Cheese in the Trap – Episode 9 Review

In relationships, there are always ups and downs. There can be doubts and such, but sometimes, one is too honest that the other is disappointed.

CITT Ep9-2
Seol must be afraid of people turning over to Min-soo because she dreams that everyone started calling Min-soo “Seol”. Thank goodness it’s just a dream.
CITT Ep9-3 CITT Ep9-4
She is also becoming more firm as she kicks Sang-chul out of her group since she can’t take it anymore as Sang-chul didn’t do his work. She starts to stand up for herself as she sees how Min-soo has stolen her last year’s slides.
CITT Ep9-7 CITT Ep9-8
Oh, I love how Min-soo deserves the treatment from In-ha who mistakes her for Seol, thanks to their classmate. This is what you get for copying Seol. In-ha practically throws Min-soo to ground, saying that anyone dating Jung has to get her permission first.
CITT Ep9-9
As always, when In-ho sees In-ha, he rushes to carry his sister on his shoulder to run away. Hah. In-ha complains about being kicked out of her apartment and given measly money which was 10 million won. Measly?! Same reaction, In-ho. In-ha never changes.
CITT Ep9-11 CITT Ep9-10
Aw, Seol and Jung finally meet each other in private and missed each other a lot. I can feel growing love from the way they are together, showing that they have genuine love for each other.
CITT Ep9-14 CITT Ep9-12
Young-gon has been trying to get Seol’s attention to get her to realise Jung’s true nature. He finally shows the messages from last year to her, and Seol grabs the phone to call the number for confirmation. It’s In-ha who answers and claims to be Jung’s girlfriend after hearing Seol’s name, to Seol’s disappointment.
CITT Ep9-13
Afterwards, Seol starts to ignore Jung’s call and walks home in daze, having figured that the woman’s voice belongs to Baek In-ha. Jung is already there waiting for her.
CITT Ep9-15 CITT Ep9-16
Deciding to be upfront, she reminds Jung about Young-gon’s stalking last year and asks if he really sent those messages to Young-gon to go after her. Jung: “Yes, it was.” It’s a blow to Seol who tries to hold back her tears. She asks why In-ah answered and Jung explains it’s a prank. However, it’s the fact that Jung indeed sent those messages that gets Seol upset and doubtful, telling him they need to take some time.
CITT Ep9-17 CITT Ep9-18
On the way home, Jung sees In-ha in front of his home building and I bet he is boiling inside since she was the one who caused Jung and Seol to be that way. In-ha has nowhere to go and begs him to take her in. Of course not. He takes her phone away and, at home, tosses it into the sink and turns on the water tap. He must be feeling guilt.
CITT Ep9-19
The next morning, Jung contemplates his text and, instead, Seol gets a text from him, “Do well on your test.” In-ho waits for Seol to commute to school together, having known that she must have argued with Jung from seeing them the night before. He wants to cheer her up, aw.
CITT Ep9-20 CITT Ep9-21
When Seol arrives at her classroom, Young-gon texts to ask if she has broken up with Jung and such. She ignored him and he turns to Min-soo to plan something else. Ugh.
CITT Ep9-22
In-ho is now done playing basic exercises and the teacher gives him a new music which is only “Fur Elise”. He complains about it but is all over it when his teacher snatches it back. Heh.
CITT Ep9-24 CITT Ep9-23
When the midterm exams are over, Min-soo approaches Seol to apologise. At first, Seol seems to be accepting till she sees the lion keychain and says that it isn’t only about report. Gah, Min-soo goes to Da-young and exclaims to make it sound like Seol is at fault.
CITT Ep9-27 CITT Ep9-26
Min-soo lies more as she doesn’t deny when Da-young asks the photo guy on her phone is her boyfriend. She believes that he will become her boyfriend in future. Poor her, because Joon seems to like Ah-young who also seems to flirt back.
CITT Ep9-28 CITT Ep9-29
Young-gon is worse than I thought. He continues to stalk Seol and even take photos of her. Creepy stalker. He also reveals that he is only using Da-young to get people to like him. Meanwhile, Bo-ra and Eun-taek are hiding and recording the evidence till In-ho joins them. Just when the strong evidence of Young-gon harassing Seol is about to get recorded, In-ho cuts in and launches himself at Young-gon, chasing him off.
CITT Ep9-30
Aw, In-ho tells Seol to learn self-defence and would buy her a lot of weapons to take a guy down. Together, they go home and Seol starts asking about his sister. All In-ho tell her is to really run away whenever she encounters In-ha.
CITT Ep9-31
Speaking of In-ha, she finds In-ho and lets herself live with him in a small room which she complains about. She sees the piano books and deliberately spills ramen over them, saying that he is still dreaming. Oh, wow, In-ha. In-ho asks what make her that way. In-ha sighs that things were so good in the past.
CITT Ep9-32 CITT Ep9-33
Flashback shows that Jung used to be a pushover and In-ho had told and taught him to be rougher and hit someone. I guess that’s how he learnt to beat up whoever gets in his way so that he is no longer a pushover. The three of them had enjoyed together and In-ho asks if they would still be together in 10 years’ time. Aw, not.
CITT Ep9-34 CITT Ep9-35
In-ha kick-starts her plan by “running into” Jung’s classmate again and tries to ask about Young-gon whom the guy is uncomfortable talking about. Later, she texts Young-gon, claiming to be Jung’s real girlfriend. She smirks that whatever Jung is imagining this will go beyond that.
CITT Ep9-36
In the classroom, Seol avoids sitting with Jung when her classmate calls her over, making everyone assume they have broken up. Feeling awkward, Seol goes out to drink coffee. After drinking, she sees Jung who walks past her, hurting her.
CITT Ep9-37
However, when she steps out of restroom, Jung is there waiting for her. He gives her a can of coffee but Seol declines it and walks past. Jung stops her to pull her into a back hug.

Aw, that’s probably what both of them need right now despite everything. Even though it hurts Seol, it’s still right for Jung to be honest with everything he had done. I wonder what his motive was though. Or it was just simple because they didn’t know and dislike each other well. Seol also has the right to be angry with him over it. Because she suffered a lot last year, thanks to Jung. It’s understandable that she can’t seem to approach Jung well despite being in relationship. She wants to know what kind of person Jung is.
CITT Ep9-38

To me, Jung is like a child. He learnt to be tougher from In-ho and starts to covet power over people. However, when it comes to feelings, love and friendship, he is still learning. He doesn’t know how to balance everything well. He doesn’t seem to understand people well, except himself. He didn’t think of how others would feel, like how he didn’t realise how Seol felt uncomfortable with Young-gon’s stalking. He goes by book without even reading inside.
CITT Ep9-39


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