Remember–Son’s War – Episode 18 Review

Ah, are we finally seeing something we have been wanting to see since the start, now that we’re nearing the end? Not having much time left, Jin-woo feels more urge to reveal Gyu-man’s crimes, especially he is prepared with everything.

RMBSW Ep18-2
Jin-woo’s memory condition relapses and he can no longer hide from Dong-ho and everyone else. Feeling apologetic, he tells Dong-ho that he may change lawyer if he wants. However, Dong-ho wants him to fight for him till the end. Aw, yeah.
RMBSW Ep18-3 RMBSW Ep18-4
The trial continues and Jin-woo manages to knock down the prosecutor’s side by getting the detective to testify the circumstantial evidence – there is no seen evidence to prove that Dong-ho attempted to kill Joo-il.
RMBSW Ep18-6 RMBSW Ep18-5
Uh oh, Gyu-man finds out about Jin-woo’s medical condition and is really so glad. Meanwhile, Secretary Ahn can be seen upset but pretends to light up when Gyu-man asks about his expression.
RMBSW Ep18-8 RMBSW Ep18-7
In order to bait the real murderer out, knowing that Chairman Nam would want to get rid of Joo-il, Jin-woo has an idea – the gangster fakes celebration of their boss waking up. Successfully, the murderer is caught in action trying to get Sang-ho lying in bed, acting as Joo-il.
RMBSW Ep18-9
The prime suspect has been caught, releasing Dong-ho from being suspected murderer, to everyone’s joy. Yay. Dong-ho is thankful for Jin-woo’s belief in him and supports him on requesting Dad’s retrial.
RMBSW Ep18-11 RMBSW Ep18-10
Dong-ho rushes to hospital where Joo-il has been waiting. Oh no, he holds on for Dong-ho to say his last words. Dong-ho tells him that he needs to see him get married, but Joo-il asks for fist bump and apologises before going limp. Dong-ho cries out.
RMBSW Ep18-12
Mourning, Dong-ho learns that Joo-il had been protecting him even to the extent of serving Chairman Nam and left behind of the video evidence and the recording of his conversation with Chairman Nam for him.
RMBSW Ep18-13
Jin-woo pays respect to late Joo-il at the funeral and shows the transfer of bribery money from Chairman Nam to Detective Bae, to Dong-ho who doesn’t care and drinks. Jin-woo knocks sense into him by reminding him that he is a lawyer and that he should take care of it with the law, not with his fist.
RMBSW Ep18-14 RMBSW Ep18-15
Coming back stronger like how Jin-woo did, Dong-ho confronts Chairman Nam about killing people including his two fathers. The old man actually make it out like they are to be rid in order for him to be successful. Now, Dong-ho is going to have to fight against Chairman Nam for his fathers’ justice.
RMBSW Ep18-16 RMBSW Ep18-17
As well as Jin-woo who has submitted motion for Dad’s retrial. Gyu-man’s anger explodes again and goes to see Jin-woo about it. He pokes at his memory condition but Jin-woo says he feels sorry for him, because he has no one trustable around him. Gyu-man is alone.
RMBSW Ep18-20 RMBSW Ep18-18
Oh hey, it looks like I am right about Prosecutor Tak! He is only faking his actions to gain trust from Chairman Nam. As it can be seen that he sneers at how ridiculously Chairman Nam and Moo-suk bribe with huge sum of money.
RMBSW Ep18-19
As Detective Bae confesses, it turns out that Mr Ha wasn’t sent overseas. Dong-ho looks for him in countryside where he has been atoning for his wrongdoings. From him, Dong-ho gets to learn more about his father – he would never kill anyone.
RMBSW Ep18-22 RMBSW Ep18-21
Oh cries, Jin-woo forgets again as his memory fades into past when he requests to pack pizza for his father which shocks In-ah’s family. In-ah’s mother asks if his father is still alive. Jin-woo realises it and rushes to elsewhere. Later, Mom confronts In-ah that she will only hurt more being around Jin-woo.
RMBSW Ep18-23 RMBSW Ep18-24
Secretary Ahn finally has it enough and stands up for himself when Gyu-man is about to beat him up for not wanting to block Jin-woo and the retrial. But, this isn’t going to be good, as Gyu-man realises how Suk-gyu and Secretary Ahn have been hiding something from him.
RMBSW Ep18-26 RMBSW Ep18-25
He eventually finds out about the real weapon in the hands on Jin-woo, and kidnaps Secretary Ahn to torture him in probably container. Secretary can no longer run away now, poor him.
RMBSW Ep18-29 RMBSW Ep18-30
In-ah manages to find Jin-woo at the place he has always wanted to go – the place where he and Dad used to come here to make a wish. Jin-woo has thought thoroughly and tells In-ah not to make any more sacrifices for her as Nam Gyu-man and his memory are his own battles.
RMBSW Ep18-32
In-ah counters that she is not feeling pity for him. It pains her to see him suffering so much and yet there is nothing she can do. She tells her to stop being alone and to beat this together with her. Jin-woo: “I don’t have much time left while I’ll remember your name and face.”
RMBSW Ep18-28
In-ah says it’s okay and that she will be his memory. Aw. Jin-woo walks towards her to lean in to kiss her on the lips. A kiss after 17 episodes! It’s expected, but I didn’t really expect!
RMBSW Ep18-34 RMBSW Ep18-33
Gyu-man now realises how lonely he is while eating on his own. Well, he deserves it. He tells Yeo-kyung to go abroad to study art which is their father’s request. Yeo-kyung finally sees Jin-wo and In-ah to apologise on her brother’s behalf.
RMBSW Ep18-36
And well, it turns out that it has been Jin-woo’s top-secret plan (including In-ah) all along for Prosecutor Tak to join Ilho Group. Woohoo, I knew it! It seems that his superior also doesn’t like Chairman Nam too.
RMBSW Ep18-37
Aw, yeah, Jin-woo and Dong-ho are working together again as Dong-ho now supports him no matter what. The retrial is granted and there is something left to do – the video of Gyu-man’s confession. Since it was obtained illegally and won’t be accepted as evidence, it will create public sensation.
RMBSW Ep18-41 RMBSW Ep18-44
The video is now finally out in public, after so long! Everyone is now looking at the video on advertising screen and phone. One man is definitely not pleased at all. His anger triggers and he smashes the laptop as Jin-woo arrives, looking satisfied.
RMBSW Ep18-40 RMBSW Ep18-46
Meanwhile, Prosecutor Tak is about to introduce new prosecutor to replace Prosecutor Chae at Chairman Nam’s request when Moo-suk gets a call about the video release, to Chairman Nam’s shock. The new prosecutor arrives and it’s Lee In-ah, surprising the evils. Prosecutor Tak smirks at Moo-suk, woohoo~!
RMBSW Ep18-45

