Cheese in the Trap – Episode 8 Review

They are developing through their relationship and more troubles and troublemakers are coming through. And, almost everyone are involved with one another.

CITT Ep8-2
Jung is still the same as before towards In-ho and Seol doesn’t like how they always fight every time. The reason Jung is being that way is because he doesn’t like how friendly she is with In-ho.
CITT Ep8-7 CITT Ep8-6
Young-gon has been wanting to bring Jung down by revealing his true identity as he shows the proof of Jung’s text messages to go after Seol. It goes awry as, even in front of their classmates, they check that they were not sent by Jung as it’s from a different number.
CITT Ep8-5 CITT Ep8-8
However, it turns out that, in flashback, Jung had indeed sent those first few messages with a different phone except that In-ha sent the rest of messages which Jung didn’t stop her. In-ha confirmed that both Young-gon and Seol bothered him. Oh, whut. In-ha was the one who sent Young-gon to Seol, that was why.
CITT Ep8-9 CITT Ep8-10
In present, Jung smirks at he has upper hand. Oh, creepy Jung is back. Young-gon figures that Jung must have given him different number to make look like a crazy person. Also, he thinks that the woman who picked it up must be Jung’s second girlfriend. Oh, troubles.
CITT Ep8-13 CITT Ep8-12
It’s Jung’s last day at school as he is starting his internship soon (which Seol found that he is the son of big company) so they go out for a dinner where they soon joined by Sang-chul and the rest. Jung gets so drunk that he even kisses Seol when they are alone!
CITT Ep8-14
Reeling in from their first kiss, Seol even panics, covering her mouth, when In-ho smells alcohol from her. Heh, she must think that In-ho might suspect she kissed.
CITT Ep8-16 CITT Ep8-15
Young-gon can’t be worse, ugh. He channels his anger to Eun-taek whom he fooled into thinking that he has photos of Bo-ra which earns him a punch from Eun-taek. However, no one believes Eun-taek that Young-gon tricked him like how no one believes Young-gon when it comes to Jung.
CITT Ep8-18 CITT Ep8-17
I never thought I would dislike Min-soo that much till she lies that the lion keychain belongs to her after being found out by Bo-ra and Seol. Min-soo actually wants to be like Seol, but to that extent?!
CITT Ep8-25
She is quite an easy person to use and manipulates as Young-gon manipulates her into thinking that she is nicer and better than Seol, so that they will cause quite a misunderstanding which Young-gon would want to see for his satisfaction. And, wow, Young-gon even changes her mindset by saying that Seol copies her.
CITT Ep8-21
In-ho finally plays piano in front of the music professor whom can see that he has been resting for five years. He asks what he has been doing, but In-ho doesn’t answer. The professor tells him to leave and turns his attention on his student, to In-ho’s shock. He leaves.
CITT Ep8-22 CITT Ep8-23
Aw, Jung wants to meet Seol’s parents as he comes by from his internship to try their noodles. Like Seol, her parents are surprised that Jung is the son of a big and well-known company. He is so cute, eating their noodles deliciously.
CITT Ep8-27
In-ho has been there while Jung is there, and probably disliking it that he steps out till Jung leaves. Later, he wonders what he have been doing for five years. Yeah, what have you been doing?
CITT Ep8-28
While walking Jung to his car, Seol thinks if Jung forgets everything from last night, the kiss, to be exact. Woah, it’s as if Jung can read her mind. He gives her a peck on lips, saying that he remembers everything. Not sure if he is being sweet or thoughtful.
CITT Ep8-29 CITT Ep8-30
In-ho, after much thinking, returns to school and tells the professor that he wants to learn. Aw, yay. He is given Hanon exercises and scoffs that he is being treated like grade-schooler. The professor tells him that he can leave but In-ho doesn’t. The reason why the professor gave him Hanon exercises is because it was a request from In-ho’s former teacher – to teach In-ho that patience is the true gift.
CITT Ep8-32 CITT Ep8-31
Thanks to mischievous Young-gon, Min-soo is being bolder towards Seol and thinks to herself that everyone is being fooled by Seol who warns freeloader Sang-chul who is full of excuses for not doing his individual work.
CITT Ep8-33
I bet Jung has something in his mind after seeing the lion keychain peeking out of Min-soo’s pencil case. He suddenly becomes nice to her and complements on her good work.
CITT Ep8-34 CITT Ep8-35
Min-soo continue to let herself being manipulated by Young-gon, telling Seol that they can talk in hallway. Now, she is accusing Seol of accusing her being the thief, loud enough for everyone to hear which Seol doesn’t like attention.
CITT Ep8-36
There is this another dumb girl who is blinded by her love for Young-gon and she is Da-young. She jumps to Min-soo’s defense since she is already against Bo-ra for Eun-taek beaten her Young-gon up.
CITT Ep8-38 CITT Ep8-37
Ohmygawd, can this get any worse? Out of all guys in school, Min-soo is smitten by Seol’s little brother, Joon, at first sight. She even secretly snaps a photo him before showing him a map. This is going to get real complicated.
CITT Ep8-40 CITT Ep8-41
Seol visits her uncle’s shop where she asks for a cup of coffee. Turns out that she was the one who got her uncle to call In-ho to his shop where there is piano. Aw. She slides up to In-ho practicing Hanon. She tells him she can’t believe that he plays well, so In-ho shows off his fast fingers.
CITT Ep8-39
In-ho offers to play anything she likes, so she hums a tune and he starts to play. He makes a mistake, saying that he forgot the rest. Seol joins in, and they start to play together. Aw, love it. They play and laugh at how Seol changes the tune. In voiceover, Seol says, “The little things in life flow like shallow water. It’s still shallow water. Like all people do, they can be endured.”

I like how Seol is making In-ho play piano again. It’s like, it’s because of Jung who made In-ho that way, Seol feels partly responsible to get him to play again.

Cheese has such a messed up high school and connects almost everyone to one another. I can predict that Min-soo is going to get jealous when she sees how loving Seol is towards her crush, Joon. She is going to get a very wrong idea and I can’t wait to see that. Young-gon is such a troublemaker, but definitely knows how to play a game. Same goes for Jung who keeps dodging Young-gon’s attacks. He still played a part in sending Young-gon after Seol. Now, that’s going to get In-ha involved as she was also the one who did that. What a complicated and messed up life.
CITT Ep8-11


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