Remember–Son’s War – Episode 13 Review

Jin-woo’s condition is getting worse as he uses more of his ability for the case he is currently taking on. Eventually, the truths and evil acts have to come to light.

RMBSW Ep13-1
As expected of In-ah, she is not afraid of Gyu-man and confident that she will see him in court soon. Meanwhile, Jin-woo continue to hide his memory condition from In-ah.
RMBSW Ep13-6 RMBSW Ep13-5
Damn, Moo-suk resigns voluntary and it means that he can get away. In-ah and Prosecutor Tak are still determined to bring him to justice.
RMBSW Ep13-3
Having been abandoned by Gyu-man, Detective Gawk records his confession video and gives himself up to the detectives in front of Gyu-man as if wanting the detectives to see Gyu-man threatening him.
RMBSW Ep13-4 RMBSW Ep13-7
Moo-suk is, of course, going to work under Chairman Nam at Ilho Group as a lawyer. Oh yes, I like how Yeo-kyung finally is going to get involved as she overhears Moo-suk talking about the murder case from four years ago with her father.
RMBSW Ep13-9 RMBSW Ep13-10
The great team continue to work on the bulb case which might related to Ilho Electronics’ defective wires. After hearing that the president of Youngwon Electronics, President Yang, has been avoiding, Jin-woo searches his memory of slush fund which the President Yang is involved in. Oh no, you can’t use your ability, Jin-woo!
RMBSW Ep13-11 RMBSW Ep13-12
Lawyer Song has been practicing Jin-woo’s lines (heh) in order to help his stuttering in court which Jin-woo and In-ah say that he could do it. When asked how he met Lawyer Song, Jin-woo flashbacks to when he met Lawyer Song (who was still the same as before) again after becoming a lawyer himself, and Lawyer Song still felt guilty about Dad’s case.
RMBSW Ep13-14 RMBSW Ep13-13
Love their eye smiles! Their laughs! Like In-ah says, Jin-woo has such good people around him whom he can call family – Manager Yeon and Lawyer Song.
RMBSW Ep13-15 RMBSW Ep13-16
The trial continues for the bulb company and Dong-ho brings in the witness whom he bribed and is almost winning the case as the witness (factory manager) keeps giving statements against his boss. Ugh. The father of company flares up and gets kicked out. Min-soo looks to Jin-woo with his pleading eyes.
RMBSW Ep13-18
Jin-woo has the evidence of the factory manager meeting with Dong-ho, however, he discards it as he know it will affect him and his daughter. Instead, he has better ones – Youngwon Electronics’ slush fund. To prove his statements further, thanks to In-ah, Prosecutor Tak reports Youngwon Electronics’ cut cost by producing defected wires live on television. Woohoo~
RMBSW Ep13-22 RMBSW Ep13-21
Gyu-man watches the news as well, and of course it means Jin-woo’s winning. He looks like he is about to snap and gets called by his father. Whereas, Jin-woo gives Min-soo two pairs of gloves. Min-soo feels so thankful and asks what he can do to repay. Jin-woo replies, “Take a good care of your father. And protect him to the end.”
RMBSW Ep13-23 RMBSW Ep13-24
Suk-gyu has been investigating the four-years-old murder case and asks Dong-ho about the video to which Dong-ho says that he has nothing more to say before leaving. Suk-gyu also tries to dig the truth out of Secretary Ahn but he denies everything.
RMBSW Ep13-25 RMBSW Ep13-26
It’s joyous occasion for the Great Team, however, it’s cut short when Jin-woo says they need to pressure Moo-suk into resigning which he already did. It dawns on Jin-woo as he realises that he is losing more memory. In-ah notices that he is being strange these to which Manager Yeon fake-laughs it off, saying that he must be tired.
RMBSW Ep13-27
Gyu-man is definitely on the verge as he gets scolding from his father for failing to cover up the slush fund. He doesn’t seem to think that Dong-ho lost on purpose (we know that Dong-ho is glad that Jin-woo has won), and tells him to sit back and watch what he’d prepared. Don’t tell me…
RMBSW Ep13-34 RMBSW Ep13-33
Dong-ho meets the victim of the case he has been investigating regarding his father and tells him to say the truth. However, when Dong-ho leaves, the man immediately calls Chairman Nam who already knows about Dong-ho’s investigation, about it. Oh no, you can’t!
RMBSW Ep13-38 RMBSW Ep13-31
Joo-il has been arrested as being the real owner of Youngwon Electronics. Dong-ho visits him, telling him that he will get him out of here. However, Joo-il is already waiting for Chairman Nam’s bail. Dong-ho says he will punish those rats. With this, Joo-il says they go their own ways.
RMBSW Ep13-35
The victim man, as expected, is being chased by Chairman Nam’s men and calls Dong-ho to save him, thankfully.
RMBSW Ep13-37
In-ah gets dressed up, with her newly-bought bag by Jin-woo, for dinner with Jin-woo who wants to make happy memories with her. However, she has been waiting at the restaurant for a long time and Jin-woo still doesn’t show up.
RMBSW Ep13-39 RMBSW Ep13-40
That’s because Jin-woo has gone to meet Gyu-man whom he eventually finds out about his fate with Dong-ho’s – Dong-ho’s father killed his mother and brother. Ugh, evil Gyu-man, do you have to do this?! The truth must be causing a great pain in Jin-woo’s head.
RMBSW Ep13-41 RMBSW Ep13-43
Even to the extent of affecting his memories which go back to four years ago. Jin-woo “remembers” waiting for his father and runs to his home where he waits. Ugh, my heart. My heart… T_T
RMBSW Ep13-44
In-ah calls Jin-woo who says he is waiting for his father, to In-ah’s shock. She rushes over by taxi, recalling how Jin-woo has been strange and forgetting stuffs lately.
RMBSW Ep13-46 RMBSW Ep13-45
In-ah arrives at Jin-woo’s old home to see that he is indeed waiting. Jin-woo is now acting like his high-school self and In-ah’s tears keep spilling, looking at his state and asking what he is doing here. Jin-woo: “I’m just waiting for my dad.” T_T
RMBSW Ep13-48 RMBSW Ep13-47
Realising Jin-woo’s memory condition, In-ah cries harder and hugs him who doesn’t know what is going on. *hugs him too*

