Moorim School – Episode 7 Review

Competitions are never ending, be it exams or fighting for a girl. We are a step closer to what we have been wanting to know.

MS Ep7-2
The final exam is Dean Hwang’s idea: “Traumas exist only to be overcome”. Six people will have to escape the room as smoke comes it and the grade goes accordingly to first-come, first-serve basis. Sun-ah, having lived in school almost whole life, explains that there are three way to escape.
MS Ep7-4 MS Ep7-3
One of them is the fan ceiling which they will have to make a pyramid in order for one to climb others. As Soon-duk holds the ladder and Sun-ah tries to jump, greedy Jung, pushes Sun-ah away and jumps into the vent, making Soon-duk fall and injured herself. He has betrayed everyone, for his own greed.
MS Ep7-6 MS Ep7-5
The teachers know the students would escape through the vent, however, are surprised to see Jung without others. Of course, he isn’t getting away easily as Teacher Daniel spars with him. Meanwhile, the rest figured out to escape by window ceiling with rope.
MS Ep7-7
They all have amazing skills and strength as they climb over the wall to ground level. Except for Soon-duk whose wrist is injured. Shi-woo piggybacks her and climb themselves down using rope. Wow, is he a really a strong guy? (I bet they used wiring in real-life.)
MS Ep7-11 MS Ep7-10
Sun-ah comes in first followed by Chi-ang, Soon-duk, Shi-woo and Choi-ho. Jung has come in last place since Teacher Daniel holds him back for escaping alone. Dean Hwang tells everyone that they are responsible for Jung’s betrayal as well. Which is quite true.
MS Ep7-12 MS Ep7-13
We get back to the side story of Chae-yoon and the magical powerful magic Chintamani. Chairman Wang explains that no one knows who attacked him and the flashback shows that someone had begged Chae-yoon to leave secretly with Chintamani key. Also, it seems that Chae-yoon and Dean Hwang had liked same girl.
MS Ep7-15 MS Ep7-16
It’s result day and Chi-ang and Shi-woo no longer need their mentors because they are now in advanced class. Woah, that’s pretty quick for the guys who just entered the school. Before the class starts, Shi-woo reports Soon-duk’s injured wrist to Teacher Daniel which gets Chi-ang feel like he should have done it as he didn’t know about her injury.
MS Ep7-17
Things got awkward in the nurse’s office as Shi-woo is suddenly in Soon-duk’s close proximity. She says she will have Sun-ah do the dressing. But, they get better as they go for a walk and talk about themselves.
MS Ep7-18
After the class ends, Sun-ah asks Chi-ang again about his wish which he finally reveal to her. Sun-ah seems bit disappointed, hearing that. Regarding the wish, Chi-ang tries to bring up the date, however, stops himself.
MS Ep7-19 MS Ep7-20
It turns out that Chi-ang’s mother is Chairman Wang’s concubine. Bang-suk is surprised by the revelation. No wonder she has been living alone and not even allowed to go to China.
MS Ep7-23
Chi-ang is down, thinking about Soon-duk, despite pretending to sound cheerful to his mother earlier on, and drinks the leftover alcohol with Sun-ah who was on the way to play piano. Sun-ah knows how much Chi-ang like Soon-duk which Chi-ang asks if she can’t make something happen between her and Shi-woo.
MS Ep7-21 MS Ep7-22
Sun-ah seems taken aback and says that she only likes Shi-woo as a fan. That she doesn’t think of him as man. Aw, that’s because you two are siblings! Chi-ang must really like Soon-duk a lot that he is becoming selfish. Probably for that night only.
MS Ep7-26 MS Ep7-27
Soon-duk gets back her chicken job since the boss couldn’t work without her. Shi-woo stays up to work on his new music, “Innocent Smile”, after thinking about his earlier conversation with Soon-duk who guessed that he will have so many songs written up after graduation in awe.
MS Ep7-28 MS Ep7-29
A retreat is brought up by Teacher Bubgong who says that Chairman Wang will sponsor everything. Which is unusual, since he is sponsoring the school which is not profitable. Dean Hwang says that no one else is allowed on school ground which Chairman Wang hears of. Looks like there’s really something in the school. Meanwhile, Chae-yoon is almost recovered and walking with a stick.
MS Ep7-32
The students are excited about the retreat, however, they learn that it’ll be Seoul where most of them are born and raised there, hah.
MS Ep7-30 MS Ep7-31
Only the girls are excited as they have never been there before, which the boys think they don’t look like country girls at all and yet they seem very simple-minded. Heh.
MS Ep7-33
Later that night, Chi-ang hears a different piano playing and it’s Shi-woo who is playing tonight. Soon-duk is drawn to it and sees him, thinking about her times with him. All of sudden, Shi-woo turns around and Soon-duk hides, but later wonder why she is hiding.
MS Ep7-35 MS Ep7-34
Shi-woo sees that it’s her who pretends to have dropped her bag. He picks it up and sees the music notebook she bought earlier for him. Knowing it’s for him, Shi-woo smiles even though Soon-duk denies. All of sudden, he leans in to her face and her quick reflex makes go lean backward. Not letting the chance go, Shi-woo leans in closer to kiss her, to her surprise. On the lips!
MS Ep7-37
Shocked, Soon-duk pulls back and runs out of the room where Chi-ang is coming towards, having heard that the piano is stopped. Soon-suk doesn’t say anything when Chi-ang questions, but Shi-woo comes running after which makes Chi-ang wonder what they two are doing.
MS Ep7-38
Soon-duk runs off to her part-time job, leaving the boys alone. Chi-ang prevents Shi-woo from leaving and questions him. Shi-woo doesn’t say anything, but they simply call each other’s name.

Oooh, love triangle is here. This episode actually shed its light on Chi-ang and his feelings. He knows that Shi-woo likes Soon-duk as well. What’s worse to him is Soon-duk liking Shi-woo instead of himself. Chi-ang will have to deal with his one-sided crush and the fact that he can never get Soon-duk. He is conflicted with his feelings. Whether to let go of Soon-duk or to keep trying to get Soon-duk from Shi-woo because of his feelings towards her. He will need to face the reality and, hopefully, look at Sun-ah who might be liking him.
MS Ep7-25


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