Remember–Son’s War – Episode 15 Review

When one fails, one shouldn’t give up like Jin-woo as he continue to find more faults and crimes committed by Gyu-man. This episode continue to shed lights on side characters around Gyu-man as they have to deal with his personality. And there are more betrays, sigh.

RMBSW Ep15-2
With Gyu-man’s successful escape from the drug party, thanks to Secretary Ahn, Jin-woo’s plan fails. He runs into Dong-ho at home and tells him to check that he is not involved in Secretary Ahn’s being investigated. Having quitted, Dong-ho isn’t going to take it.
RMBSW Ep15-3 RMBSW Ep15-1
Poor Secretary Ahn who has to live with big guilt from Gyu-man and Jin-woo reminds him of always covering up Gyu-man’s wrongdoings, thus letting him get away without consequences.
RMBSW Ep15-7 RMBSW Ep15-6
It looks like Yeo-kyung has been covering Gyu-man’s wrongdoings up in the past as she asks how much more must she cover up. Finally, she confronts him about Oh Jung-ah to which Gyu-man confesses directly that he killed her. Yeo-kyung looks afraid as she sees her own brother in a whole different light. Now, I wonder what she is going to do.
RMBSW Ep15-9 RMBSW Ep15-8
Dong-ho has gathered evidence and reports to bring Chairman Nam down and pass them to Prosecutor Tak and Detective Bae. The witness has been hidden somewhere securely, however, there is someone in black following them. Not safe.
RMBSW Ep15-10 RMBSW Ep15-11
As always, Gyu-man threatens his long-time friend, Chul-joo, if he ever say his name, his father’s company will go down. This shows how evil Gyu-man would abandoned his own friends for his own sake. Jin-woo reveals to Yeo-kyung that he was the one who tipped her and that he has the evidence of her letting the suspect go.
RMBSW Ep15-12
Jin-woo turns the video evidence over to Prosecutor Tak whom they trust. However, it doesn’t seem that way as he eyes the pendrive suspiciously. Oh, no, don’t do that.
RMBSW Ep15-13
Aw, In-ah waits outside for Jin-woo in cold so that he won’t go to wrong direction. As Jin-woo realises that he is stepping in wrong direction, he also realises that In-ah has known about his memory condition.
RMBSW Ep15-16 RMBSW Ep15-15
Back at law firm, they sit together and Jin-woo explains how he so much wanted to forget the detailed events, but it’s happening now. In-ah comforts him, with tears in her eyes, saying her father’s words, “Being ill is a part of you”. She will recall anything he can’t remember for him.
RMBSW Ep15-14
Jin-woo is touched and hugs her, thankful. Aw.
RMBSW Ep15-18 RMBSW Ep15-17
Oh, damn. Prosecutor betrays Dong-ho and Jin-woo as he hands everything over to Chairman Nam. He wants to bet his life on the old man’s support. Ugh, I hope he is faking it or something.
RMBSW Ep15-19 RMBSW Ep15-22
Eventually, everyone finds out and Dong-ho is especially furious, feeling betrayed.
RMBSW Ep15-20 RMBSW Ep15-21
It’s okay, as Jin-woo has something else. Using his want to get out, he manages to get words out of Chul-joo regarding similar case to Oh Jung-ah’s. Gyu-man has done a lot more wrongdoings.
RMBSW Ep15-23
It was an aspiring actress, Song Ha-young, who was another victim sexually assaulted by Gyu-man. At first, she didn’t want to be pestered by In-ah who approaches her. However, she gets reminded of the time Gyu-man did to her when she gets slapped by a client.
RMBSW Ep15-27 RMBSW Ep15-26
Since Prosecutor Tak can no longer be trusted, Dong-ho approaches another prosecutor, Prosecutor Chae, who has a debt to clear. I hope she can be trusted for now, sigh.
RMBSW Ep15-25
Joo-il is freed from prison, thanks to Prosecutor Tak, and warns Dong-ho again by messing up his office. Ohgawd. He meets with Gyu-man who tells him to take care of Jin-woo, as well as Dong-ho. No, you don’t.
RMBSW Ep15-28 RMBSW Ep15-29
Dong-ho approaches Jin-woo to make deal to bring the Nam family down. He tells him to use him thoroughly especially he was the lawyer for Gyu-man’s rape case.
RMBSW Ep15-31 RMBSW Ep15-30
Ah, damn. Not only Prosecutor Tak has betrayed Dong-ho, Detective Bae has been Chairman Nam’s lapdog all along and has taken away the witness for the fire case. Betrayals everywhere today, I can’t even trust anyone.
RMBSW Ep15-33 RMBSW Ep15-32
Ha-young picks up courage to visit the law firm to see In-ah. She asks why she is suddenly investigating when no one heed her out back then. In-ah explains that Gyu-man pulled strings and she wants to bring him to justice, assuring Ha-young.
RMBSW Ep15-34 RMBSW Ep15-35
Jin-woo and In-ah meet with Ha-young’s manager, Kim Chan, whom Ha-young said she met Gyu-man through him. He is already sounding and looking suspicious when he says Ha-young was very into money.
RMBSW Ep15-36
Kim Chan’s suspicion is confirmed as Detective Gwak explains that he is now the head of an agency when he used to manage new or aspiring actresses. Most important fact is that he sells girls to rich people. Gosh.
RMBSW Ep15-37 RMBSW Ep15-38
Ah, finally after long dilemma, Secretary Ahn brings the real evidence to Suk-gyu and explains that this is the real one which Gyu-man used to kill Jung-ah, while the one at the scene was the fake one. Secretary tells him, “I trust you.” I hope Suk-gyu wouldn’t be another one to betray.
RMBSW Ep15-39 RMBSW Ep15-40
Now working with the good lawyers (hopefully), Prosecutor Chae produces an arrest warrant for Gyu-man who laughs it off. That’s till the handcuffs are put on his wrists, to his and Moo-suk’s shocks. Moo-suk warns her to be prepared for what is about to come. She simply bows and leaves.
RMBSW Ep15-42 RMBSW Ep15-41
Still in disbelief, Gyu-man tries to threaten the cops, but it’s no use. Jin-woo and In-ah arrive to see him in handcuff. Must be a satisfying scene. Jin-woo: “All of your crimes will come to you one by one.” Smug and confident, Gyu-man brings it on.

