Cheese in the Trap – Episode 11 Review

Another show is also back after two-week hiatus! D’aw, this is such a touching episode, where everyone come to realise the true love, be it among friends, couples or family.

CITT Ep11-4
Oh, I like how Eun-taek and Bo-ra are protecting Seol from Young-gon who keeps stalking her. Like seriously. Da-young decides to confront him about his suspiciousness and that’s where In-ha comes in. (That’s an awesome sunglasses! xD)
CITT Ep11-3 CITT Ep11-5
Let me say; In-ha is such an awesome person! She yell-lies that she is cheated on by Young-gon and hits him right on his face which he definitely deserves, right in front of everyone! (The actress is great!)
CITT Ep11-6 CITT Ep11-7
Young-gon tries to turn the table around by announcing that In-ah is Jung’s girlfriend, but Seol has it enough. She steps up to defend In-ah, saying that she knows In-ah whom grew up with Jung, and her younger brother well. Now, everyone doesn’t believe Young-gon, including Da-young who felt most cheated.
CITT Ep11-8 CITT Ep11-9
In-ho continue to struggle within himself as he begins to feel more towards Seol. When will we ever see In-ho study properly, though? To pour his heart out, he plays piano passionately, with sense of loneliness as noted by the piano teacher.
CITT Ep11-10
Oh no, In-ha shows the photos of Seol together with In-ho at school, saying that he has been hanging around Seol like a knight, to keep Young-gon away. Jung definitely doesn’t like this. Now, I wonder what Jung wants In-ha to do, that he even gives her the credit card she loves so much.
CITT Ep11-12 CITT Ep11-11
Seol’s father must really favour Joon a lot, that he even wants Seol to take a semester off to pay for Joon’s tuition fees in US where he already dropped out. Seol feels hurt by this. It’s really unfair for her. D:
CITT Ep11-13
She finally speaks her thoughts – she has been working so hard to get scholarship and even work part-time to earn her tuition. She still has to worry about her grades. “I put in so much effort. No matter how much I try, Dad, you have never been satisfied with me,” she burst out. She cries that she wants to be comforted and praised too. She wants someone to rely on as well. She runs out, away from home.
CITT Ep11-14 CITT Ep11-15
Having nowhere to go and Bo-ra is busy, she wanders and sees someone in distance. It’s Jung! She breaks down and they both run towards each other into each other’s arms. Aw, they miss each other a lot.
CITT Ep11-17 CITT Ep11-16
In-ho looks for Seol and chances upon the sight of Jung and Seol hugging each other. Ouch, man. He walks off.
CITT Ep11-43 CITT Ep11-41
Seol wakes up the next day in Jung’s room, having had good sleep last night while Jung didn’t get one. Lying in bed together, Jung asks if he could contact her now. Before answering, he kisses her. She nods yes and you can see how happy he is like a kid. Heh.
CITT Ep11-21 CITT Ep11-20
Seol returns home to Mom’s beating and Dad seems to be quiet about it. (Bo-ra had called them, thanks to Jung.) Mom notices that Dad has been leaving home these days. Turns out that he wants to distribute flyers to publicize Mom’s noodles shop with In-ho’s face on it. Aw. And their closeness is really cute.
CITT Ep11-23 CITT Ep11-22
Jung has been keeping his stance at the company and bearing the unfair treatment from his manager. I bet he is up to something when the manager asks about how the report is coming along. Meanwhile, Young-gon continue being creepy, trying to get to Seol. And, oh, someone uploaded the photos of him stalking Seol. Hah, I wonder who.
CITT Ep11-25 CITT Ep11-24
He thinks it might be gangster In-ho and goes to confront Seol but gets chased away by Eun-taek and Bo-ra. Heh, best friends ever. They hear that Seol really stayed with Jung and Seol has to defend that they just slept only. Eun-taek counters that Jung needs to go to a hospital. LOL.
CITT Ep11-27
Time for lesson. In-ho sits two seats away from Seol, aw why. Seol manages to get him closer and tries to teach him, however, In-ho quickly packs up again and rushes off.
CITT Ep11-28
They commute home and they find out that In-ho is actually older than Seol. Seol teases that she should call him “Oppa”. She calls him in cutesy way and he smiles from ear to ear, heh. Then he suddenly turns serious, telling her to follow him to some place.
CITT Ep11-31 CITT Ep11-30
It’s where Dad has been distributing the flyers which the family didn’t know about. Having an idea, Seol brings Mom and Joon to see Dad. Aw, Mom has become little sweeter to her husband, asking him to cover up his neck. They go for dinner together, making In-ho join them. He must be feeling warmth from them.
CITT Ep11-32
Even the piano teacher notices it when In-ho plays the piano cheerfully the next day. However, he still doesn’t want to meet his former teacher.
CITT Ep11-34 CITT Ep11-33
Jung drops by school and Seol practically skips to meet Jung, abandoning her friends. Aw, look at how happy they are now.
CITT Ep11-35 CITT Ep11-36
They eat lunch at cafeteria where In-ho and the teacher bump into them, recognising Seol. They eat together and In-ho is so uncomfortable with Jung he sits beside the teacher. Seol has to cough on purpose about In-ho studying as she didn’t tell Jung about it yet. Oh, sigh.
CITT Ep11-38 CITT Ep11-37
To make matters worse when the teacher leaves them alone, In-ho gets a call from Joon to buy a bowl, but Seol shouts into the phone not to buy from there. They hear about Mom and Dad going out together which makes Seol lights up. However, not for Jung. He face grows darker he recalls how In-ho and In-ha had been chatting happily with his father who merely greeted him.
CITT Ep11-39
He suddenly gets up to leave and Seol chases after him to ask what’s wrong. He stops and says, “You seem to have gotten very close to Baek In-ho.” She tries to explain but he starts to walk away and even pull his arm out of her grasp.
CITT Ep11-40
He walks away, leaving her stunned and alone.

Ah, Jung has been feeling insecure around In-ho who gets friendly with people easily. Out of all people, In-ho becomes friendly with the girl Jung likes. Jung is jealous of how comfortable Seol is with In-ho, unlike with himself. That In-ho has this warmth and friendliness aura which Jung doesn’t have. He wants to have it and he is trying. He wants Seol to be that comfortable with him too. Especially with her family too. I can understand Jung well that I can even see from his point of view. He is not open and approachable unlike In-ho who wins people over easily.
CITT Ep11-42


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