Moorim School – Episode 10 Review

Someone is coming back more determined than ever, while another is ready to face and handle his past. Because, eventually, one has to find out his own deep hidden memory.

MS Ep10-2
It turns out that someone didn’t break into Dean Hwang’s office for the key as he sees Grade Book being left on the ground. He is waiting for a confession from presumably a student.
MS Ep10-5 MS Ep10-6
Sun-ah finally addresses the issue of the unknown mystic power Shi-woo has in him and that he is the first one to ever unlock the seal. He doesn’t believe it, though, and Sun-ah envies him for having such power.
MS Ep10-8 MS Ep10-9
Jung confronts Choi-ho of raiding the office for the key as he had seen the shoes on him the other night in the bed. Ah, so it was Choi-ho, who wanted to look through and change his grade in the book.
MS Ep10-7
Dean Hwang hears about it and reprimands Choi-ho who couldn’t accept the fact that he was in the lower ranked class. He even accuses Dean Hwang of considering Yoon Shi-woo to be the heir of the school. Angered, Dean Hwang tells him that he doesn’t belong at Moorim School and to leave.
MS Ep10-11 MS Ep10-10
Sporting new hairstyle, Chi-ang meets with Soon-duk at her work and, over tea, she feels sorry for not being able to accept his feelings. However, Chi-ang is still determined to show his amazing side to win her heart.
MS Ep10-12 MS Ep10-13
Poor Chae-yoon who is putting his trust in wrong people around him. He is thinking that someone doesn’t want him to meet the man who actually died at the hands of Luna, the person right in front of him.
MS Ep10-14
Chi-ang and Jung tried to convince Choi-ho to apologise to the dean and stay on in the school. However, Choi-ho doesn’t want as he is infuriated by the fact that the dean only told Shi-woo about the Chintamani. Oh no, Chi-ang is taking this seriously.
MS Ep10-15 MS Ep10-16
Meanwhile, Shi-woo tries to convince Dean Hwang in giving Choi-ho a chance. Wasn’t the dean the one who said a betrayer is also a colleague and friend? Good going, Shi-woo. The teachers also agree with him in letting Choi-ho stay. Aw, if only Choi-ho knows about this.
MS Ep10-17 MS Ep10-18
He leaves the school anyway. Looks like Jung is kinda upset about it. Shi-woo tells Chi-ang that he knows how Choi-ho feels and wonders if it would be wonderful to have gained power from Chintamani.
MS Ep10-19
Soon-duk’s father eventually finds out his daughter going to Moorim School which he hates a lot, after hearing that his friend died and went to look for her at the school where she is, of course, not registered. He demands Soon-duk to return home.
MS Ep10-22
However, she is somewhere chatting with Shi-woo about fate. That Soon-duk had met Sun-ah in the forest, looking for the school. Shi-woo also thinks of the same with her.
MS Ep10-21 MS Ep10-20
Regarding his past, Shi-woo asks if she will be there for him no matter what, she says yes and they both embrace each other. Chi-ang watches it with silence and Sun-ah is behind. He leaves and says to Sun-ah that he didn’t see anything earlier.
MS Ep10-23 MS Ep10-24
Soon-duk returns to home and is now banned from going out of the house no matter how much she tries to convince her father. He is still not moved by how much his daughter had worked so hard to not make him worry about money. Instead, he says he will find a new place to move to.
MS Ep10-25 MS Ep10-26
For the first time, Dean Hwang decides to hold Moorim Competition and allow outsiders in the school. Soon-duk is still uncontactable, to Shi-woo and Sun-ah’s worries. Chi-ang and the rest start training very hard.
MS Ep10-27
It’s so that Chi-ang can become true and powerful heir to his father’s company. He even challenges Shi-woo and tells him not to even take part in the competition. He will crush whoever gets in his way, even if he’s a friend. Oh, woah. That’s a warning.
MS Ep10-28
There is a new face as Dean Hwang sends Teacher Kim to look for past alumnus who could have been successor of the school and is now a taekwondo teacher. He is called to school.
MS Ep10-29 MS Ep10-30
When Dean Hwang tells Chi-ang that he was like him, I realised how very similar Dean Hwang and Chae-yoon are to Chi-ang and Shi-woo. Falling for the same girl and wanting to be the top, and yet they all go to another person. Looks like the history will be repeated.
MS Ep10-31 MS Ep10-32
At night, Sun-ah plays the piano again and Shi-woo comes in. He thinks that his mother might have used to sing the same lullaby for him. He asks about his power and thinks that his past might be related to Chintamani. He is more than ready to find out and face it.
MS Ep10-33
While the rest are training hard for the competition, Shi-woo worries about Soon-duk and Dean Hwang heads out with him to her house. Out in the forest, Shi-woo recalls how he MS Ep10-34
Dean Hwang had wondered why Shi-woo felt edgy to which he answered that it might be his past he was trying to conceal. He is ready to face it, he tells the dean too, and that Chintamani might be related to his past.
MS Ep10-35
Chi-ang had wanted not to come to Moorim, but now, he feels that it’s his destiny. He can’t return back to who he was in the past, he tells Sun-ah.
MS Ep10-36 MS Ep10-38
Dean Hwang and Shi-wooa arrive at Soon-duk’s home. However, when Soon-duk’s father hears Dean Hwang’s voice, his knees go weak and he recalls how he ran through the woods with little boy in his arms, to everyone’s confusion.

We gotta need more backstory on how Shi-woo ended up being abandoned when Soon-duk’s father saved him, if the little boy is really Shi-woo. And, why he is so afraid of Moorim School and Dean Hwang? Is Dean Hwang really that bad as he sounded to be?
MS Ep10-39

The relationship between Chi-ang and Shi-woo is all one-sided competition. It’s similar to the past relationship between Dean Hwang and Chae Yoon. I could see Dean Hwang in Chi-ang and why he doesn’t want Chi-ang to be like him. However, Chi-ang is not the type to give up and strives to become a better man, with the hope of Soon-duk liking him one day. He also strives to be the strongest and most powerful person to defeat anyone who gets in his way, after hearing the reason why he was sent to this “strange” school by his father. All these, jealousy and not-having-justification, make Chi-ang feel more passionate and motivated to be the top student and also to make his father proud. He wants to show that he can be better than Shi-woo. However, Chi-ang needs to realise that love is different than what he thinks.
MS Ep10-37


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