Remember–Son’s War – Episode 16 Review

Gyu-man being in court is what Jin-woo has been wanting since four years ago. However, it won’t be easy as expected. There is always someone, his father, backing him up and greater than Gyu-man who basically does things in order to be favoured by his father.

RMBSW Ep16-2
Since it would useless to continue working on the fire case as the witness is gone, Dong-ho dumps the video recording on Chairman Nam. He is so done. Chairman Nam later hears from Moo-suk that his son has been arrested.
RMBSW Ep16-3 RMBSW Ep16-4
The old man is definitely not pleased with the news and reprimands Gyu-man for getting himself in such state. Look, he is in prisoner’s clothes, hah. It has always been his father who drove Gyu-man to be like this. It seems like Chairman Nam cares more about his company’s reputation than his son.
RMBSW Ep16-6 RMBSW Ep16-5
Dong-ho is suspicious that Jin-woo might be suffering from the same disease as his father when Jin-woo tells him that he doesn’t remember the money note as the contract between them.
RMBSW Ep16-7 RMBSW Ep16-8
He tries to ask In-ah about it, however, In-ah simply says that Jin-woo is fatigued. That doesn’t clear his doubts as he asks Sang-ho to look into it. Meanwhile, In-ah informs Jin-woo about Dong-ho and he begs her not to tell him till everything is over.
RMBSW Ep16-10
Everything on Gyu-man’s arrest has been blocked on media which Jin-woo already expects and gets more information from Chul-joo about the Kim Chan’s agency and drug use. He goes out on stake with someone who gives out more information of how girls are being fooled and taped.
RMBSW Ep16-46 RMBSW Ep16-47
Suk-gyu confirms that the fingerprints on wine opener are indeed matched with Gyu-man’s and that the blood belongs to Jung-ah. He tries to convince Gyu-man, as a true friend, to turn himself in. Of course, Gyu-man isn’t taking it, not wanting to accept the reality of being murderer.
RMBSW Ep16-12 RMBSW Ep16-13
Thanks to Chairman Nam’s connection and power to convince the higher-ranked people, Gyu-man is allowed to go to trial on release. Suk-gyu realises then that the judge is in cahoots with Moo-suk and the Nams. Ugh. Oh hey, this shows that Suk-gyu can be trusted!
RMBSW Ep16-15 RMBSW Ep16-16
Gyu-man visits Jin-woo’s office and Jin-woo chuckles at the expectation of his release. He tells Gyu-man to look forward to the trial and that he will lose everything soon. Gyu-man is game on and Jin-woo reminds him that he has nothing to lose.
RMBSW Ep16-18 RMBSW Ep16-17
Ha-young is being followed by someone in black and Kim Chan comes to see her to threaten her. If she ever stand witness, her video will be released online which gets her scared.
RMBSW Ep16-22
Joo-il continues to try convincing Dong-ho to give up on the trial with Jin-woo. However, it’s always the same no from Dong-ho. Joo-il finally confesses that he dragged him into Ilho Group because he was afraid to lose him like he lost his friend, Dong-ho’s father. Dong-ho gets infuriated and asks him to get out.
RMBSW Ep16-20 RMBSW Ep16-21
Gah, when will Joo-il’s men stop ransacking people’s offices?! I’d be so pissed off to see the mess. Thank goodness, In-ah is inside the secret room and he doesn’t get to the room behind the shelves. She quickly makes call to Jin-woo to inform about what she heard – to catch Kim Chan.
RMBSW Ep16-23
Kim Chan doesn’t believe Jin-woo at first, but sees that the men are rushing to look for him. Eventually, he believes Jin-woo that Gyu-man wants to kill him, and gives up the thumbdrive of videos to Jin-woo. I hope it’s not fake, though.
RMBSW Ep16-25 RMBSW Ep16-24
With it, Jin-woo calls Gyu-man about the videos as evidence of his assaults. He gets so pissed off he looks like he is going to throw something and poor Secretary Ahn is afraid, blocking his face with his hands.
RMBSW Ep16-28 RMBSW Ep16-27
It turns out that Jin-woo had asked Lawyer Song to watch Ha-young who goes to hide and live somewhere. It’s the trial day and she doesn’t want to stand trial as she is afraid. In-ah knows and reassures her that they seized her videos.
RMBSW Ep16-29
Ha-young, with the support from In-ah, stands the trial and reveals everything what Gyu-man and Kim Chan had done to her the other night. Prosecutor Chae is able to present the CCTV evidence which Jin-woo and Lawyer Song had worked hard to acquire.
RMBSW Ep16-31 RMBSW Ep16-30
I have to say that Prosecutor Chae is doing well in making Gyu-man look guilty in front of the judge. She is able to present all the evidences needed Jin-woo provided, having predicted what Moo-suk would say as lawyer.
RMBSW Ep16-33 RMBSW Ep16-32
There is one last evidence, very conclusive at that. It’s the thumbdrive of videos which Prosecutor Chae requests not to be made public as In-ah has promised Ha-young. Yay, it looks like Gyu-man is going to lose this. However, for some reason, I am feeling uneasy that the thumbdrive might be fake.
RMBSW Ep16-34
I love how In-ah is always comforting Ha-young and doesn’t break Ha-young’s trusts, since they are both women. In-ah is the only who can understand her very well, as a woman and the one who believes in bringing the criminals to justice.
RMBSW Ep16-45 RMBSW Ep16-44
In-ah must be dead tired from the trial as she falls asleep on the couch. Jin-woo covers her with the blanket and looks at her sleeping. Later, he records a video message for In-ah which we didn’t get to hear what he is going to say.
RMBSW Ep16-37
Late at night, Joo-il asks to meet Dong-ho. Oh no, you can’t kill him! However, he doesn’t and wishes for him to get married, so that he can be father figure. He asks Dong-ho to call him “hyungnim” once more, but Dong-ho doesn’t want. Why does it sound like he is going to leave?
RMBSW Ep16-38
And, well, when Dong-ho leaves, a black-clothed man comes into the car to kill Joo-il’s with his knife. He must have seen it coming. Oh cries.
RMBSW Ep16-39 RMBSW Ep16-40
Dong-ho rushes to the hospital where Joo-il is lying in bed. He thinks back to his words back then, about how the law hand is the strongest fist. Dong-ho: “I’m sorry, Hyungnim.”
RMBSW Ep16-41 RMBSW Ep16-42
Jin-woo hears of it and asks Dong-ho if Chairman Nam was the one who did this to Joo-il. Dong-ho tells him to focus on winning the trial while he get the blood on his hands. You can’t!
RMBSW Ep16-43
Just then, Detective Bae arrives in his office, announcing his arrest for attempted murder of Joo-il. Oh, dammit! I knew this would happen as soon as I saw that the guy took the bloodied knife instead of leaving it on Joo-il.

It looks like Jin-woo will have to fight for Dong-ho who is wrongly accused like his father. The thing is, as Dong-ho had betrayed Jin-woo once, will he do it? With his memory worsening? Dong-ho will have to find out about Jin-woo’s memory condition one day. It’s going to be a real game – Jin-woo will have to defend Dong-ho in order to have more people who want to bring Gyu-man down. Not only Gyu-man, they will have to get to Chairman Nam who is behind everything. I really do hope for Suk-gyu to finally approach Jin-woo regarding the real weapon and the matched DNA!
RMBSW Ep16-26


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