Remember–Son’s War – Episode 17 Review

They almost nearing to bringing Gyu-man’s crimes to light, however, Jin-woo will have to fight for the man who killed his father. OF course, he is not going to let Dong-ho to prison as he would need him to defeat Gyu-man as well as Chairman Nam.

(S/N: Happy Lunar New Year! I hope everyone had great holidays! 😀 Alas, Moorim School and Cheese in the Trap have been pre-empted this week (I am actually glad about it as I could take a break), so I am here with Remember reviews only.)

RMBSW Ep17-2
After swearing to take revenge, Dong-ho gets arrested for the attempted murder of Joo-il. To make matters worse, the weapon is even found in his office, which, of course, the murderer had put earlier.
RMBSW Ep17-3 RMBSW Ep17-4
It’s all Chairman Nam’s trap which Dong-ha has fallen into. Needing a lawyer, loyal Sang-ho pleads to Jin-woo to take on Dong-ho’s case without Dong-ho knowing. However, Jin-woo doesn’t want to because of what Dong-ho had done to his father. Aw, man.
RMBSW Ep17-8 RMBSW Ep17-9
It must be really hard for Suk-gyu to be Gyu-man’s friend as he is the judge and he eventually tells Yeo-kyung about her brother’s crimes. Her doubts seem to be cleared in regards to Oh Jung-ah’s murder case four/five years ago.
RMBSW Ep17-6 RMBSW Ep17-7
As a prosecutor herself, she steps up to her father about Gyu-man being the actual murderer and that she can’t overlook a murder. She tells him to stop covering up Gyu-man’s crimes, but gets a slap in return. Chairman Nam emphasises that Gyu-man is the heir and she should protect and help her own brother. Not gonna happen, I guess.
RMBSW Ep17-11 RMBSW Ep17-10
Gyu-man visits Dong-ho in the prison and is surprised that his father was the one who was behind this. Dong-ho is more confident that Gyu-man will sit in that place soon and Jin-woo will kill him. Gyu-man gets infuriated and makes sure that he won’t ever go in there.
RMBSW Ep17-12
Sang-ho continues to beg Jin-woo (oh, cries), knowing that Jin-woo knows that Dong-ho is innocent, and tells the truth about Dong-ho wanting to show Gyu-man’s confession video during the retrial, however, got stopped by Joo-il. Sang-ho’s pleading words seem to get to him.
RMBSW Ep17-16 RMBSW Ep17-15
Ha-young can’t go home as there are probably Gyu-man’s men waiting around. In-ah assures her and brings her to stay at her parents’ home. Aw, as always, loving and trustable In-ah. What’s more important is that Ha-young trusts In-ah.
RMBSW Ep17-13 RMBSW Ep17-14
LOL, Detective Gwak has been picking up bible while in prison that he recites some words to Moo-suk when he visits to threaten him – he is wrong if he thinks he is safe in prison. Gyu-man sure has influence everywhere.
RMBSW Ep17-19 RMBSW Ep17-18
In-ah brings Jin-woo to a nice place to sort this thoughts out. He wonders if it’s right that he doesn’t take on Park Dong-ho’s trial. I love In-ah’s answer – he has been stressing about Dong-ho all day long and it means it’s because he believes he is innocent and shouldn’t be blamed wrongfully like his father was.
RMBSW Ep17-50
Speaking of Dong-ho, he sits in the prison all day long, thinking about Joo-il. Aw, hope he will get out fast and Joo-il wake up soon.
RMBSW Ep17-20
Knowing that the lawyers would approach Ha-young’s friend, Park Min-hee, to testify against Gyu-man, Gyu-man visits her, to Min-hoo’s fear. She cries that she won’t testify but Gyu-man tells her to go ahead and take the stand, giving her the money. Ugh.
RMBSW Ep17-21 RMBSW Ep17-22
In-ah arrives later with Lawyer Song to meet Min-hee and when In-ah introduces herself, Min-hee denies straight away that she has nothing to say at the trial, afraid of Gyu-man. In-ah expected this.
RMBSW Ep17-25
Jin-woo visits Dong-ho and uses his words from the past with Dad, against him. Like how Dong-ho had asked Dad if he really murdered and how Dad told him that he didn’t have to represent him if he didn’t believe. This repeats with Jin-woo saying Dong-ho’s words and Dong-ho’s saying Dad’s words.
RMBSW Ep17-26
Jin-woo leans forward and tells Dong-ho that he is not defending him for him. “It’s because I want to make Nam Il-ho and Nam Gyu-man spit out the crimes they have committed. The truth can’t speak for itself,” Jin-woo says. And, so, he takes on Dong-ho’s case, which Gyu-man didn’t expect. Suk-gyu is also part of the case, as the judge.
RMBSW Ep17-29
Poor Secretary who is shifty and feeling uneasy around Gyu-man nowadays. He almost got his text from Suk-gyu read by Gyu-man about the evidence. I hope Gyu-man doesn’t suspect anything.
RMBSW Ep17-27 RMBSW Ep17-28
Speaking of which, Suk-gyu finally hands the evidence, as well as the proven DNA, over to Jin-woo who needs them the most. It’s finally something to bring Gyu-man to justice and Jin-woo makes sure to put the evidence to good use.
RMBSW Ep17-32 RMBSW Ep17-31
It’s day of Gyu-man’s trial and when Min-hee takes the stand, Moo-suk asks her if it’s true that Ha-young often tell Gyu-man how much she liked him. Ah, this is what Moo-suk planning to direct, to make her say falsely. However, thank goodness, Min-hee speaks the truth that Ha-young never said anything like that.
RMBSW Ep17-34 RMBSW Ep17-33
Turns out that In-ah has brought Ha-young to see Min-hee and convince her to say the truth at the trial as she tells Min-hee not to give in to Gyu-man again in order to prevent more victims. Ha-young asks her to stand by her side again like how they always did in the past, now feeling more confident.
RMBSW Ep17-36 RMBSW Ep17-35
The trial is going well for Ha-young as Chairman Nam tells Gyu-man to stay low for time being as he is known to be the assaulter on the news. Meanwhile, Jin-woo finds more evidence for Dong-ho’s trial.
RMBSW Ep17-37
Dong-ho’s trial begins the next day and Jin-woo tells Dong-ho that he will fight for him till the end because he is a lawyer. The prosecutor (Moo-suk’s junior) submits the evidence of Dong-ho being there with Joo-il from the blackbox.
RMBSW Ep17-38 RMBSW Ep17-39
Jin-woo counters that there was a third party as there were two sets of footprints at the crime scene – one is the accused’s and another is the murderer’s.
RMBSW Ep17-41
Another evidence is submitted by the prosecutor – the weapon found in Dong-ho’s office. Jin-woo asks if there were any fingerprints found on the weapon to which the prosecutor says no and that the accused probably wore gloves. Jin-woo continues to defend that it’s merely circumstantial evidence. However, when he is about to say about the fingerprints part, his Alzheimer’s kicks in, confusing him. Oh, noooo.
RMBSW Ep17-42 RMBSW Ep17-45
Jin-woo recalls the conversation with Suk-gyu, which Dong-ho’s trial coincides with Dad’s trial that talking about not having fingerprints on the weapon, that he says out the weapon is fake. It sounds like he is trying to defend his father instead, saying that the accused is suffering from Alzheimer’s, taking everyone taken aback.
RMBSW Ep17-48 RMBSW Ep17-46
To make matters worse, Jin-woo’s memory goes back in the time when Dad was accused wrongfully and defends in present, “The accused did not kill Oh Jung-ah.” Ahh, what a wrong timing for the disease to take over! Jin-woo looks around, looking confused.
RMBSW Ep17-49

