Moorim School – Episode 5 Review

Something is going happen. Both boys are adjusting well to the life in Moorim School as they spend more time. Nevertheless, they are always rivals despite being friendly with each other.

Moorim School has been cut to 16 episodes from its originally planned 20 episodes.

MS Ep5-1
I thought it was something serious when both Shi-woo and Chi-ang seem have to fight and battle with other students. Even Soon-duk and Sun-ah look genuinely worried.
MS Ep5-2 MS Ep5-3
It turns out that the boys were tricked and the students are actually welcoming them to the school. The boys are so shocked and surprised by what’s happening, heh. Alcohol, as always, get the kids and they drink the night away happily. But the hidden treasure is real in this school.
MS Ep5-5 MS Ep5-4
Not only the kids are enjoying drinking, the teachers get together to drink as well. The guys brag about their alcohol tolerance and they decide to have a competition as to check who can hold well. Even Teacher Yoo-di joins in. Like teachers, like students, hah.
MS Ep5-6
The teachers’ claims turn out to be nothing as Dean Hwang gets called down to the bar where all four teachers are totally drunk and he has to pay the bills. HAHA, this is awesome. I love how the four ducklings follow Dean Hwang behind.
MS Ep5-7 MS Ep5-8
Soon-duk’s father is out on “date” with Bang-suk and passes by where Dean Hwang and his ducklings are. The father recognises Dean Hwang’s voice, to his horror, and panics when Bang-suk greets the dean. He even tells Bang-suk to never let Soon-duk go near Moorim School. Seems like he has a not-good history with the school.
MS Ep5-9
After returning from her workplace where she has quitted due to mistrust (she was thought to have taken money when the boss’ son was actually the one), she drinks and sobs alone in the party room. She is going to struggle with finding new part-time jobs.
MS Ep5-26 MS Ep5-33
Meanwhile, Shi-woo continues to dream of the child and fire. More flashbacks of the unconscious man with the woman talking about Chintamani. He is woken up by Chi-ang’s groans as his throat feels like burning. Chi-ang tells him to bring him water, hah. Somehow, I feel that Shi-woo is causing it.
MS Ep5-11
As Shi-woo heads out to get water, he hears someone crying and sees that it’s Soon-duk and lends her his shoulder. Chi-ang wonders why Shi-woo is taking so long and heads out to see Soon-duk in Shi-woo’s arms, not his. Oh no, is there going to be a love triangle?
MS Ep5-12 MS Ep5-13
Oh, I love how Dean Hwang still treats the teachers like kids. xD He even forces them eat curry rice the next morning, punishing them, even though they still have hangover from last night. Hehe.
MS Ep5-15 MS Ep5-14
Chi-ang doesn’t flare up from what he saw the night before. Instead, he goes to look for Soon-duk and tells her to run into his arms to cry whenever. Soon-duk doesn’t understand him and pushes him away. Aw, man.
MS Ep5-16 MS Ep5-17
While back at Chi-ang’s mother’s home, Bang-suk is now working there as a maid. She still believes that Chi-ang’s mother was the foxy girl from back then. Well, she is! When Bang-suk talks about the foxy girl kind of badly, she defends and even almost spills that the café which they often went, is still around.
MS Ep5-19 MS Ep5-18
Mid-terms are coming up, but Shi-woo and Chi-ang have not learned anything yet. Well, no worries, Teacher Sam says. Dean Hwang has assigned Soon-duk and Sun-ah to mentor them.
MS Ep5-21 MS Ep5-22
Chi-ang’s mentor is Sun-ah, but finds out that his Ariel is Shi-woo’s mentor. Yes, elsewhere, Soon-duk teaches Shi-woo on how to gather energy from nature. Chi-ang watches from the bridge and there is a hint of jealousy on his face. Since then, Chi-ang has been practicing a lot and hard, to Sun-ah’s surprise.
MS Ep5-23 MS Ep5-24
While Soon-duk has been looking for part-time jobs and is about to go for an interview, Chi-ang calls her to meet her. It’s lunch and Soon-duk is wide-eyed at how expensive the food is and the fact that Chi-ang booked whole restaurant, which can’t be compared to measly pay she gets every month. She digs in anyway, having missed the interview. This shows how much Chi-ang cares for her.
MS Ep5-25
Somewhere, Wang Hao’s secretary (I think) and the black-clothes girl, Luna, discuss about what Hao might be looking for in the unconscious man. That it might be related to Chintamani, the power known to be great in the right hands.
MS Ep5-27
As told by Teacher Bubgong, Shi-woo is to open up his trauma in order to do well in class on on exams. He mediates in class and digs deeper into his trauma while the unconscious man at the hospital seems to be shaking, remembering the fateful night. Looks like they are connected to each other.
MS Ep5-30 MS Ep5-28
Shi-woo finally speaks what he sees – a crying child in the fire. Sun-ah’s face, as well as Dean Hwang’s, looks surprised. There is someone else, Shi-woo continues. More flashback of the man fighting and someone else walking towards him among the fire. The memories cause Shi-woo to realise something and the man to finally wake up in the hospital.

I thinks this is going where I am thinking, but I am still looking forward to what will happen. And the fact that Shi-woo and Sun-ah might be siblings. But, why Chi-ang’s father? Why is he involved in it as well? Even keeping the unconscious man alive. Soon-duk’s father seems to be involved as well, as he seemingly holds grudge against the school. I bet all the fathers are related and known one another from long time ago.

Is there really going to be another love triangle in this show? I thought KBS has learnt their mistakes from other shows? Ugh. However, no matter what, I still like this show for its mystery vibes as well as the friendship. I do hope that they won’t focus more on romance in future episodes. All I want is for them to reveal the answers to the mysteries we have been dying to know slowly. How are all the fathers related to one another? It’s such a fate the next generation, the children have come together again in this school.
MS Ep5-32

I understand that this show is getting lower viewership ratings in Korea because of its high school genre. It’s not for ahjummas. Like how it was with Sassy, Go Go and Who Are You: School 2015. I am still upset, though. I hope that the Korean youngsters are watching and liking this show. I believe that this show is getting international love as well. I get that it’s kind of low quality type, but still. I can see that Moorim School has been trying. This is why I am giving it a support. Though I’d like 20 episodes, I am glad that it has been cut to 16 episodes, because 20 episodes might be too long-winded and mediocre for a low-rating drama. Nevertheless, I still like the idea of dark secrets and mysteries from this show.
MS Ep5-31


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