Oh cries, looking at how lawyer Jin-woo is back to being high-schooler self due to lost memory in his brain breaks my (our) heart(s). I hope that he will regain his memory back for a while, realising that that his memory condition is getting worse. He still has a score to settle with Gyu-man and his family! Speaking of Gyu-man’s family, I like how they finally put at least a spotlight on Gyu-man’s sister, Yeo-kyung, who doesn’t know a thing about her brother’s murderous act. Now, I am hoping for Yeo-kyung and Suk-gyu to work together or with others to bring Gyu-man to justice despite the fact that Gyu-man is Yeo-kyung’s brother and Suk-gyu’s friend.
RMBSW Ep13-36

Learning the truth of the connection between Dong-ho and him really leaves a great impact on Jin-woo. It’s too much for Jin-woo to take in, especially that Dong-ho was the one who lost Dad’s trial. Jin-woo has lost trust in Dong-ho and continue to hate him even after four years. With the truth and bad ties like how Gyu-man described, Jin-woo is going to hate Dong-ho and his family a lot more. This probably incurs more stress on his brain and turns back the time in his memory.
RMBSW Ep13-42


2 thoughts on “Remember–Son’s War – Episode 13 Review

  1. thanks Evelyn L. was waiting for your recaps. you highlighted; “Like In-ah says, Jin-woo has such good people around him whom he can call family – Manager Yeon and Lawyer Song.” because of this show’s plotholes, many overlooks the many awesome relationships here. after all, Remember is not really about vengeance and justice. its also about simple people treasure each other, supporting each other, giving each other chance. just like JW giving Lawyer Song a chance to redeem himself, and he earned a hyung in Song. loved his little gesture to IA also by giving her the business card with IA’s very own words Truth trumps facts”, allowing her to know that he has actually kept her saying in his heart all these 4 yrs and believed them. loved the way JW give up the chance to expose Shim Byunghoon and allowed him to use his false testimony to gain expenses to foot his daughter’s surgery…. loved the way he told IA that “because it’s you”, its simple and sincere and short, but is suffice to give her the strength to walk with him thru that dark valley where he will slowly forget all his loved ones, knowing that she is importance to him, she is special to him, willing to create good memories for himself, and for her too. i dont’ understand why people cannot see how much JW deserved a chance to experience Love, and happy memories, so what if he won the war and put NGM in jail at ep 20, if he is going to live alone, if IA is just a sister to him, his character will be the most pathetic character i ever seen my whole drama watching history.

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