Moorim School – Episode 9 Review

Waiting for two weeks is all worth it as we get to know more of the past in this episode. At least, we have an answer to one of the questions we have. Things are going to get nosier at the school as there are people who are more aggressive in coveting the key.

MS Ep9-1
From the kidnapping incident, Soon-duk is saved by Shi-woo, however, Chi-ang is admitted to hospital with wound in this abdomen. Thankfully, he hasn’t lost much blood. Both Soon-duk and Sun-ah feel at fault, but Sun-ah can’t stay. Instead, Soon-duk stays to look after Chi-ang.
MS Ep9-2 MS Ep9-3
Teacher Bubgong addresses the issue with Dean Hwang who is worried about someone knowing the kids’ field trip. Bubgong says the enemy might be closer than we think. Well, aren’t we talking about you and Chairman Wang?
MS Ep9-5 MS Ep9-4
Chi-ang knows that Soon-duk is caring for him that way because she feels bad. She can’t help but to keep apologising for causing him in such state to which Chi-ang tells her not to say sorry. She’s safe and that’s enough for him.
MS Ep9-6
Come rushing in the room is Chi-ang’s mother with worrying face and Chi-ang has to stop her mother from exaggerating in front of Soon-duk and Teacher Sam. That’s mother for you.
MS Ep9-10 MS Ep9-11
Soon-duk’s father is also worried since he had bad dreams, as he actually demanded the cruise ship to be turned around. LOL. After hearing that his daughter is fine, he gleefully tells Bang-duk that he will borrow a boat to have a good time together.
MS Ep9-12
Sun-ah questions her father about the kidnapping. She says he has so many secrets, but Dean Hwang doesn’t want her to carry the burden yet. She counters that she is pretty sure she can share the burden because, like he said, she is his strong daughter.
MS Ep9-13 MS Ep9-14
Chae-yoon is still looking for his children. And we get another piece of flashback from the fire! Soon-duk’s father turns out to be the one who saved the little boy from the fire. I have been wondering who saved him!
MS Ep9-15 MS Ep9-16
I want them to know of their relation to each other quickly, especially through the lullaby. Shi-woo seems to remember something when Sun-ah mentions remembering that her mother used to sing it to her.
MS Ep9-18 MS Ep9-17
Soon-duk continue caring for Chi-ang but he declines as he knows that she can’t do anything about his emotional pain. Shi-woo texts him, however, doesn’t get a reply. Both of them think back to their conflict.
MS Ep9-22 MS Ep9-21
Chae-yoon fails to find the school in the forest, and meets with a guy who updates him on what happened eighteen years ago. Soon-duk’s father was one of those who remained out of people working for Juk Poong who wanted the key to Chintamani.
MS Ep9-23 MS Ep9-24
Soon-duk’s father followed the guys to the house where the two kids were with their mother. This was how the mother got attacked by Juk Poong and Soon-duk’s father had witnessed everything, including the fire. Ah, I guess this is why he has been so afraid of Moorim since then.
MS Ep9-25 MS Ep9-26
LOL, Teacher Kim is not even trying. He is not even funny when he tells a story to Teacher Yoo-di. He story-tells about the golden treasure, the Chintamani which we hear from Yoo-di that Kim even climbed Moorim Peak to find it. Hah.
MS Ep9-27
Hm, Chi-ang is smarter than I thought. He knows that the secretary is lying about the company where Soon-duk was held captive, not being associated with their company when he recalls reading about it. Now, he is suspecting his father of being behind the kidnapping.
MS Ep9-28
Oh no, Dean Hwang’s office is ransacked by someone and I bet it’s with the help from Teacher Bubgong or/and Jung (because he looks somewhere suspiciously when he leaves his room. The kids (Soon-duk just returned) are safe.
MS Ep9-30 MS Ep9-31
In front of everyone, literally everyone, Teacher Bubgong asks Dean Hwang if he will continue to keep silence about the key after all this. He continues to yell, talking about the key to Chintamani. This take everyone by surprise, that the Chintamani exists.
MS Ep9-33 MS Ep9-34
Now, everyone is talking about the key which Sun-ah totally had no idea about, despite being Dean Hwang’s daughter. Teacher Kim explains the key was broken into three pieces for some reason. And that no one know who is the real Juk Poong who wanted Chintamani for personal reasons.
MS Ep9-35
Now, I am thinking that Teacher Bubgong might under Juk Poong or the real one as he tells Dean Hwang that he wants to help in finding other two pieces of key if he really has one of them.
MS Ep9-36
Shi-woo can’t sleep at night and bumps into Dean Hwang who confirms that the school has the key. He even tells him about wanting to find a student to keep the key safe. Elsewhere, someone is eavesdropping and Dean Hwang senses it.
MS Ep9-38 MS Ep9-37
The secretary explains to Chi-ang that Chairman Wang wants his son to be strong to succeed him by earning recognition within the school first. That is the reason why Chi-ang was sent to Moorim school.
MS Ep9-39
Meanwhile, Shi-woo seems to be recovering his childhood memories in his dream, seeing his adult self in the fire. The camera keeps showing his significant necklace. Perhaps the key? I don’t think so. There is now different-looking gaze in his eyes as he look in the mirror. As well as in Chi-ang’s.

Looks like it is finally picking up its plot. The core part. This is going to be all about Chintamani. As for the ending part, I was thinking if Shi-woo has suddenly become greedy to covet the key Dean Hwang has to the Chintamani. There is definitely something about his necklace and I can’t wait to see what. Or that he wants to quickly recover his childhood memories and find out his own real identity, who he is really.
MS Ep9-41

Now knowing about the reason why his father sent him to an unordinary school, Chi-ang is spurred to do well and become stronger and probably the best. This is going to become real competition between Chi-ang and Shi-woo. Over a girl and becoming the best. Actually, it feels more like Chairman Wang sent Chi-ang there to get the piece of the key. I am afraid the boys might develop desire to get the key to the Chintamani in order to become invincible in the world. Well, I don’t think so.
MS Ep9-7


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