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Episodes aired: 8 of 16 episodes (as of 11th February)

Well, I didn’t intend to watch this show when I first heard of it. However, it’s Jang Na Ra who got me into this. Besides her, the people on my timeline are watching it and I thought I should give it a try. I am glad I took it on! What’s more, it’s quite light and rom-com!

OMHE Ep1-1
Well, who wouldn’t want to watch Jang Na Ra, a petite woman? She plays Han Mi-mo who is a divorcee and runs a remarriage consulting business. She used to be in an idol group “Angels”. I love how Jang Na Ra can portray different roles very differently that I almost forgot her last drama was I Remember You which her character is my all-time female favourite drama character.
OMHE Ep1-2 OMHE Ep1-3
Idol group “Angels” disbanded due to the conflict between Mi-mo and Goo Seul-ah (played by 2NE1’s Sandara Park) and the four (without Seul-ah) remain good friends years later.
OMHE Ep8-3 OMHE Ep8-2
The four, including Mi-mo, are: Baek Da-jung (played by Yoo Da In) works with Mi-mo and married a rich man, Kim Gun-hak (played by Kim Tae Hoon, roachhhh!), but their marriage is on the rocks. Go Dong-mi (played by Yoo In Na, who previously played in You Who Came from the Star) is now an elementary school teacher with such big fizzy hair. A representative for an internet shopping mall, Hong Ae-ran (played by Seo In young) is another member.
OMHE Ep5-1
I never really watched Jung Kyung Ho’s shows before, but I love his comedic character as Song Soo-hyuk, a single father. What I love even more, is his chemistry with his son, Song Min-woo (played by Kim Dan Yul).
OMHE Ep7-2 OMHE Ep7-1
The son is really matured and does the reverse parenting, heh. Especially that he wants to find a woman for his father. Aw. Don’t let this die, please.
OMHE Ep7-3
Well, there are side characters, Goo Hae-joon (played by Kwon Yul), Soo-hyuk’s best friend, and Woo Yeon-soo (played by Hwang Sun Hee), both of whom used to be married. I don’t really get the appealing of the second male lead. He really doesn’t show much affections or that he doesn’t know how. It’s no wonder why Yeon-doo divorced him. And Yeon-soo is not so bad. But, I was surprised at her lashes at Mi-mo in episode 8. Wow.

OMHE Ep2-1
Why you should watch One More Happy Ending
– Rom-com!
– Jung Kyung Ho’s reactions
– Yes, his comedic expression, especially when he is surprise
– I guess no more reason?
– Jang Na Ra, yeah? 😀

I feel this is more like the fight between two best friends over a girl. The history repeats as both of Soo-hyuk and Hae-joon fall for the same girl, Han Mi-mo as they did in the past, in which the girl fall for Soo-hyuk and had a child. Obviously, even though Mi-mo is currently dating Hae-joon, she is going to fall for Soo-hyuk in the end, right? Besides, they were elementary school friends.
OMHE Ep1-4

Every person in this show has a love problem. It’s all about love, be it mutual or one-sided. Be it cheating, divorcing or marriage on the rocks, you name it, there is it in the show. Maybe this show wants to give a hope that everyone can have one more happy ending despite and after everything. May everyone have a happy ending!
OMHE Ep5-2


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