I just can’t. It’s starting again as Jin-woo’s memory takes him back in time. He must be confused as Dong-ho’s trial is similar to Dad’s trial – the wine opener weapon didn’t have fingerprints on it as it was fake and the knife also doesn’t have them which leads Jin-woo into thinking that the knife weapon is fake too and that he is defending his father in the present now that he has the real evidence.
RMBSW Ep17-51

This also shows how much he wants to bring Gyu-man to justice and prove his father’s innocence. However, he losing memory right in the middle of court is going to everyone’s ears. Everyone will learn of his Alzheimer’s disease. This is not going to stop Jin-woo from going to court, right? I believe that Jin-woo’s memory will return like last time and In-ah will always help him. But, I saw in the next episode’s preview that In-ah is helping the evil guys?! Oh well, I hope not.
RMBSW Ep17-17


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  2. IA to Minhee: “… To prevent more victims like you from arising, we need your courageous actions. If someone stepped up before you 2 did, this wouldn’t have happened to you, either. Minhee, I am an attorney myself, but I’m also a woman. Will you trust me?” InAh proven again that she has this gift of persuasion, inspiration and comfort: giving credits to whom it’s worthy of. So she just did it, to encourage Min Hee and Ha young that the most difficult first step was already taken by themselves, both has contributed in some ways, reminding them if there are others like themselves preceding them, fighting a lone war against the Goliath Nams, maybe the two girls may not even be cheated and ruined like these ever.
    “… I’m grateful that you trust me.” Showing gratitude by itself is a humble way to reach out to someone in needs that her trust in you alone is been appreciated by yourself. From your trust in her ultimately will chose to do the right thing, you will gain more trust from her, from trust to more trust.
    Inah, has been steadily in her quiet ways supporting meaningfully to the mission of Jinwoo. Unlike what many does not see, its really more than just a noona can do for her doungsaeng, what a chingu can do. She encouraged not just jinwoo, but gained Song’s devotion immediately, and Yeon is more than happy for her to comfort JW, encourage JW to open up to her. Now, she continued to spread her Valor-Girl-Power, that even Hayoung is motivated by her to reach out to Minhee. Beautiful IA.

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