, Gyu-man punches/slaps Dong-h’s face, to everyone’s shock. What the…?! How dare you punch/slap (I am not sure which) our ahjussi?!

Looks like Dong-ho is still the same as before, except that he is sucking up to the corrupted people in order to get on Gyu-man’s good side. As for him recommending Jin-woo to the son of the bulb company, maybe he wants him to win the case as well, knowing well that Jin-woo would do anything to win. Since he is the lawyer for that case, he could lose on purpose in order for Jin-woo to win. However, it looks like he is going to get into trouble by Gyu-man. Please don’t do anything to him! I have a bad feeling but I hope it’s false.
RMBSW Ep11-44

This is in a loop as Jin-woo sees himself in Min-soo, like how Dong-ho saw himself in Jin-woo. Of course Jin-woo would take on such case as it’s similar to his father’s case. He lost his father who hasn’t been proven innocence yet. He doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Min-soo and his father. Instead, he tells Min-soo to become stronger in order to protect his father, having learnt from sad experiences. It’s sad to hear Jin-woo telling Min-soo’s father to think of his son who would be lonely without any family because he is feeling that way right now. He wishes he had done something justice quickly to help his father recover and not get sick. This is why he starts taking out each corrupted people after a month which he has been preparing to avenge his father.
RMBSW Ep11-45


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