Though, it might be for a while, it was nice to see Gyu-man finally in handcuffs. Let’s get on with the betrayals in this episode. I never really expected Prosecutor Tak to betray everyone for his own benefits and to soar higher than Moo-suk whom he still dislikes. However, at the same time, I hope he secretly is planning something else like pretending to be on Nams’ side so that he can get to them deeply in order to bring them down. Please do! As for Suk-gyu, he wouldn’t betray Secretary Ahn, right? Secretary Ahn has gone through a lot and finally has courage to present the real evidence of Gyu-man’s murder. So, Suk-gyu better not break his trust! I am not even sure about Prosecutor Chae; is she really on Dong-ho’s side or is she pretending to? You can’t literally trust everyone in this show, apart from Jin-woo and his trusted people.
RMBSW Ep15-43

It’s really nice to see In-ah being supportive of Jin-woo, as always. I am so glad that Jin-woo has decided to confide in her and accepted her help in remembering. He can feel at ease now that In-ah knows everything and he doesn’t have to hide anything from her anymore. They would totally make a great pair as lawyers! And maybe a couple. 😛 Noona romance, anyone?
RMBSW Ep15-46 RMBSW Ep15-45


2 thoughts on “Remember–Son’s War – Episode 15 Review

  1. Yes, i am for this ‘noona romance’.
    “Being ill is a part of you. Jinwoo, you’re just you.” the Precious IA’s tears. She’s already tearing up, this time she will not hide her tears, knowing being frank means being genuine, being genuine mean being able to ensure and assured, thus comfort. there are times when tearing up before each other is comforting, and need not hide anything, knowing that she / he is strong enough and can take your breaking up, that your bond is sealed and closed enough to be completely yourself and cry before each other. This is that time, when both just allow themselves to teared up together, when tears can comfort as much as a warm smile. “I’ll help you, if there’s anything you can’t remember, I’ll recall them for you. I’ll stay by your side. It’s okay. Jinwoo, you’ll get better.” Loved the tenderness way he hold her wrapped his arms around her, closed his eyes to be lost to embrace the moment, not running away, not shutting oneself to the ugliness, each watching the other’s back, each guarding the other’s blind sides.
    for one, i felt their noona is subtle and mellow and comfortable. because their screen age is just like their real ages… and you can feel, this one awesome noona will be the only one that will remember all his uniqueness, for the real him in ‘you’re just you.’

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