Moorim School – Episode 6 Review

Mid-terms are here soon, and we get to see more of action skills in this episode. As well as the prettiness and handsomeness of the kids! The rivalry between Chi-ang and Shi-woo continue to heat up. Actually, it’s more like Chi-ang wants to compete with Shi-woo so badly for Soon-duk.

MS Ep6-1
Shi-woo finally digs deep into his trauma and the unconscious man whose name is Chae-yoon, is awake after 18 years. As it turns out, Sun-ah has the same fire trauma as Shi-woo’s.
MS Ep6-2 MS Ep6-3
Chi-ang has been training very hard with the determination of beating Shi-woo so that he can score a date with Soon-duk who somehow promised reluctantly. As if to prove his reflex, when Shi-woo throws a pail of water, Chi-ang grabs a mopping stick to jump over the water. Woah.
MS Ep6-4
Hah, always loving the conversation between the teachers, especially how Teacher Daniel picks on the love between Teacher Yoo-di and Teacher Kim. The couple is always either contradicting or agreeing with each other.
MS Ep6-5 MS Ep6-10
The kids have been practicing everywhere no matter what they do. Like how Soon-duk trains and spars with Shi-woo using the laundry clothes.
MS Ep6-12 MS Ep6-11
Chi-ang and Sun-ah spar with each other, but Sun-ah is always having the upper hand. When asked how she is going to train while teaching him, turns out that she has been putting iron strap on her wrists.
MS Ep6-8 MS Ep6-9
Dean Hwang thinks about Shi-woo’s trauma and pulls out the photo of him with Chae-yoon and a woman. He wonders, “Is he perhaps… alive?”, not sure if he is referring to Chae-yoon or the son. Speaking of the man in the picture, he is already visited by Wang Hao who explains his state. But, the only thing Chae-yoon asks for is his children.
MS Ep6-13 MS Ep6-15
Mid-terms have arrived. The first and second placed, Sun-ah and Jung, are up first. Both of them are exceptionally and expectantly amazing and they are tied. Next up are the newbies, Shi-woo and Chi-ang.
MS Ep6-16 MS Ep6-17
Chi-ang is much stronger and is always attacking. However, Shi-woo seems to have technique – making his opponent tired before attacking back. It’s what Soon-duk told Shi-woo the night before after discovering from Chi-ang that Sun-ah has been using iron straps. In the end, both newbies are tied too. Exactly what I wanted, heh.
MS Ep6-18 MS Ep6-19
Aw, I like this father-daughter relationship between Dean Hwang and Sun-ah. The kids are nervous about the comprehensive exam tomorrow which Sun-ah tries to get a hint from her father using her aegyo but fails. Aw, man.
MS Ep6-20
At night, we learn more that Sun-ah and Shi-woo are probably siblings as Chi-ang can’t sleep due to Sun-ah’s playing lullaby on piano. Sun-ah explains that this lullaby helps her sleep and hears that Shi-woo is sleeping soundly which makes her delight.
MS Ep6-21
This is going to get awkward if they are really siblings like in the flashback where the mother sang lullaby to the little kids, because Sun-ah is totally a big fan of Shi-woo. I guess Sun-ah would be more than happy to find out that Shi-woo is her brother.
MS Ep6-22 MS Ep6-23
The next morning, the comprehensive exam is finally out – potluck party. Everyone has to bring a dish, Chi-ang says as he is expert in this area. Meanwhile, the teachers wonder if they are all assessing the students based on what they teach. Looks like Dean Hwang has something in his mind when Teacher Bubgong asks if they won’t be any exam for his class to which Dean Hwang replies that his will be the most important surprise.
MS Ep6-27 MS Ep6-25
Just nice for the party, Chi-ang’s mother packs a sumptuous meal for her son through which Bang-suk gets Soon-duk to deliver to Chi-ang. Too bad for Bang-suk who wants to take some but is stopped by Soon-duk’s father. Awesome blind dad. xD
MS Ep6-26
At the hospital, Chae-yoon hears the report that his two children’s bodies were not found at the fire. Only his wife’s body was found and he weeps for his dead wife.
MS Ep6-30 MS Ep6-31
The party (exam) is about to start and the teachers get prepared to assess their clothes and mannerism. In return for the training, Chi-ang has helped Sun-ah dressed up, well not in a dress. But, I think the clothes fits Sun-ah, though. Looks like she is getting swayed by Chi-ang who tells her that she is pretty. Meanwhile, someone has picked a dress for Soon-duk and it turns out to be Shi-woo. Oh no, Chi-ang looks… jealous?
MS Ep6-32
It’s time to test their cooking skills and, of course, Chi-ang kinda fails, hah. His dish must be so delicious that it’s unbelievable for the teachers that it’s cooked by Chi-ang who lies that he added MSG. Soon-duk gets hers assessed which she gets good responses and Dean Hwang heard that mugwort is good for hearing. Ooohh.
MS Ep6-33 MS Ep6-34
It’s party time! Oh, I love how such party can also be an examination. The teachers gather together and discuss that Sun-ah and Jung are in the lead. Shi-woo, Chi-ang and Choi-ho have the same score, woohoo. This is where Dean Hwang decides the last test only for them.
MS Ep6-36 MS Ep6-35
Everyone else is leaving the party already, however, six of the kids get drunk as their drinks got spiked. It’s more like the herb is for curing insomnia. They all passed out one by one.
MS Ep6-37 MS Ep6-38
By the time they wake up, they find themselves having been moved to the secret room. Sun-ah realises that the exam isn’t over. Yup, definitely medication and Dean Hwang’s plan to test the two kids’ same trauma.
MS Ep6-39 MS Ep6-40
Smokes comes in, to the kids’ puzzled. Looks like the two kids have been affected – Shi-woo’s hearing problem is triggered and Sun-ah is about to pass out due to her fear of fire.

It’s more like Dean Hwang wants to find out if Shi-woo is related to his old friends and Sun-ah. I believe that we already know the relationship between Dean Hwang, Sun-ah and Shi-woo. That Sun-ah is not Dean Hwang’s real daughter. That Sun-ah and Shi-woo are probably sister and brother. Now, I wonder how they are going to find out about their blood relation. As for Chae-yoon, how long will he take to recover in order to find his children? There is definitely something deep from the past that Dean Hwang has been keeping low and not letting Sun-ah know anything about her real parents.
MS Ep6-42


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