Cheese in the Trap – Episode 10 Review

A word to describe this show: cute! In-ho is showing more gentle side as he is learning patience without realising. Partially, being friend with Seol also makes him become a better person.

CITT Ep10-3
Even though Jung and Seol have decided to take some time, Jung continue to keep tabs on her through Eun-taek who gets burger from him. He shows Jung the video of Young-gon harassing Seol, but his interest is piqued when In-ho appears in the video.
CITT Ep10-4 CITT Ep10-5
As planned, Jung starts to treat Min-soo differently now as he tells her, “No matter how much you copy and try, you can never be the same.” Min-soo is surprised and thinks that Seol must have gotten him to take her slides. Gosh.
CITT Ep10-6 CITT Ep10-7
Min-soo finally sees her crush with Seol which gets her so upset and pissed off that she deliberately shoulder-bump Seol and throws her lion keychain on the floor to step on it. Oh, wow. Jung is nearby, having seen all.
CITT Ep10-9
Now that everyone has seen her crush’s photo, Min-soo feels uneasy after exam. Well, Joon arrives at that time to meet Jung (who agreed to buy him lunch) and sees his sister confronting Min-soo, calling her “noona”. Everyone recognise him, but Joon innocently claims that he doesn’t know Min-soo, aw man.
CITT Ep10-10 CITT Ep10-11
Turning to Young-gon for support, Min-soo twists the thing around and blames everything on Seol, saying she knew it. She grabs her collar, and that’s Seol’s breaking point as she fights back. Min-soo cries why Seol keeps tormenting her (??). Seol yells at Min-soo for always coveting her things and even involved her brother. She asks why.
CITT Ep10-13
Turns out that Min-soo has been wanting attention as nobody really knew her in the past. Like how Seol didn’t even recognise her from her group. Seol tells Min-soo that everyone will now remember her as fake Seol. This whole copycat thing is finally settled.
CITT Ep10-14
Seol knows that Jung was the one who called Joon to school. However, it’s was for her own good since Jung knows that it was getting tiresome. He has been surrounded by such people, Seol realises, and only one person had make her enraged. Still not getting back together, Jung tells her that he won’t rush and to come to him while he waits.
CITT Ep10-16 CITT Ep10-15
In-ho can’t seem to get over the past with his former professor as he throws tantrum when the current teacher mentions him. He doesn’t seem to appreciate the teacher telling the professor about him and leaves the lesson.
CITT Ep10-17 CITT Ep10-18
School goes on as per normal with Min-soo taking some time off and Seol being called fighter for a while. As Seol walks home, she drops by her uncle’s shop and hears In-ho’s playing. As she plays, In-ho looks at her and suddenly asks if he should go school for real and taken exam. Seol lights up and grabs his hand in excitement, saying he should and she will help out in his studies.
CITT Ep10-19
In-ho’s cheeks suddenly glow pink as he can only focus on his skin contact with Seol, hah aw. Seol finally sees his pink cheeks and reaches out to touch it which makes him jump. In-ho says that he has a cold as an excuse. Cute.
CITT Ep10-21 CITT Ep10-20
Oh, In-ha. I thought she was going to curse Seol out when she finally sees her and confirms that she is Jung’s girlfriend. Instead, she becomes friendly and apologises for the phone call the other time. All In-ho does is dragging his sister out of Seol’s sight.
CITT Ep10-22 CITT Ep10-23
Looks like In-ha can see through her little brother as she teases him for liking Seol. In-ho insists that he doesn’t and kicks her to her room. Heh, at least that’s “proper” thing she has done as a sister. xD
CITT Ep10-25 CITT Ep10-26
Oh gosh, Young-gon is the worst creepy stalker ever. He continue to harass Seol which gets filmed by Eun-taek. However, when he finally throws fit as Seol keeps ignoring him, In-ho sees it and chases after him through to out of library. Seol barely manages to stop In-ho from beating him up which would ruined the evidence.
CITT Ep10-27
Da-young finds out that Young-gon went to see Seol, but he manages to calm her down by twisting the story around, lying that Seol keeps thinking that he follows her. Now it’s Seol whom Da-young is pissed off with. Gah.
CITT Ep10-34
Eun-taek sends the video file to Jung who doesn’t seem too pleased with In-ho being involved.
CITT Ep10-28
Aw, just when In-ho thought his heart isn’t beating fast for her, the skin contact with Seol’s leg suddenly makes his heart race again. He jumps out of his seat to avoid more. You can’t escape the true feeling in your heart, boy.
CITT Ep10-32 CITT Ep10-33
As if to make him creepier, Young-gon even knows Seol’s home number can calls her. I’d be utterly creeped out and disgusted by such person.
CITT Ep10-29 CITT Ep10-30
Sometimes, Young-gon can be dumb but he is smart when it comes to getting what he wants. He needs the proof of Jung with the “Cheating Girl” who is In-ha and gets the photo from her by asking for the proof of her being Jung’s girlfriend.
CITT Ep10-31 CITT Ep10-35
Seol has lost her job at library, thanks to the incident that caused commotion. Aw, Eun-taek must be upset when both Bo-ra and Seol say he will be forever lackey to them. Bo-ra, go for him!
CITT Ep10-41
Another lesson day for In-ho, however, Seol is distracted by Young-gon’s text message consist of the photo of In-ha and Jung. I thought that she should know by now that they two never dated at all. She cancels the lesson and In-ho lets her.
CITT Ep10-37 CITT Ep10-38
They both walk home and Seol doesn’t realise that In-ho has been walking her home. He passes her a bag of weapons – pepper spray, taser, baton and alarm. All these for her to protect herself from the stalker. He asks what she has been thinking for so long, but she says it’s nothing.
CITT Ep10-39
She says that it’s not like talking about it will make it better and thanks him before heading him. In-ho calls out to her to open her eyes wide and she literally does. Hah. In-ho guess that she can’t turn to him for support and decides that he himself wouldn’t relay on himself either.

Why does this show have Second Lead Syndrome? In-ho is just too sweet, cute and thoughtful. I would choose him over Jung, sorry about it. But then, it’s nice for Seol to have In-ho as a great friend as they can joke around without hurting each other. Jung and In-ho have totally different ways to approach people and Seol. Jung exposes people’s misdeeds, using his smart tactics, for Seol so that she can be safe from such people. Like how he exposed Min-soo’s true colours. However, for In-ho, he literally chases them, more like Young-gon, away and simply gives Seol weapons to protect herself because he can’t be there all the time. Both of them worry for her, but in different ways.
CITT Ep10-40


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