Cheese in the Trap – Episode 7 Review

Cringe-worthy and awkwardness, but this is what make this cute relationship different.

CITT Ep7-2
School semester is starting soon and Seol has to move back to her parents’ home. As it’s the last night, Bo-ra and Eun-taek suggest staying up to eat, drink and chat after dinner. Oh hey, looks like In-ho and Joon are good friends now. xD
CITT Ep7-3 CITT Ep7-4
When Seol returns home, the underwear thief comes out, having broken into her house and strangles her. Oh no, not on her last day of staying there! Thank goodness, Jung arrives and calls out to the boys to catch the thief.
CITT Ep7-5 CITT Ep7-6
Looks like Jung is really pissed off about the thief as he goes to find him and actually beats him up in order to make feel what he did to Seol. He doesn’t understand why people like him are living in the society.
CITT Ep7-42
Around the corner, Seol, where she is put down by a policeman, overhears Jung beating up the guy. Oh double no. She gets scared of him and even rejects his hand.
CITT Ep7-8 CITT Ep7-7
Turns out that the thief is not real grandson of the landlady and Joo-yong’s name is cleared. Seol now understands that Jung did all for her and comforts him who is regretting it, telling him not to take things that far. Their relationship is back stable and Seol is happier.
CITT Ep7-10
Well, not with four-hours commute to school. (Four hours?! Perhaps it’s two hours each trip?) Omg, as expected from reading webtoon, Min-soo has transformed to look like Seol. It feels like Min-soo is jealous of Seol’s prettiness and being liked by Jung, so she wanted to look like her.
CITT Ep7-9
As Seol thinks that this semester is going to be quiet, Jung announces that he and Seol are dating which makes her freak out silently. Aw. Seol continues not to be seen as couple with Jung in public, but Jung wants to brag. Hehe.
CITT Ep7-11 CITT Ep7-12
Thanks to Joon, In-ho gets to work at Seol’s mother’s restaurant and I love how hardworking he is. He even makes Joon, despite his claim to be tired, work more which I think the parents wouldn’t be able to do. Hehe, well done, In-ho.
CITT Ep7-15 CITT Ep7-43
We get to know more about why Seol has been afraid of Young-gon. (Well, it’s similar to webtoon.) Flashback. Young-gon had been making troubles and even tries to get Bo-ra to talk to him. However, Eun-taek threw the ball at him, hitting his face which made him flare up. In the process, Jung got hit by Young-gon but Jung didn’t mind.
CITT Ep7-16 CITT Ep7-17
This only made Young-gon look bad as he kept calling Jung fake. When he apologised and left alone, Seol had approached him and told him how to be nice. Jung saw this. Seol says in voiceover that she shouldn’t have done that. Because, since then, Young-gon’s obsession started.
CITT Ep7-19
Seol had enough and confronted Jung about it to which Jung answered that he was being agreeable. After that day, Young-gon stopped bothering her and Seol always felt strange about it.
CITT Ep7-18 CITT Ep7-20
We also look more into In-ho’s past with his sister and Jung. Jung had supported In-ho’s playing piano and In-ha had been trying to make Jung hers.
CITT Ep7-22 CITT Ep7-21
In-ha loved arts and tried to paint a picture of Jung which In-ho mocked, saying that she had no talents and such. Hearing this, In-ha lost her cool, throwing her little brother to the ground and threatening to break his fingers. Owh. Since then, In-ha quitted arts.
CITT Ep7-23
Back in the present, In-ho stares at the piano left in Seol’s uncle’s storage. It’s so emotional and In-ho finally gets himself to play only to have no sound, hah. He searches around for the cord, but gets interrupted by the uncle.
CITT Ep7-25 CITT Ep7-26
Oh my gawd, I actually cringed at how Seol grabs Jung’s face like a baby and kisses him on his cheek, after she flinches from Jung’s attempt to kiss her. This is most embarrassing and cutest thing. Oh, Seol.
CITT Ep7-28 CITT Ep7-27
She quickly runs out of the car and it starts to rain. She meets Joon under shelter. Lucky for Hong siblings, there is In-ho under umbrella, who is looking at the cord, thinking what he’d do if he bought. They get to go home with In-ho’s umbrella. Behind is Jung with umbrella and watches the closeness.
CITT Ep7-32 CITT Ep7-31
Having guessed what In-ho was thinking in front of the store earlier, she shows up with the power cord and her old piano books. She gives him a “Fighting” and leaves him to play. Aw. So, he starts to get himself to play…
CITT Ep7-35 CITT Ep7-34
The next day, both Joon and In-ho visits Seol’s school with the hope of getting lunch from her who gets flustered at their arrival. In-ho is more distracted by the music department and even makes his way to where the kid is playing piano. The professor there recognises In-ho as his old teacher’s pupil.
CITT Ep7-36 CITT Ep7-37
However, In-ho tries to get away and the professor even chases after him and bumps into Seol. He gives his name card to Seol to pass to In-ho. Afterwards, Seol realises that she lost her lion keychain (which was picked up by Min-soo) and tries to look for it with Jung. In the process, Jung sees the professor’s name card. Jung says he will pass it In-ho.
CITT Ep7-38 CITT Ep7-39
Not wanting the boys to fight again, Seol follows Jung to meet In-ho where he is sitting at the piano. Jung walks in, asking, “Do you want to play the piano?” and holds out the card. He even suggests that In-ho study abroad. In-ho laughs in disbelief.
CITT Ep7-40
Jung tells him not to be like that with pride and it’s up to In-ho, but not to drag Seol into it. Oh, meanie is back. He takes Seol out of the room, leaving In-ho.

It feels like that Jung has two or more personalities, but nope. Jung takes and gives, even for Seol. He is the type who doesn’t like people getting in his way. Now that he genuinely likes Seol, he doesn’t like when someone touch his girl. Like how he beat up the thief for Seol because she was thrown down the staircase. He doesn’t sympathise with those who don’t deserve his sympathy. Actually, it’s more like he doesn’t have the ability to empathise with other people.

Regarding the relationship between Seol and Jung, I wonder if Seol really likes him more than a friend and senior. She is way more comfortable with In-ho than Jung who is her boyfriend. Well, I guess they are still new, but I could see that Jung might be feeling jealous of Seol’s closeness to In-ho who used to be his friend in the past. It’s going to get real complicated.
CITT Ep7-24


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