Remember–Son’s War – Episode 14 Review

What a happy family. 😀 These thumb-ups definitely deserve being part of a feature photo. Jin-woo continue to use his ways to get to Gyu-man while Dong-ho finds a way to get to an even bigger evil guy, Chairman Nam. The sons are fighting for their fathers – that’s exactly Son’s War.

RMBSW Ep14-1
Eventually, In-ah finds out about Jin-woo suffering the same disease as his father. Manager Yeon admits that Jin-woo had requested not to tell In-ah. Not wanting to sit and do nothing, she asks to see his doctor to find out more.
RMBSW Ep14-2 RMBSW Ep14-3
Jin-woo wakes up in his old home, not remembering what he did last night and is returned to his normal state. He remembers Gyu-man’s words and goes to confront Dong-ho by punching him. Dong-ho seems to be prepared for this and kneels down before him.
RMBSW Ep14-5 RMBSW Ep14-4
You can see from Jin-woo’s eyes that he hates Dong-ho even more and Dong-ho’s eyes that he is very apologetic and wants him to believe in him. Finally, Dong-ho tells him the truth about the accident – Nam Il-ho was the one who caused it. He will make sure the Nams will kneel before both of them.
RMBSW Ep14-8 RMBSW Ep14-7
After consulting Jin-woo’s doctor, In-ah is in even more crying state and goes to seek out his father for advice, the best father ever. He tells her to treat the patient normally as she did before.
RMBSW Ep14-9 RMBSW Ep14-10
She does, as Manager Yeon asks her to pretend that she still doesn’t know, and lies to Jin-woo that the dinner was good, to Jin-woo’s relief. However, he doesn’t remember what happened last night after meeting Gyu-man.
RMBSW Ep14-11
Suk-gyu looks into the four-years-old murder case in which the wine opener was the weapon. During the lunch with Gyu-man, Suk-gyu casually tosses the question whether the win opener could kill a person. Gyu-man says he wouldn’t know since he “didn’t kill anyone”.
RMBSW Ep14-13 RMBSW Ep14-12
Gyu-man asks him, if his close friend committed a murder, would he judge him or help him escape? He answers, “As a judge, I must make him pay for his crime. But, as a true friend, I shouldn’t cover up his tracks.” Ooohhh.
RMBSW Ep14-14
Oh no. From Moo-suk, in order to make Jin-woo miserable, Gyu-man finds out Jin-woo’s weakness – Lee In-ah. No, you don’t do a thing to her!
RMBSW Ep14-15 RMBSW Ep14-16
Chairman Nam likes to scout people for his own benefits, huh? He scouts Prosecutor Tak to work for him in the future which, of course, he turns down quickly. He, later, knows what kind of life he gave up, but it doesn’t matter. He will take down Nam Il-ho with Dong-ho.
RMBSW Ep14-18 RMBSW Ep14-19
Aw, yay, Lawyer Song has finally overcome his stuttering! Not only that, he also manages to convince the judge to reduce the accused’s sentence in prison, earning him thumb-ups and proud smiles from his supporters.
RMBSW Ep14-20
In order to get to Gyu-man, there is his close friend, Bae Chul-joo, whom is The Great Team’s target. Jin-woo approaches him about him being in the video and knowing that Gyu-man killed Jung-ah. Chul-joo tries to keep calm and says that he must be that nuisance Gyu-man was talking about. Definitely not an easy man too.
RMBSW Ep14-21 RMBSW Ep14-22
Secretary Ahn has been suffering under Gyu-man that, when Gyu-man strangles him for not wanting to help his friend, Secretary Ahn snaps that they are friend. That he is not without pride. He goes to Sang-ho who tells him to seek Dong-ho.
RMBSW Ep14-23 RMBSW Ep14-24
Dong-ho has crucial evidence against Chairman Nam which is voice recording from the victim of the fire. Meanwhile, Chairman Nam trusts Moo-suk on taking care of the fire matters as well as the victim, Mr. Ha.
RMBSW Ep14-25
Oh, hey, Gyu-man’s murder weapon is still kept hidden well by Secretary Ahn! I thought it was given to police years ago? What’s interesting is that, it’s being hidden in Gyu-man’s office and Secretary Ahn seems to be on the verge of turning his boss in.
RMBSW Ep14-29 RMBSW Ep14-28
Dong-ho visits Joo-il and tells him that he will see either him or Chairman Nam when he is out. Joo-il tries to reprimand him, but Dong-ho doesn’t take it. Instead, he thanks him for everything and bows to him before leaving.
RMBSW Ep14-30
Now that Dong-ho has left Joo-il’s side and is planning to go against Chairman Nam, Moo-suk tells Joo-il to kill Dong-ho which he doesn’t want to. But, do you think he will change his mind in order not to stay in prison?
RMBSW Ep14-27 RMBSW Ep14-26
Through the connections, Jin-woo finds out the drug party will be held tonight and tips the police off. He plans out perfectly to catch Gyu-man. Woah, Yeo-kyung is involved as well and even goes against Prosecutor Tak’s order (he puts her off the case) to arrest the people at party on her own. I like how Yeo-kyung is somehow similar to In-ah.
RMBSW Ep14-33
The drug party is on and Gyu-man attends it. Lucky for Lawyer Song, he is not well-known and manages to enter to record Gyu-man with a cool camera pen. Meanwhile, Jin-woo waits at the garage and the women wait in the car, keeping a lookout.
RMBSW Ep14-32
Gyu-man and Chul-joo are now high on drugs. However, their highness is short-lived as Gyu-man suddenly snaps when Chul-joo mentions Jin-woo and him killing Jung-ah, ruining the party.
RMBSW Ep14-34 RMBSW Ep14-36
The police and Yeo-kyung arrive at the drug party. Despite being dazed, Gyu-man manages to escape. However, he runs into Yeo-kyung who is surprised to see her own brother at such party. Following behind is Lawyer Song who loses him as Gyu-man goes through a secret door where he makes a call.
RMBSW Ep14-35
Dong-ho wears a black suit for the first time and hands in a resignation letter to Chairman Nam as he can no longer work for someone who caused his father’s death. I like how Son’s War means Dong-ho and Jin-woo who are fighting for their fathers. As well as Gyu-man.
RMBSW Ep14-37 RMBSW Ep14-38
In garage, Jin-woo spots Gyu-man taking off in his car which he reports to everyone who quickly stops the car. However, it’s not Gyu-man, but Secretary Ahn, to Jin-woo’s surprise. I knew it! Gyu-man is never an easy man to catch!
RMBSW Ep14-41
He is already outside and taking another car, having changed into a different jacket. Damn, he is a smart man.