This is heading to where we have been waiting for! This is what Jin-woo and In-ah have been waiting for! Having learnt from the past experiences with Nam family, Jin-woo has gotten smarter in getting one step ahead of the Nams. Knowing and trusting Prosecutor Tak, Jin-woo and In-ah planted him in Ilho Group in order for their plan to go perfectly well by distracting the evils. Also, it is to get Prosecutor Tak to have power over choosing righteous prosecutor for Gyu-man’s trial in Jin-woo’s favour, instead of Chairman Nam’s.
RMBSW Ep18-47

It has been such a sweet moment when Jin-woo and In-ah share a kiss. Even though they never really have such romantic interactions, deep down, they like each other. They have always been there for each other. However, Jin-woo can’t do loving part as he will lose his memory and hurt In-ah further. Nevertheless, he shares a kiss for In-ah to remember. The memory of In-ah will always be embedded in his memory even though he may not even remember at all. He trusts that she will help him remember. It’s going to be a lot of pain for In-ah especially, though. But, it’s sweet of how In-ah is always staying by her side. This is definitely the reason to feel sorry for Gyu-man who doesn’t have anyone by his side. That’s the difference between Gyu-man and Jin-woo.
RMBSW Ep18-43


3 thoughts on “Remember–Son’s War – Episode 18 Review

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  2. Evelyn L. loved what you said re: InAh: “They have always been there for each other….Nevertheless, he shares a kiss for In-ah to remember. The memory of In-ah will always be embedded in his memory even though he may not even remember at all. He trusts that she will help him remember.” i went ahead and quote you at another site, asking them to read this.
    a simple confession, without even mentioning ‘I love you’, but: “it’s okay, Jinwoo-ah, I will be your memory.” IA’s sincerity coupled with those pearls of tears were just what JW needed. In times like this, when there is just nothing she can do, nor can he do anything to stop the impending self deleting time, the only things both know is to create memories. JW knew that’s why the first thing he did when he gotten the nightmare news from Doctor is to ask for a date. But IA’s mom’s word stabbed deep in to waken him to be selfless to let go. Look at his angle he is not wrong to let her go. But as IA said, “is that what you truly feel?” why don’t he considered what she feel too, that her life served from now on, one purpose, to create more moment to be honest to their true feelings, and to keep that feelings, and on her part, to recycled that feeling, daily to him, in the future when he started to forget details of that feelings.
    To her, its more precious to be granted even a short moment when he will opened his heart to show his true feels. Many people murmured about this OTP no chemistry. I beg to differ. The preciousness of this OTP lies in the unspoken loyalty, the subtle conversation, even those shared moments of victory or assurances, JW will first looked at IA, when she smiled back, he beam so charmingly. I treasured solid partnership that developed silently into love, Woo-Ah couple is such. No skinships doesn’t means zero chemistry, in fact the way each watched over the other’s blind sides. JW is written to be suppressing himself, to focus on his NGM war. If its just a saving dad by winning legal War rid the world of Evil, then no loveline need like some said. But because the second war is darker than the first, like you said, “he shared a kiss for her to remember”, show how much he know just what she needs, and with this memories, and those that he can give, however few. Is suffice for her, to hold on and help him to remember daily, tirelessly. Inah while unappropriated by some fans has many virtues, among those: loyalty, and perseverance and selfless are her chief beauties.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love your thoughts and thank you for sharing. 🙂 I agree with what you said there, that, while some said there is chemistry from this OTP, the preciousness lies in the unspoken loyalty, the subtle conversation and shared moments of vctory and assurances.


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