Remember–Son’s War – Episode 12 Review

No, don’t be fooled by the lightness in the picture. I just want to put something lightly for once. More dangers everywhere and more discoveries as we dig deep into Nam family as well as the truth behind everything the council of evil has been covering up. Jin-woo continue to struggle with his condition and In-ah learns to become a better person as lawyer.

RMBSW Ep12-43
That slap! Ugh. Sang-ho is infuriated with it but Dong-ho takes it calmly and treats it as a karma. Regardless of the trial’s outcome, he continue to investigate the microwave incident as well as past ones.
RMBSW Ep12-6 RMBSW Ep12-7
Dong-ho continue to get more information on his father’s accident from the detective, Detective Bae. It seems that his father had wanted to flee from Chairman Nam who probably killed off a company to make his successful. This exchange is seen by Joo-il’s man.
RMBSW Ep12-13 RMBSW Ep12-14
It looks like the relationship between Dong-ho and Joo-il is not going to be resolved anytime soon as Joo-il says to step on him before getting to Chairman Nam whom he is serving now. He tells Dong-ho that he is not his father which Dong-ho takes it in.
RMBSW Ep12-11 RMBSW Ep12-8
The successful first trial calls for a celebration and I love how Manager Yeon drags Lawyer Song out to leave Jin-woo and In-ah alone together. What I love more is drunk In-ah demanding Jin-woo to call her noona, hehe. (In-ah: “When you were a cute little high school student, I was in college.”)
RMBSW Ep12-15 RMBSW Ep12-16
Things are going well for the bulb company, however not for Jin-woo’s condition. As he emphasises “Trivial things are the most important”, In-ah says it’s been long time since she heard that. However, Jin-woo doesn’t seem to remember the first time they met. In-ah senses something’s wrong.
RMBSW Ep12-17
As expected of judge Suk-gyu, he suspects there is something amiss regarding the murder case from four years ago. He goes to meet Jin-woo and In-ah, and finally learns of the truth about his friend, Gyu-man, as they explain about the video they saw personally. Now, I can’t wait for Suk-gyu to use his power to bring the evils down.
RMBSW Ep12-18 RMBSW Ep12-19
Aw, In-ah’s father brought pizzas for everyone and her mother is becoming accepting of her daughter’s decision to be a lawyer. She tells In-ah that she won’t forgive her till she become a skilled and warm-hearted attorney.
RMBSW Ep12-20 RMBSW Ep12-21
Detective Gwak continue to pester Gyu-man to help him which turn into threatening. Gyu-man gets his men to hang him in the remote place where Dad and Jin-woo used to be held hostages, to scare and threaten him. Somewhere, a hidden camera is recording.
RMBSW Ep12-23 RMBSW Ep12-22
Hah, love that there are comedic moments despite everything going on. Secretary Ahn finds out that he is actually four years older than Sang-ho, to his delight. Keke.
RMBSW Ep12-24
Finally, In-ah asks for late Jung-ah’s belongings where she finds that Jung-ah had marked “singing gig” on the day of her death in her calendar diary and Secretary Ahn’s name card. No matter what, Secretary Ahn denies everything.
RMBSW Ep12-25 RMBSW Ep12-26
In-ah has been doing the analysis of Jung-ah’s father’s handwriting in the will which don’t match his real handwriting. She presents the results to Prosecutor Tak who now wants to take on Moo-suk, because he swore an oath and likes this line, “I am a brave prosecutor, who sheds light on injustice.” This brings a smile to In-ah’s face.
RMBSW Ep12-27
One of the factory workers from the bulb company has been bribed by Dong-ho to give a false testimony in exchange for money for his daughter’s surgery. Jin-woo knows about it and tries to convince him into not delivering false testimony and denying his friendship with the bulb company. He will pay for the surgery. The worker looks conflicted.
RMBSW Ep12-31 RMBSW Ep12-30
Thanks to Detective Gwak whom Gyu-man turn his back on, Jin-woo possesses the video of Gyu-man’s threatening the detective which Gyu-man watches and looks really pissed off. He even loses his cool in front of the elderly and cameras.
RMBSW Ep12-33 RMBSW Ep12-34
Not only Gyu-man is being like that, Moo-suk is being investigated as his stuffs are being seized. Yay for Prosecutor Tak! However, I am afraid that Moo-suk might have already expected this situation and covered up everything. D:
RMBSW Ep12-32 RMBSW Ep12-35
A new case arises and it’s similar to the bulb company. It’s refrigerator cooling system company that went under because of Ilho Group. However, the in-charge says that it’s another company’s fault which is more suspicious. In-ah tries to talk to the president of Ilho Electronics but isn’t given a chance.
RMBSW Ep12-37 RMBSW Ep12-36
We get to see Dong-ho’s defence fighting skills as he punches and twists Joo-il’s follower’s wrist, having told Joo-il to inform him not to tail him.
RMBSW Ep12-39 RMBSW Ep12-38
Jin-woo consults doctor about his brain condition and the doctor says he needs a rest above all else. He continues, “Others may call it genius, but your memory capacity is actually a handicap.” Oh, criessss. At most, he has a year or worst scenario, six months. He will start losing his memory little by little when it degenerates.
RMBSW Ep12-4
Oh, damn it. Gyu-man finds out about the secret room in Jin-woo’s office as In-ah left the door open just when Gyu-man arrives. He is not going to hurt her, right? Jin-woo arrives outside after wandering around bit, still reeling in from the fact that he is becoming like his father and is devastated.
RMBSW Ep12-42

Oh no, what is Gyu-man going to do? He is especially in the secret room where Jin-woo has been preparing a weapon to take Gyu-man out. You know how he is like with his anger management problem. I hope he will keep his cool right there when Jin-woo arrives in the room.

As for Jin-woo, his life is going to be more difficult than before. Even after the passing of his father, he still has three trusted friends around him. However, it doesn’t seem that he will be telling the rest soon. He is going to struggle a lot more. Ugh, it’s like having a side effect or consequence of having a great superpower.
RMBSW Ep12-41

I hope that he will tell In-ah soon, because she will definitely help him in cases when it comes to remembering something. I believe that my impression of In-ah is still the same from the beginning. She is the supporter for Jin-woo. She goes through everything she doesn’t deserve at all, but she does it for Jin-woo because of her belief in him and his father’s innocence. This shows how much she wants to aid Jin-woo now that he has no family left. In-ah is truly an amazing and strong-willed character whom we can always trust.
RMBSW Ep12-2


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