When will they be able to catch Gyu-man ever?! He definitely knows his way out of troubles and that’s the power of wanting his father to favour him. As for his sister, it looks like she is going to have to choose between justice and family as a prosecutor. I can see the similarities between Yeo-kyung and In-ah. Yeo-kyung may not be friendly, but she has a sense of justice like In-ah.
RMBSW Ep14-39

Jin-woo doesn’t have much time left and that’s why he is rushing through to put Gyu-man in jail. However, he fails few times as he is often a step late despite having planned out a perfect plan. Now that Jin-woo knows why Dong-ho is being that way and what his intentions are, it looks like Jin-woo might work with Dong-ho in future to bring and make Chairman Nam and Gyu-man kneel in front of them. I do hope to see that though I don’t think it might happen.
RMBSW Ep14-6


4 thoughts on “Remember–Son’s War – Episode 14 Review

  1. thanks for your recap. Evelyn L. Is it only in drama that they have awesome dads. yes, IA dad is the Best dad ever in the whole drama, and in many other dramas. Its this dad that make IA as IA, the magnificent selfless loving trusting IA. Dad reminding her that if she liked her friend as a person in the beginning, that friend is still worthy to be liked, this fondness will be wear off even if knowing his sickness, asking her to put herself in his shoe, think and feels beyond her own grief and helplessness. oh, Dad knows ! how glad am I that dad gave the approval to go full swing giving her all, to “him”. that’s not the real him, that illness didn’t change his nature, it has not eaten him up yet. Even if it did, just need to remember the real him before Alz took over.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sorry …correction:
      “this fondness will NOT be wear off even if knowing his sickness”
      like to add also, that i think dad knows it is Jinwoo…. because he said few times, “him” … knowing the person that motivate IA all these years is JW.. and right now IA spend most of her times with him… and when IA said, why bad things keep happened to him… who else but JW has bad things KEEPS happening… in Korean world, parental approval for relationship still very crucial for couple to date or married… am really glad, dad ‘gave’ his ‘approval’ for JW. actually, bringing pizza to office that day already sort of accepted JW. thanks again for nice recap and that Family photo… this family will be JW anchor thru his War with Alz, and IA will be the Chief warrior fighting along with him for Alz.

      Liked by 1 person

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