Moorim School – Episode 8 Review

It’s the school’s first time to go on field trip, but things wouldn’t flow peacefully as it’s a chance for enemies to strike.

MS Ep8-2
After 18 years, Chae-yoon is finally out in Seoul and wants to meet Dean Hwang. However, that isn’t going to happen as Chairman Wang doesn’t seem to like it.
MS Ep8-3 MS Ep8-5
Shi-woo and Chi-ang are still on bitter term while Soon-duk misses the class for the first time to avoid Shi-woo as she thinks about the kiss from last night. She must be really surprised and in shock, because she quickly hides when Shi-woo calls her out and she doesn’t answer.
MS Ep8-6 MS Ep8-7
Oh, it looks like Teacher Daniel and Teacher Yoo-di are hanging out more frequently. The kids are really excited for the field trip especially Sun-ah who feels like she can fly. However, for Soon-duk tells them she can’t go because of her father and work.
MS Ep8-11
Chi-ang notices that and, in order to get Soon-duk to go, he calls his mother to give cruise tickets to Bang-suk so that that Soon-duk’s father could go on a nice break with her. Aw.
MS Ep8-9 MS Ep8-10
Chae-yoon visits the old Chairman of Moorim School who is in sick and abnormal state now. Flashback shows that the chairman had favoured Chae-yoon over Dean Hwang and trusted him in hiding the Chintamani keys.
MS Ep8-14 MS Ep8-15
Chi-ang stays up, listening to Shi-woo playing piano, and thinks about his friendship with him and how Soon-duk is closer with Shi-woo. Sigh, looks like Chi-ang has to choose between giving up his friendship to fight for Soon-duk and letting her go.
MS Ep8-12 MS Ep8-13
As expected, Soon-duk’s father isn’t going to accept the cruise tickets which get Bang-suk whining. Soon-duk hears of it and manages to persuade him into go with Bang-suk, telling him that it’s so that she can go on trip with her friends which she haven’t been able to do so in the past because of him.
MS Ep8-17 MS Ep8-16
Oh, what. Teacher Bubgong is not whom we think to be. He turns out to have ulterior motive of getting close with Moorim School and he reports to Chairman Wang that the child is Hwang Sun-ah who has the key. He seems to covet all three keys as Chairman Wang has one of them.
MS Ep8-18
Meanwhile, Dean Hwang, alone in the school, feels something bad is going to happen. Oh, no.
MS Ep8-20 MS Ep8-19
The kids have arrived in Seoul with the teachers and they get free time. However, even on field trip, Sun-ah is not allowed to go out and has to wear GPS device to track her movements. Aw, poor girl who was so excited to explore Seoul.
MS Ep8-21
It’s because Dean Hwang doesn’t want her to get exposed as she probably has the key in her as shown in flashback as a child. No wonder, he has been so protective over her.
MS Ep8-22 MS Ep8-23
The boys finally come to clean regarding Soon-duk though it isn’t good at all. Chi-ang, having returned disappointment from meeting Soon-duk, is definitely boiling inside about Shi-woo knowing that Chi-ang likes Soon-duk and yet likes her. Shi-woo can only say sorry. To vent his anger, he actually breaks a glass cup and punches Shi-woo.
MS Ep8-24
Sun-ah comes up with an idea to exchange her clothes with Soon-duk who doesn’t want to go out. In Soon-duk’s clothes, she manages to sneak out and hide from Teacher Sam who is tracking her movements. However, she gets grabbed by Chi-ang who thinks it’s Soon-duk.
MS Ep8-26 MS Ep8-25
Soon-duk, in Sun-ah’s clothes, stays in the room and gets text message from Shi-woo who is his room too. He sends her a song which they both listen and smile at the same time in their respective rooms.
MS Ep8-29 MS Ep8-28
Oh, awkward. Hah, Chi-ang confesses to “Soon-duk” and later sees that it’s Sun-ah. She: “I will relay your confession to her… no?” Haha. However, this way, thanks to Chi-ang, Sun-ah finally gets to breathe in the air of Seoul.
MS Ep8-27
While the teachers wonder if the kids wouldn’t get into trouble, Choi-ho and Sang-man are somewhere where a group of boys recognise Choi-ho as “Choi Shuttle”. He seems to be afraid and almost gives his wallet to them when they demand till Jung appears and takes them down. Whew.
MS Ep8-32
Back at hotel, Soon-duk walks around lobby and Shi-woo sees her in Sun-ah’s clothes. This can’t be good. They sit down somewhere to finally talk about the other night. Shi-woo says he is sorry for saying sorry that night and that he wasn’t playing around. Soon-duk is taken aback and goes to toilet to calm herself down.
MS Ep8-31
Hah, Teacher Kim says they going to movie, instead of sauna, after hearing that Teacher Daniel and Teacher Yoo-di are going to movie. However, four of them get stuck in the elevator. It’s Chairman Wang’s man who orders it.
MS Ep8-33 MS Ep8-34
It’s so that Luna can kidnap Soon-duk, thinking it’s Sun-ah. Meanwhile, Shi-woo senses that Soon-duk is taking too long and tries to call her phone which was left in the restroom. Frantic, he calls Sun-ah, saying that Soon-duk has disappeared.
MS Ep8-35
Thank goodness, Soon-duk is wearing GPS device and Nadet is able to track her location using his drone. Luna isn’t able to find the “thing” on Soon-duk which the guy informs Chairman Wang about it. He also tells him to get rid of her.
MS Ep8-38 MS Ep8-37
While Chi-ang rushes on his motorbike with Sun-ah, Shi-woo rushes to the building, however, is recognised by the public. The flashing lights trigger his headache and ringing sound in his ear. Chae-yoon is nearby and helps to massage his head like how Dean Hwang did. Surprised, Shi-woo asks if he is a member of Moorim Association to which Chae-yoon asks back if he knows it.
MS Ep8-39 MS Ep8-40
Chi-ang and Sun-ah arrive at the building but are too late as Soon-duk is taken away. There is a man there who is about to attack Chi-ang, but thanks to Sun-ah, Chi-ang manages to dodge. And, wow, he has improves hi fighting skills a lot. Shi-woo arrive later and Sun-ah tells him to take motorbike.
MS Ep8-41 MS Ep8-42
Shi-woo motor-chases after the car Soon-duk is in and eventually gets to the front. He braces himself as he crashes into the car. Meanwhile, Sun-ah rushes to Chi-ang who gets stabbed in his abdomen. Oh, no.
MS Ep8-43 MS Ep8-44
Soon-duk is safe in Shi-woo’s arms, looking afraid, as the men get away as the police car arrives. However, not for Chi-ang. He is rushed to hospital with stabbed abdomen with Sun-ah calling his name.

It’s actually a blessing in disguise for Dean Hwang and Sun-ah as Chairman Wang didn’t get his hand on one of the keys which is probably inside Sun-ah. Otherwise it’d be all about troubles. I am sure that Shi-woo has the third one. It’s no wonder why he leashed unknown magical force unintentionally at critical times.
MS Ep8-45

Chi-ang’s love for Soon-duk has probably spurred him to become stronger and better in martial art skills that he is able to dodge and attack the enemy guy. He has such a strong-willed look in his eyes. However, Chi-ang is going to have a hard time letting her go and Soon-duk will probably feel guilty, having caused him to be in injured state. I hope they will get to become good friends as well as Chi-ang with Shi-woo. They had gone through so much together.
MS Ep8-46


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